Remove spots in Photoshop, simply and quickly.

How to remove pimples in Photoshop

remote communication more claim to the title of "most popular" and even "master" way of building communication.And this is true not just for personal use but also for commercial, because the organization of work «out office» actively comes on the heels «full time».

Given all this, is crucial photo.It begins with his acquaintance and the quality of the visual contact continued success depends on communication.And I do not want the impression was spoiled because of acne.What to do?



1. All you need to remove pimples online in a jiffy
2. How to remove pimples in Photoshop
3. Working with different versions of Photoshop program
How to remove+ acne retouch faces in Photoshop CS6, video

All you need to remove pimples online in a jiffy

With this wonderful program that as Photoshop, all your photos will please you. Easy to use Photoshop online will remove acne in a matter of minutes.And it does not need to have deep knowledge of the program.

addition to simplicity, photoshop long been available to all program.It is not necessary to buy a stationary software.It suffices to use the online version, to improve their photos.

addition, Adobe developers recently significantly expanded its offer programs.Now, you can buy a cheap basic package for home use.It is very convenient and definitely will not be superfluous.

Thus, at your disposal completely free version virtual photoshop and hospital software at an affordable cost.So, you have everything you need to improve their portraits.


How to remove pimples in Photoshop

acne photoshop photo

Toolkit software is very simple. And in order to remove pimples online does not need to know all the tools.

All that is needed for the start - this is the original photo, so "pokoloritney" and a little time.

1. In File menu, select the tab - load (open) a new image;

2. From the Tools menu select tool "patch» .Depending on the version, the right tool can be referred to as «Spot Healing Brush» or «Healing Brush Tool»;

3. Now, in fact, begin overcome all the flaws in the skin , and get a picture with an even more beautiful face.


Working with different versions of Photoshop program

to qualitatively remove pimples in Photoshop is very important to use the tools and to take into account all the nuances of the program. also worth remembering as, otherwise you can turn your face into a mask.

acne remove photos in Photoshop

If your version of the program, the right tool is called a "patch», remove pimples online can be such actions:

• Once selected "patch" on the toolbar put a check next to "Source". This is necessary in order not to disturb the skin tone and the finished result was absolutely natural.

• Now increase your photo , loaded into the working area of ​​the program.This can be done by a combination of keys «ctrl and +» .This manipulation would make the work more convenient, and the result - higher quality.

contours hated pimple , then put the cursor in the center and over-tighten to the site where you want to "transplant" clean skin.At the same time, make sure that "transplanted" skin matches the color of the skin in the area where you want clear skin.

Thus, defects are replaced pure healthy skin.Pimple and pimple for a few minutes you get exemplary photo.

If your program offers tools «Spot Healing Brush» , your actions are very similar to the actions of the above described versions.The only difference is that this program is more automated.

• Selecting a tool «Spot Healing Brush», need adjust brush size .It is suitable to the size that barely covers a pimple.Now increase the uploaded photo and so, click on the pimple.The program will automatically select the right color of the skin.

remove pimple Photoshop photo

• Alternately klatsat for pimples , and they just disappear in minutes.

• It happens that this tool not always "guess" color or fails to remove pimples quality online.

This "not fatal" simply use the same tool - «Healing Brush» .Unlike the previous, this brush is more flexible in tuning.

• To work with this tool should be paired with keys «alt ».Hold «alt», looking for the cursor to scroll the matching colored skin.

Now, click on this place, then alt - let go.Next, go to the retouching of all problem areas on the skin.

Now that you know how to remove pimples in Photoshop and you know that it is very easy! So, it's time to correct all of the photos and feel free to use them to resume or for a chat, a dating site, and so on.


How to remove pimples + retouch faces in Photoshop CS6, video