How to massage the face : chinese , classical , beauty , lymphatic drainage facial massage , video

How to do facial massage

Massage has long been used in cosmetics and skin care home.He is able to maintain a young and healthy skin for many years.

Under the influence of manual therapy skin of the face and body are constantly cleaned, refreshed and healthier in general.

no secret that in order to act in favor of massage health and beauty, it must be done correctly.



1. How to do facial massage
2. How to massage your face: the most popular forms
3. Chinese massage of the face and its features
4. Cosmetic massageentity and its benefits to the skin
5. Lymphatic drainage massage of the face and its effectiveness
Lymphatic drainage massage of the face, video

How to do facial massage

technician massage therapy - a great many. But whichever of them you would not have given their preference, each based on the basic rules of the massage.

1. Test. Before manipulation is necessary to make sure that it suits you.To this end, a half hour before the start of the procedure, run a blunt object on the skin of the forearm.If after that time the red bar disappears, you can safely perform a massage.

2. Purification. facial massage is preceded by cleansing.Further, depending on the type of massage, oil or cream is applied.

Massage lines Photo

3. Manipulation. Every massage technique, even that which is performed by the instrument, performed by such actions: stroking, tingling, tapping, vibration.

Each action should be consistent, and be provided with adequate force.

4. Massage line. All manipulations are performed on the face only the massage lines.Why is that?It is known that the skin can be stretched.But not in all areas - the same way.

That's just the massage lines - these are the areas of skin that stretched least of all.

Plus , these places are concentrated mainly capillaries and blood vessels that are responsible for the delivery of cosmetic utilities.The main principle of action - from the heart - to the sides and bottom - up.

Building massages by these rules, your skin will get the maximum benefit from the massage.Simply select one of the types of massage, and you can start.


How to massage your face: the most popular forms

As mentioned, species and massage techniques - a lot.Each of them has its advantages and features .If you are a beginner, you should start with the basic types of massage.

Classic facial massage

Classic facial massage - the gentle massage of all existing manual types.He performed smooth movements sliding fingers .Massaging technique eliminates any kneading and rubbing.In some areas of skin may be light tapping.Start and end of massage - stroking.

start facial massage need forehead.Hard at his fingertips in the center of the bridge.Slowly move from the center - to the temples and sides.Make several of these manipulations.

classical massage Photo

now hard at his hands on the center of the chin and make the move from the center - to the earlobe and temples. Massage lower face can be alternated to massage the frontal part of the face.

Massage nose performed movements of the fingers from the bottom - up.In this part of the face movements are short and dynamic.

Massage cheeks: fingers located at the wings of the nose and gently move them to the middle ear.

area around the eyes and lips performed movement - "Crescent".In this part of the face are allowed only light stroking and pressing.

Classic facial massage can be performed on the basis of - butter, cream, serum, and on clean, dry skin.At the end of a suitable cream is applied.

master this massage is not hard.Classic facial, find a video that is not a problem, it is available and demonstrates it explains all manipulations.

effect of classical massage is achieved by systematically its implementation.Under the influence of massage activates the lymphatic flow.

Massage has a draining effect , so it is very effective to relieve swelling of the face, to prevent sagging skin.In addition, enhanced blood flow.Because of this the skin gets more oxygen, better absorb cosmetics.


Chinese massage of the face and its features

How to face this kind of massage? This is one of the easiest types of massage to perform.Its meaning is pressing the energy points.

Chinese facial massage

Actually, Chinese facial massage as the body is built on activating important points of the body , which are responsible for health and beauty.

Chinese healers believe that a healthy body can only be, if it is healthy spirit.That is why the emphasis in all massage techniques and health practices is on improvement of the internal energy.

Chinese massage is fundamentally different from any European art.In this case, facial massage is performed by sequentially pressing and circular movements on the points that are responsible for the work of the vessels, the digestive and endocrine system.After all malfunction of these organs do not make the skin healthy.

most appropriate age to start this massage is considered to be 35 years .At this age appears the largest number of wrinkles.Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment.


facial massage and its benefits to the skin

Following the name, how to do facial massage beauty - immediately clear.Making it needs using cosmetic products , which is chosen individually, depending on the task.

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facial massage is carried out with 29 years. However, to navigate is not on age and skin condition that every woman - is different, even if they are in the same age group.

a massage can do every day, accompanying the application of the cream. especially beneficial to do facial massage after a mask or scrub.In this case, it increases the effect of the mask and the skin is preparing to take maximum advantage of cosmetics.

perform cosmetic massage on the massage lines fingertips .This action is preceded by applying a cream or other suitable cosmetic products.

Thus, facial massage by enhancing metabolic processes in the skin promotes healthy skin, her deep nutrition and hydration.


Lymphatic drainage massage of the face and its effectiveness

Lymphatic drainage facial massage , as well as the body, primarily aimed at revitalization movement of lymph .As is known, lymph much thicker blood, so it moves slowly.

lymphatic drainage facial massage Photo

And any, even the smallest obstacle can slow down this movement.As a result, the fluid loses its ability to remove toxins.That was then, and may appear pimples and other skin problems.

Lymphatic drainage massage very easy to perform and does not delay you more than 15 minutes.He performed on the massage lines.

Unlike other techniques and massages, lymphatic drainage massage is performed alternately stroking presses and manipulation.It drains well skin.

This type of massage helps to cleanse the skin by activating the movement of lymph.Especially it is shown how the procedure for skin rejuvenation.

Want to know how to do lymphatic drainage facial massage, video look.This will allow you not to spend money on a hike to the salon and reproduce what he saw at home.

So, to make your skin on a daily basis still quite enough to massage regularly.It is only 15-20 minutes per day and no costs.And the result will not be long to please you.


Lymphatic drainage facial massage, video