How not to lose the man she loved

Why do men throw women

Unpleasant feeling when you throw a man, is not it?However, the fact remains - the number of abandoned women is great, however, as the number of abandoned men.However, we try to understand what motivates a man to throw a woman , throwing all thought that such an attractive lady , in her opinion , should always keep close certain man .

The most common cause - not interesting women .Uninteresting can manifest in everything, but especially in dealing with women .If a woman is not sufficiently developed in terms of intelligence to man , sooner or later he dumped her.Of course, this is true only for long-term relationships , as in choosing a woman for one night a man does not think about her intellectual abilities .

The character - is also an important component of the relationship.If your character does not fit the man 's simple - you throw it , and immediately .The only way out of this situation - to make concessions and compromise in the characters .Incontinence women in their actions and deeds also discourages men and he rather quickly decides to throw it .

It is worth noting that the man used as a vest is not , as in this case, it is fast enough retires .Generally , as the vest can be used only the best of friends, and then not always .

Naturally, the woman should take care of yourself , because if it stops doing so , she may lose interest in the man's eyes , which she had previously been attractive .Nor should we rush to get married , or rather openly show their desire .Marriage - a major step for a man , who , in most cases it deters .

The main reason that we throw men - treason.After the betrayal of a rare man to agree to continue the relationship , whatever they may be.It is not necessary to change , because sooner or later, such actions become known .