Beautiful and healthy nails in the past month

How to take care of the beauty and health of nails

A rare woman does not take care of their nails in this we differ from the men .Beautiful nails always look elegant, regardless of their color, pattern and length, but it is necessary to have healthy nails .Unhealthy nails do not look so attractive , why care about their health is suitable .

Modeling , nail - all these operations may lead to the loss of the appearance of the nail .In addition, a variety of diseases , lack of minerals and vitamins can also affect the condition of your nails .Do not forget the manicure , since the appearance of the nail and is directly connected with it.

Maintain your nails in the order in several ways , and they need to be combined , and not be used alone .First of all - it's a manicure , nail clipping .Their filing , cuticle cutting , ie the content of the order .Nevertheless , nails that look unhealthy be unsightly even when perfect manicure.Naturally, unhealthy color of nails and other defects can be filled using a nail , but if you use a clear coat ?

Beautiful , healthy nails have a pinkish hue , have no visible defects which appear as white spots , scratches , and have a smooth , flat surface.How to achieve this if manicure this does not help ?First of all - to eat , giving your nails all the necessary material.

Another solution to the problem - nourishing masks and rubbing, that should be done daily.Components for such masks are natural substances, in particular oil and herbs, which supply nutrients through to the cells of the nail surface.Useful are rubbing sea buckthorn oil, chamomile oil, other oils.Masks and bath on the basis of medicinal herbs will not only strengthen your nails and give them a healthy appearance, but also disinfect the skin, cuticles, strengthen the roots of the nails.When the bundle of nails should be actively used iodine.

By the way - the use of colorless nail polish - a way to strengthen your nails , just like any other .The varnish layer does nails thicker , and therefore stronger .In addition , a layer of lacquer protects the nail surface from scratches and chips .