Traces after the how to get rid of acne ?Mask from traces of acne , get rid of the traces in the beauty salon , using creams and folk remedies

Traces of acne

Often after thoughtless treatment of skin, which manifests itself in the fact that you squeeze acne, there are traces of acne.Sometimes they have not been tested.And getting rid of them is a considerable effort.

order not to aggravate the situation and figure out how to remove the traces of pimples correctly read carefully this article.It contains proven facts about the main ways to eliminate red marks and stains that remain from acne.

most popular ones:

• visit to a beauty salon;
• cleansing of the skin;
• healing ointment;
• folk methods.



1. how to remove the traces of pimples in beauty salons
2. Ointments, eliminating traces of acne after
3. track after getting rid of acne: traditional methods
Getting rid ofafter traces of acne, video

how to remove the traces of pimples in beauty salons in

there are experts who can quickly identify most effective ways to eliminate the traces of pimples any kind.Consultation with a beautician needed.

So you can remove the traces of pimples and lose this problem at all.The salon offers following services, which will help to eliminate skin problems:

Microdermabrasion , which is produced by a special device - a rotary brush;

chemical peels , carried out by the action of acid on the face and destroys the outer skin containing traces of acne;

mechanical and manual peeling ;

ultrasound - cleansing takes place through sound vibrations;

vacuum cleaning person - is produced through a special tube, "suck" from the face of signs of acne.


Ointments, eliminating traces of acne after

acne ointment photos

In addition to visiting the salon, you can also just use special ointments , which also eliminates a nasty problem as: «how to remove the traces of pimples?» .

most desirable buy this cream at a pharmacy. There you can consult a pharmacist who will help choose the means suitable to you.

However, in practice, to find a cream that is in a minimum of time to remove the traces of pimples, is almost impossible.

To use them you need a long period of time. And only then it will give noticeable results.

The main most effective , according to reviews, the cream that will forever remove the life of the issue, "marks how to get rid of acne?" Include:

• «Mederma";
• «Contractubex";
• «Klirvin";
• «Kuriozin";
• «Skinoren" and others.


track after getting rid of acne: traditional methods

Acne Mask Photo

good old methods that eliminate the life care, "marks how to get rid of acne," presented a verywide.

Therefore, in a wide variety of tools is a guarantee to find a recipe that will actually work.Though not immediately, but to wait long to make.

One of the most effective methods - the mask of the traces of pimples. Such masks can easily make the most of various products, fruits or vegetables.

Another great Removes acne clay .One tsp. Mix it with 2 water, add 3-4 drops of a favorite essential oil.Leave the mask for 10 minutes on the entire surface of the face.Then wash it off with warm water.

efficient use of green clay with rosemary oil .When using white clay, add lemon juice to it.This tool makes it possible in a short time to remove the traces of pimples after.

clay addition, there are some ways to make a mask from the traces of pimples.

• Squeeze two teaspoons of lemon juice and add them protein of raw egg , stir and place the mixture on your face, leave for 15-20 minutes.This way you can lighten skin color.And it helps to remove even traces of dark spots.

Tomato mask Photo

tomato pulp and starch , in an amount of 1 tablespoon of each ingredient carefully stir.Keep on the face for 15 min., To remove traces of acne.

• Mix one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon and leave this mask on the face for 20 minutes.In case of severe burning rinse.

• The aspect ratio of 3: 1 mix water and apple cider vinegar .Wipe face in the morning and evening.

• Use cucumber - make cucumber mask or just wipe the face cucumber juice.Leave the mask on the face cucumber for 20 min., Then rinse it and smeared with moisturizer.

• efficiency in the "traces of acne after How to get rid» bodyaga .It must be mixed with two drops of hydrogen peroxide and kaolin in a ratio of 1: 1.Leave on your face for 15 minutes.

In addition to getting rid of the traces of acne after a very effective various oils :

• tea tree oil;
• lavender oil;
• rosemary oil;
• incense oil;
• essential oil of cinnamon and others.

rosemary Photo

can also try medical paraffin , after using which it is imperative to lubricate the skin nourishing cream with vitamins E and A.

Thus, traces of acne - do not curse,but quite solvable problem. There are many ways to address them, so you're sure to find something that is right for you.

Start with folk remedies. Maybe after one or two weeks of testing various simple masks, you will always be able to remove the traces of pimples.

But most importantly, think about what not to do, so that the problem does not arise again. Take care of yourself and your skin and treat it carefully.


Getting rid of traces of acne after a video