What can be caused and how to get rid of an allergic rash.What can you do and what you can not allergy

Allergy to face

allergic rash on the face - this is the bad kind of allergy.After all, this allergy is not only brings you discomfort, but is visible to everybody.

When facial atopic dermatitis in the first place to eliminate contact with irritants and see a doctor and in any case do not tighten.The delay may cause irreversible effects, so you need to know the causes of dermatitis and how to treat it correctament.



1. Why can manifest allergic rash on the face.The rate of reaction of the body to the allergen
2. allergy on the face
3. Atopic dermatitis on the face, his medication.Do's and Don'ts in lesions of skin allergies
4. Atopic dermatitis, video

Why can manifest allergic rash on the face.The rate of reaction of the body to the allergen

reasons appears on the face of a lot of allergies.Generally allergic dermatitis - a retaliatory move against the body's so-called core stimuli (those stimuli, which have other people do not have an allergic reaction).

Speed ​​, with which you manifest an allergic rash on the face, after ingestion of the allergen - is an average of two days.

rash may appear on the face of these most common irritants:

- food;
- a component of cosmetic products;
- drugs;
- dust;
- household chemicals;
- plants and others.Top

allergy on the face

allergy on the face can be manifested in the following ways:

blisters photo
  • allergic swelling of the face;
  • itching;
  • peeling;
  • redness;
  • dry;
  • blisters.

As illustrative example, the possible occurrence of atopic dermatitis:

1. To start at the point of contact with the allergen appears redness .
2. Then redness swells, acquires allergic bubbles .
3. During the period of occurrence of allergic reaction, bubbles begin to burst, formed moist areas , on the basis of which can degenerate inflammation.

If time does not take over the treatment of dermatitis, it is likely the disease chronic eczema (the appearance of the skin areas of rough, dry skin with cracks and dryness accompanied).Top

Atopic dermatitis on the face, his medication.Do's and Don'ts in lesions of skin allergies

Treatment of allergic dermatitis are best left to the doctor.But there is also several ways to help stop the development of atopic dermatitis on the face.

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1. The procedure for cleansing.

To cleanse the skin is the most appropriate sour milk (or dairy products such as yogurt or sour cream).After wash with warm clear water, but in any case, do not use soap or other means of this kind.

2. packs improvised.

most recommended wrap - it solution of boric acid. solution was prepared by diluting a teaspoon of boric acid to one cup of water.

necessary to moisten the gauze in the resulting liquid and apply to the face for ten to fifteen minutes (preferably for it is time to change a couple of times a compress).If you are not at home boric acid, it can be replaced by an ordinary black tea (not strong).

3. Drying and calm the skin.

Gently dry the face with a towel, and then can make powder affected areas starch (rice or potato).This powder soothe the skin, especially if accompanied by massaging the skin.The treatment of powder to hold four to six times per hour.

4. What can be nourishing for the skin, the use of anti-allergy ointment.

You can make a poultice of linseed mucus , it will be a good anchoring effect.But it is not only a fixing agent.Allergic skin can soothe, such as chamomile cream.

ointment for facial photo

In addition, this cream has the same good disinfectant properties, of course, if it consists entirely of natural ingredients.

When selecting ointments rely on the opinion of a doctor. not apply ointment to the face without consulting with your doctor!

If you find a suitable ointment then do not use it at the same time with different cleansing / toning / nutritional cosmetics.

so that's uncomplicated means you can get rid of the allergic dermatitis on the face at home.We hope that you will be able to cope with unwanted guests on your face, allergy, and that it will not develop into a serious disease.

Take care of yourself!


Atopic dermatitis, video