Clay facial acne : black , blue, white , what is right for you .Recipes clay masks against acne

Clay Acne

Fight skin problems any means.And even more so when these tools are very effective, always at hand and not costly.Yes, we are talking about clay, which will help get rid of unwanted pimples and blackheads.

What is good in clay, so this is it does not contain bacteria.Medical colored clay amazingly clean the skin by absorbing undesirable toxins, eliminating the subcutaneous grease, dust and dirt.

greatest sense of acne bring white, black and blue clay.The color of the clay is determined by its mineral components (kaolin - white clay, silica and iron - black clay, salt, copper and chromium - blue clay).



1. clay facial acne: black, blue, white.What is right for you and why
2. clay mask for acne.How effective is it?
3. clay allergic reactions and other side effects
4. mask of blue clay for acne, video

clay facial acne: black, blue, white.What it is right for you and why

First, you need to carefully study the composition of the clay, to check whether there substances that can cause allergic reactions.Second, read a brief writing each clay:

why good white clay from acne.
This clay is the most common, as is universal remedy for acne (like for all skin types).White clay rich in kaolin, amazing properties that describe even Hippocrates himself.

masks of white clay, not only get rid of acne, but also enrich the skin with oxygen , thereby increasing blood flow (which prevents clogging of pores).White clay can be bought in powder form from a pharmacy, but you can make the most of the respective ingredients.But
: Mask of clay that are not designed to remove pimples and blackheads large.

blue clay Photo

Blue clay of acne and its properties.
It contains many different minerals and trace elements that are essential for healthy and beautiful skin.The mask of blue clay is used for acne even in the most advanced stages.

mask of blue clay, not only eliminates the acne, but also tightens the skin , dries it, restores the top layer of the epidermis, + perfectly cleanses the skin.Blue clay can be easily purchased at any pharmacy, the price is adequate.

Black clay acne its features.
This clay different from others of its most penetrating ability.Black clay effectively cleans the pores of the skin by penetrating contaminants and toxins.

Masks from a clay contribute to the regeneration of skin cells, as well as - further resistance from skin inflammations.

Remember that before applying the mask of black clay on the face need to clean the face with a special lotion.


clay mask for acne.How effective is it?

clay mask has many functions, positively affect the skin. Chief among them - a cleansing and antiseptic function , but there are other beneficial effects of clay masks on the skin: narrow pores, fine lines and cleaned spots, normal skin pH of the medium (which prevents further rapid emergence of new pimples, since the latter preferhigh acidity), the tone of the skin, removes dead cells from the skin, and many other features.

Note: if you find the right flavor oil to the clay, you can enhance its therapeutic properties, not to mention the pleasant smell.

Tips for using clay for acne:

Clay Face Photo
  • As the clay absorbs only, without giving anything in return, it is not recommended clay plant a hydrating mask, the effect still will not.
  • Breeding the best clay normal water , until a viscous mass.
  • No way not let the clay dry , because of this may appear to be the wrinkles and skin dehydration.

simple recipe of clay masks for acne.
1. Dissolve a little powdered clay with warm water (the proportion of one to one) to get a viscous mass;
2. Apply a thin layer on the skin;Wash off after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water.After the mask is desirable to put on your skin nourishing cream.

If your skin problem and has such shortcomings as pimples, the clay will help you in the fight for the beautiful and smooth skin.In addition, it is purifying and tonic is not expensive and is sold in every pharmacy.


about allergic reaction to clay and other side effects

allergy Photo

Be careful: itself cosmetic clay does not cause unwanted side effects, but if you have purchased the clay manufacturer or dubious clay found somewhereNatural career, the effects of can not please you.

Buying clay composition necessarily see. You may be allergic to one of its components.

We hope that in the fight against skin imperfections clay you will be a reliable defender and relieve your skin from acne for a long, long time.


mask of blue clay for acne, video