What makes acne than to smear or cauterize the spot .Causes and types of acne , effective mask for acne

[Than smear acne]

Acne settle on any part of the body or face, delivering a lot of trouble to its owner.However, they will not only spoil the appearance and make you think about the reason for his appearance.Factors affecting the appearance of them, quite different.It may be the wrong skin care, as well as any disease that settled inside the body.So to answer the question: "What makes acne?", It is necessary to start to figure out the cause.



1. causes and types of acne
2. The smear acne
3. The pimple cauterize
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causes and types of acne

Most often the occurrence of acne affected by the following factors:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of hygiene.
  • allergy.
  • hormonal imbalance.
  • bacterial infections.
  • viral skin disease.
  • Inflammatory processes in the digestive tract.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.

Species acne a lot.Many of us are used to divide them into open - purulent and subcutaneous. The second type also include a rash with purulent contents.Only in this case, the content located deep under the skin.This type further include black dots.Top

The smear acne

than to smear spots

Now almost any remedy for acne can be bought at a pharmacy without presenting a prescription.However, it is necessary to choose according to the cause of rashes and views. This is because: firstly, the preparation can not give a positive effect, and, secondly, cause complications.

example, d To treat hormonal acne hormonal ointment applied.It - advantan, tselestoderm.Sometimes it requires taking oral hormones.Popularity is Jeanine, regulon, Diana 35. They are selected according to the hormonal women.

acne treated with antibacterial ointments : levomekol, dalatsin, Zener.For oral administration can target a wide variety of drugs.For example, ciprofloxacin, chloramphenicol, dimexide.Their choice depends on the type of bacteria.It should be sensitive to the drug.

In some cases, are effective antiseptic ointment .The most popular among them is ihtiolovaya, streptotsidnoy ointment. used to treat allergies or anti-allergic drugs such as epidel, gestan.Or, in severe cases requires the use of combined hormonal ointments.Top

The pimple cauterize

tea tree oil for acne

To start, be aware that means for cauterization should not get on a healthy skin area. Especially that moxibustion can eventually lead to scarring of the former site of the pimple.

to cauterize the spot can be used Zelenka.Moreover, it is easily washed off if necessary.Replace it can fukartsinom. Using salicylic, boric alcohol or iodine, you must be careful.It is desirable to breed them with boiled water or a decoction of herbs for lowering of the percentage of alcohol.This saves on the appearance of scars, but not strongly affect the efficacy of the product.

cautery can be used more sparing agent.For example :

  • Good pimples dries white and blue clay.The powder should simply be diluted with water to form a thick slurry and put a dot on the sore place.
  • Remove redness, you can use honey and calendula tincture.Mix should be in equal proportions, add a little boiling water.The resulting mixture was applied dot.
  • Cope with acne and their consequences, and tea tree oil.It must be applied to the damaged areas and give him self-absorbed.
  • pretty effective mask for acne based concoctions.The powder should dissolve any herbal broth, add a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of aloe juice.Keep it on the face should be no more than 10-15 minutes.

If, alas, spots persist for a long time and began to affect other areas of the skin, do not hesitate, should immediately seek medical attention.In this case, they are not only a cosmetic problem, but a signal violations occurring within the organism.

How to squeeze pimples