The value named Vladimir

Vladimir Putin

name is Vladimir Old Slavic origin, and carries a deep meaning.It contains two roots: "Vlad" - that is to own and "peace."

other words to decipher the meaning of the name Vladimir, how can a person "owning the world."


1. The value named Vladimir, what stars say
2. Compatibility names
3. The Christian interpretation of the name Vladimir
4. Name day Vladimir


that stars say

According to the astrological properties

name Vladimir imposes on the child the passion for intellectual curiosity and a desire to test their knowledge in practice.The boy was a child prone to risk and even adventures.It may be an avid gambler.Among peers, he tends to take a leadership position, but it does not prevent him to obey adults, to absorb their advice, but make your own decisions.In the study we obtain manifests itself in the technical sciences, but as a good strategist and a careerist bet on an active social life.He's a good diplomat, rarely come into conflict, and tries to avoid direct discussion of controversial issues.Vladimir did not refuse to drink, but addiction to alcohol does not suffer.

Some believe Vladimir domestic tyrant of pedantry.But it is rather the desire for comfort, which he values ​​very highly.He enjoys the exclusive, beautiful furniture, carpets, paintings, expensive dishes.In his house to be perfect cleanliness and order or he feels uncomfortable.This love makes him a staunch opponent of pets.The maximum deviation from the rules - a small and nekapriznoe houseplant.

In humans Vladimir primarily appreciates the strength and mind.Winners not enough in his opinion these qualities bullied mercilessly and without constraint.It is very difficult to forgive offenses.In the properties of his character - quick response to an event, self-confidence, ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them.Greedy for praise and compliments in his address.

meaning of the name Vladimir opinions of others about themselves is very important for him.Often this talented creative people, with enterprising, sociable, which is not difficult to achieve a high position in society.

ideal image of a woman in his understanding - it is romantic, sensual nature.The last thing he is interested in, whether it can organize a reception or dinner party.Married Vladimir true, but to a greater extent this is due to the big employment and unwillingness to spoil the well-adjusted life.His wife needs to be ready to cope with all daily chores related to the upbringing of children, even though he willingly and interest will help children deal with their homework and complex issues.


In accordance with the astrological forecast for marriage Vladimir fit women with names:

Angelina, Alla, Barbara, Valentina, Veronica, Eugene, Zinaida, Inna, Irina, Natalia, Love, Svetlana, Sofia, Rice.Hardly suitable: Elizabeth, Lydia, Maya, Hope, Nina.


Christian interpretation

value named Vladimir in his time carefully studied and described the Holy Father Paul, in the world PAFlorensky.According to his theory is similar to the name of Basil, but vague, rawer, natural, simple as overlays mark on the holder.Vladimir less specificity, clarity of thought, ornate, some forethought and far-reaching plans, less intellectual intricacies, but more power, pressure, commitment.

Emu inherent vagueness of some estimates that in the absence of a strict upbringing and control easily degenerates into licentiousness of behavior.However, this tendency is good, is not an evil character, but rather goes on to say, the breadth of the soul and is often associated with the creative principle.It was easier to manifest the works of his broad mind, though devoid of real depth, his kindness and many other positive character traits.

Vladimir, was telling how his father Paul, a tree of good breed, but in need of a fatty soil.His achievements Vladimir fragile, but very extensive.They are not enough significance of spirituality.It is characterized by superficiality in theory, but in practice prospects, consequences of his actions are rarely open up opportunities in the future.

Vladimir thinks chaotic acts overheated lives rapidly.Vladimir, the deep conviction of the Holy Father - is Vasily, who grew up in Russia.


Vladimir Name Day:

28 July and 17 October.