5 ways to use lemon for cosmetic purposes.The cleaning , whitening and moisturizing masks, scrubs with lemon.

Lemon for the skin

Mother nature has endowed us with their wealth.We only need to skillfully use them.

no secret that natural fruits and vegetables contain countless vitamins and enzymes, which in practice are quite difficult to replicate in the laboratory.A small amount of knowledge, and food in the refrigerator, you can look completely different.

One such product is a lemon face.It's a great fruit for the action inside and outside.Lemon juice contains, which is full of vitamin C and antioxidants.In a lot of fruit juice and sugar acids that are effective for cleaning the skin, anti-acne, skin whitening and sun burns.



1. Homemade face masks with a lemon cleansing, whitening and moisturizing effects
2. oil of lemon to the face.Help for oily skin
3. Lemon effective remedy against acne
4. Lemon as a remedy for sunburn
5. Scrub lemon for the skin of any type
recipe nutritious face mask with lemon, video

Homemade face masks with a lemon cleansing, whitening and moisturizing effects

lemon works well in the fight against age spots, the so-called whitening effect. The mask comes 1st Class tablespoon lemon juice, 1st Class spoon tomato juice, 1st Class spoon cucumber juice (or pulp) and 2 drops of sandalwood oil.Hold on the skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

face mask with lemon can be used for purification .To do this, mix 2 tablespoons of brown (cane) sugar, 1 egg white and 1 hour of lemon juice.Massage movements put the mixture on the face.Sit in a relaxed position for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

And lemon dry skin may be the solution.If you mix an equal amount of honey, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, put on dry areas of skin and hold it for about 10 minutes, rinse with warm water - get a quality moisturizer.Top

lemon oil for the face.Help for oily skin

oil of lemon Photo

oil made from the rind of a lemon is cold pressed, allowing you to keep all the nutrients.

oil has astringent, antiseptic and bactericidal effect on problem skin.It is also used to balance the level of pH, giving dull skin freshness and eliminate redness.

based oil of lemon helps to stabilize the production of excess fat in the skin. The herbal tonic should be added to the essential oil in a proportion of about 1 drop of oil for 10 grams of tonic (2h spoons).

Use before bedtime to prevent excessive production of fat cells of the skin.In the morning, before applying cosmetics, you should wash your face cleansers.


Lemon effective remedy against acne

Mask of lemon Photo

When the skin is difficult to remove dirt and excess sebum, clogged pores of excess fat, over time, become inflamed and, as a consequence, there pimples and blackheads.Wipe face with lemon in places of occurrence of inflammations dry place will help focus .

can use this method every day before you go to sleep until it disappears pimple.In the morning be sure to wash your face with warm water to remove the remains of lemon juice to the skin.

Great refreshing and bleach can do an equal amount of water and lemon juice.Pouring the mixture into any bottle with dispenser, you may have a very convenient spray in the summer.

If you add to this mix, and even a bit of honey and aloe, will tonic , which can be used instead of plain water for washing in the morning.


Lemon as a remedy for sunburn

Sunburns are always accompanied by very unpleasant sensations.Especially if they are on the face.Feelings can be painful, itchy, uncomfortable.The skin becomes very dry.Lemon juice connected with the water may be a natural antiseptic and sedative.

If you use an equal amount of water and lemon juice and gently promakivat affected area, it will help cool the burn spots and work as a disinfectant , prevent blistering and peeling.


Scrub lemon for the skin of any type

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Remove dead skin cells from the face of the lemon will help scrub. kiss lemon wedge should be finely chopped, add half a teaspoon of sugar and mix all together.

fingers do massage circular motion a couple of minutes, wash with warm water.By doing this procedure once a week, can significantly transform and refresh the skin.

All the above recipes and techniques work very well for the benefit of the skin, like a lemon for a person in general.But we should always remember that the main success of beauty and well-groomed appearance - it regularity and discipline of execution .

Unfortunately, using a couple of recipes to only see the first result and stay - in the long-term effects will not.

should also be noted that citric acid itself is very active substance that is very carefully and responsibly applied to the skin .After each use masks or facial toner with lemon, need to moisturize the skin nourishing cream.

course, do not forget to love yourself, and smile more.


recipe nutritious face mask with lemon