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Caring for a person - not a favorite activity of all women.It is a necessity due to the desire as long as possible to stay young, beautiful and a well-groomed.But look well-groomed and want to maintain their youth and many men.There is nothing strange or unusual.After all, they are trying not only for themselves but also for us, beloved.

By nature, men are more skeptical about their appearance than we are.At the same time concealing its attitude by an impenetrable mask.To notice this, you can simply analyze the behavior of the men in the store cosmetics.What delight they choose foaming cleanser, balms and various tonics!

Still, some of them feel comfortable in the store and know what to choose, and others try to grab first and to escape unnoticed.Why is that?They just do not know what to choose, and to help them in this, we are obliged to women.With these tips facial for your man to be easy, but the result - excellent.


1. basic rules facial men
2. How to care for the skin of the whole body
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basic rules facial men

  • Facials for men is somewhat different from women's procedures. First of all, this is due to a large number of sebaceous glands and constant shaving, resulting in injury to the skin.However, proper care consists of the same elements: washing, cleansing, toning, nutrition and protection.
  • Since men's skin is prone to fat content, it is recommended to wash using special gels and foams.They should match your skin type. Use soap is not recommended.Firstly, it is too dry the skin and thereby makes the sebaceous glands actively working.
  • After cleansing the skin should be toning. for oily type of person recommended in the cold season to use the tonic containing a small percentage of alcohol.Facial summer implies a use of lotions and tonic without alcohol, which is replaced with salicylic acid.
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  • nourishes the skin after shaving is recommended to use balms and creams. Men creams do not differ from women's. The difference can be seen only by the smell.The obligation to be a good cream hyaluronic acid that keeps the natural moisture in the skin.Also the structure should include vitamins A and E, essential oils and herb extracts.
  • Protect your skin is necessary not only in the summer.Even winter cream should have an easy level of protection from ultraviolet radiation.And this may be a barrier cream products for use after shaving.A good facial treatment (positive responses by the way) can be found in the line of Lancome Homme or the same Nivea for Man.
  • At least 1-2 times a week should be carried peeling. Cleansing of the horny layer will not only remove the peeling, but also to make shaving easier and more qualitative .In addition, shaving machines must be selected with a sharp blade, as blunt with hairs and tear off a layer of skin.Often this problem contributes to irritation and inflammation as a result on the face.


How to care for the skin of the whole body

facial mask for men

Facials and body a little bit, but different. However, regardless of the zone, any skin should be clean and well fed.Of course, this is not entirely relates to the field at hand.After all, they must be used under well-chosen antiperspirant.In the winter time you can afford it in the form of a spray.But in the summer it does not protect against wet spots.With that can handle dry or creamy antiperspirant stick.Apply it only need to clean skin and preferably 2 hours before going outside, so that he had time to soak in before the start of physical activity.

recommended to take a shower with the use of gels.It is recommended that they contain zinc.He's a little dries the skin and at the same time prevents the inflammatory processes.After water procedures skin also requires care.To do so, put on your skin special milk and cream with a moisturizing effect.Use the funds necessary only after the complete drying of the body.

Do not forget about the hands.Male hand also need good and everyday care. In this case you should choose a quality cream that contains extracts of chamomile and calendula.These herbs have anti-inflammatory effect and is able to treat damaged skin.

For more information on how to be a facial videos available.We have a nice view and good results!Top

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