Paint green and brown eyes impressive and beautiful


To look unbeatable, every woman should focus on the eyes.Because women are so beautiful eyes, so you should pay attention to them.In order to perform an excellent eye makeup you need to know some of the secrets



  1. basic rules eye makeup
  2. Tip One: How to effectively paint brown eyes
  3. Tip Two: How to paint beautiful green eyes
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basic rules eye makeup

  • Rule 1. Before you apply makeup, you need to prepare your skin: 10 minutes before applying foundation should be applied to the eye area corresponding to the cream.If you do not use the cream before applying tone means spray the face with plain water from the sprinkler.This must be done to ensure that foundation and shadow lay flat.
  • Rule 2. When the cream is absorbed, apply foundation on your face and the area around the eye concealer - special cosmetics that can hide the circles under his eyes, small spider veins and other vascular lung defects, and it will make your eyes visually fresher.

color eye concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than the color of your foundation.If you have a substantial defect, you may need more dense or color corrector concealer that camouflages the more serious disadvantages of different shades.


Rule 3. Apply the eye shadow.There should always remember the feeling of action and environment, where you will be.For daytime make-up need to choose a moderate and light colors shadows, and for the evening, you can use white as rich, dark shades, you can even brilliantly.

Apply eye shadow should be a little flat, fairly soft brush or a special little sponzhikom on a stick.Do not do it with your fingers, because the skin of the eyelids is very delicate and very susceptible to tension, which leads to early wrinkles, eyelid impending and other troubles, not to mention the opportunity to bring an infection in the eye.To learn how to apply eye shadow to adjust the size, shape or location of the eye can see in the article "The almond-shaped eyes."

There are some common tricks for any form of eye makeup and all:

  1. under the eyebrow, apply a little light in the shadows perlomutrovyh tone your core range - the eyebrows will look more expressive, eyes will be deeper;
  2. Clear up on the upper eyelid inner corner of the eyes - the eyes will look fresher and will shine

Rule 4. eyeliner and draw arrows.The line should be held as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes.It can draw a special pencil, eyeliner, dark shadows.Choice - a matter of taste, habits and the desired effect.Pencil gives a softer an arrow, which can be easily shade, adjusted if there's hand trembled and turned smoothly.

To draw eyeliner need a certain skill, because it gives a tough, clear boundary arrows that is not correct.If somewhere could not get, I will have to completely wipe and paint again.But, if you learn to use the liner, you will receive clear, ideal line, which will help make the eyes more expressive.Dribbling eye contour dark shadows - rarely used method - actually get the same thing as a pencil, only lines and stretched wider, the contour is too vague.

Rule 5. final stage of any make-up - applying mascara.Before applying it you can rootstock cilia special tweezers, then they will be visually longer and the eyes will appear more wide open.

Depending on the desired effect, you can use bulk ink or extension.Also, if you have to visit in an atmosphere of high humidity, such as swimming pool, sauna, or simply on the street rain, it is better to use a waterproof mascara effect.

In the case of applying mascara is also a few small tricks:

  • mascara to the lashes better to keep and look thicker and voluminous, apply one coat, then lightly powder the eyelashes face powder, then apply a second coat.
  • that there was no effect of "puppet look" at the lower lashes, apply mascara only one layer, do not use them for bulk ink, and some stylists do not recommend to cover the lower lashes mascara.

If cilia after applying mascara stick together, neatly comb their special raschesochkoy, or dry clean brush from the carcass used.Never use cilia to separate needles, toothpicks, etc.!I think no need to explain why.


Tip One: How to effectively paint brown eyes


hazel colored eyes themselves stand out well against the face and draw the gaze of others, so importantly - their well-stress. Eye color imposes certain restrictions on the colors and shadows podvodok.The most informative and appropriate to their selection of colors for tsvetotipu person, which includes several parameters: skin color, hair color and eye color.Here is an example of some of the recommendations:

  1. to light brown eyes warm skin tone somewhat dark brown suit -olivkovaya palette of gold, copper, bronze shade. If your skin is light, then you will approach the colder colors such as aquamarine, fuchsia, the color of coffee and chocolate.
  2. For everyday makeup woman with brown eyes is best to use the shade of pastel shades such as ivory or pale pink, combined with brown or black eyeliner.
  3. also very good stress and make brown eyes brighter shades of purple, pink close to the band.
  4. Almost all owners of brown eyes need to dwell on the black eyeliner and mascara, an exception may be only blond enchantress - they can use brown.


Tip Two: How to paint beautiful green eyes


green - the color of nature, which is combined with so many shades: from chocolate - brown, peach to deep purple and plum. Therefore owners of green eyes fairly easy to create a beautiful, showy makeup that accentuate eye color and make them more expressive.

Overall, the selection of color shades for green eyes must adhere to warm colors. For example, very impressive for green eyes and, at the same time, the combination will be harmonious brown and dark green colors, blending smoothly into the gold or copper.For everyday makeup is best to choose shades of peach and gray.

Avoid all shades of blue, blue and silver, they will make your eyes dim, cold and lifeless.Caution with pink shades, avoid cold pale pink shadows.

When selecting eyeliner is better to stay on a brown or gray color, they will make the color of your eyes will enjoy intense.It is also interesting to look white or gold line liner on the inner corners of the eyes.Color black mascara, you can leave.

The main thing is not to overdo it, to not get along beautiful fairy Kikimora swamp.