How to deal with ingrown hairs

ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs - this problem is very unpleasant , but, unfortunately , very common .They usually appear after the removal of unwanted hair , a wide variety of locations .Electrolysis , Waxing or shaving - a variety of methods for removing can cause this problem.

There are ingrown hairs because during epilation hair is not removed entirely, part remains under the skin.After epilation the skin surface become rough , and it is a serious obstacle to break out again grow hair as a result of the obstacles he bent and continues to grow inside the hair follicle under the skin .After that, the skin becomes inflamed , there is redness and itching, completes the picture is not an aesthetic appearance .

ingrown hairs 1

Independent attempts to remove these hairs can provoke even greater inflammation .Brown pigmented patches remain in place forever ingrowth is not uncommon after such attempts.

To solve this problem often enough to change the method of hair removal is elementary .For example, prefer waxing shaver .You can try different means and watch the reaction of the skin, find out which method of hair removal does not give side effects.

But first of all you need to remember something , you should not do in order not to provoke ingrown hairs :

  • • Use a scrub not only after hair removal, but a couple of days before.
  • • Do not remove hair during the critical days or when you're in a bad mood.
  • • Before and after the treatment disinfects the skin and hands.
  • • Avoid synthetic underwear and pantyhose cheap.
  • • body rub hard sponge while taking a shower.
  • • Epilation better to do at night.

Hot shower softens the skin, opens the pores and softens the hair, making it easier procedure for removal and making it safer.The skin have to be perfectly clean, we can not allow dirt to get into the hair follicles.Peeling a special scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin - the skin does not coarsens.Use a razor need direction of hair growth - this complicates the procedure of shaving, it does not guarantee a perfect result, but it helps to avoid the risk of ingrown hairs.Razor washed and disinfected, and the blade changing as often as possible.After any hair removal is desirable to use special tools to slow down hair growth.Obrabatyvaniya during showering in the next few days a washcloth and scrub "proepilirovannuyu" skin you reduce the risk of ingrown.And do not regret moisturizers for your skin.

ingrown hairs 2

If ingrown hairs have appeared , it is important not to exacerbate the situation and not make mistakes .As a result of improper actions on the problem , you may receive a serious inflammation, pustules , and in the worst case - the wounds and blood poisoning .

Error №1

In no case do not pick out their own needle, tweezers, manicure and so on.Do not give advice ignorant.If the hair is rooted, irritation is already there, additional picking you only make things worse.The follicles can get infected and it's over subcutaneous suppuration.Of course, the only way to get rid of this scourge - mechanical removal, but doing it yourself is not worth it.Many will advise you through the disinfected needles align wrapped hairs, but it's best to consult a specialist.

Problem №2

Do not shave and do not re- hair removal in problem areas .Be patient .Purchase in a drugstore or salon special tools exfoliation to combat ingrown hairs ( sprays , gels , creams , wipes ) and give a chance to the problem " disappear ."These funds will be released and the hairs do not allow to grow again.

Problem №3

Strongly squeeze hands ingrown hairs .To reduce inflammation in problem areas , use antibiotic ointments , as domestic , folk remedies - solutions and mixtures of a tanning effect , such as tannin or oak bark tincture .

If the problem persists - go to a beauty salon and draw conclusions for the future.Of course, modern salon ways of combating this scourge - a photo hair removal , laser and others - a very costly and take several sessions , but they are safe and effective compared to the carefree " amateur " .