How to get rid of computer game addiction?What 's dangerous dependence for adults and teenagers ?

How to get rid of the computer game, depending

Computers and Internet firmly entered our lives, becoming an indispensable tool in learning, work.But many people already and relax without the Net can not practically: continuous downloads, constant communication, browsing the pages and virtual games.At last, we discuss today considered than threaten game addiction, and how to get rid of computer addiction?



1. WHAT gambling addiction, and what is the impact ONLINE GAMES FOR TEENS?
5. treatment for gambling
6. WHAT TO DO How to get rid of gambling addiction?
7. HOW TO GET RID OF PLAYING ALONE computer addiction?




WHAT gambling addiction, and what is the impact ONLINE GAMES FOR TEENS?

Compulsive gambling The scientific community is still tense debate: whether to rank the category of online games addiction or not.Most experts for absolutely, that is not surprising.Games on the network recently captured the minds chelovechesta.Members alone the famous virtual game MMORPG «World of Warcraft» more than 4 million people in the world, and it is only the people playing on official servers.As gamers using pirated servers, they, perhaps, even more.But many played simultaneously to multiple online games, sitting out for hours every day playing computer games.

What is the danger of this seemingly innocent fun?It is addictive, a person develops gaming addiction.Players forget about everything forget to eat, sleep, about the responsibilities to their families and children.Adult gamers are losing their jobs, as are unable to interrupt gameplay to go to work, lose their family, as the virtual world for them is no less real than the real.

But especially detrimental impact on teens online games: massively expelled students from prestigious universities, because they do not come to the exam - they have no time, they have a whole group of monster kill, not daring "to bring other" children of the standouts are Losers.For great and real money players acquire virtual items from each other, "necessary" in the game.In order to "pump" their virtual character, they send money to thousands of servers providing online games.They begin to beg and then steal money from their parents to start.Very well, if a person will be able to recover in time and stop this endless game marathon.And if not, if it can not get rid of dependence on computer games?Where it will lead gambling, what will result?



Computer game addiction Polls show that 85% of adolescents is Gambling Addiction, most of them have problems in personal and social life.But how do you know whether you or your loved one's addiction?Here are common symptoms that can determine the presence of dependence on computer and online games:

  • you do not stop to think about that game you played recently.
  • Games are for you the main, if not the only, means of relaxation, relaxation.
  • you can not find a place, as for some time did not play.
  • Games are your primary means of interacting with other people.
  • your family and real friends do not persuade you to moderate, to reduce the time you spend at the games.
  • amount of money and time spent on your game, with the passage of time is increasing.

But even if you do not find yourself gambling, huge benefits in your own life, you can bring just died own game time.You should be aware that many of sitting at the computer or watching television can significantly impair your vision and posture, and nightly gatherings and did break the inner loop of the body, resulting in chronic fatigue and severe health problems.



symptoms of gambling addiction kind of disorder known as compulsive gambling instincts which belong to the group of psychological dependency.And any game of chance with the likeness of a drug.Compulsive gambling has many varieties, but the most common are: computer addiction, Internet addiction is dependence on the gaming machines.The most topical form of any gambling game is on the money.

So why do people become dependent on the game?The fact is that in addition to meeting their basic needs a person needs more and pleasure.A game - this is one way to get it, often the simplest and most "reliable" way.For a variety of reasons some people need for pleasure sharpened, so they easily tend to games and get them into a psychological dependence.

reasons for gambling may be as follows:

  • 1. joyless life.
  • 2. Dissatisfaction with sexual life.
  • 3. Psychological fixation (immaturity) in adolescence or childhood.

consequences of gambling addiction rather depressing:

  • 1. Reducing personal level.
  • 2. Big money debt.
  • 3. Loss of friends.
  • 4. The disintegration of the family.
  • 5. Loss of social status, work.



Compulsive gambling on the Internet Permanent game is pernicious not only for the public, social life.In fact, the loss of money, work and expulsion from the university only flowers in comparison with those consequences, which are marked on the physical and mental health.

Gambling makes a person be interrupted, postponed the game just to meet the physical needs of the most powerful.In other words, for restful sleep, eating, rest for the eyes, walking, etc.there is no time.All these people need to begin to perceive as a waste of time, distracting him from the most important and interesting - on the game.He even during periods of sleep continues to play a game in which the prisoner was.Sudden loss of vision, gastritis, muscle weakness, problems with the spine - not all that threatens's dependence drunken player.There is a real well-known story of how, after almost continuous multi day game «Warcraft» died of exhaustion Chinese girl.

human psyche suffers even more: a man becomes inadequate, with each passing day it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds.Given that the real world begins to call it negative connotations, because here it does not have such powers over what vested in the game, especially when, in real life things are going downhill.As for the virtual world, the player is strong, rich, always beautiful, even perfect, and many other players yearns to talk with him.So why, then, do I need a reality?As a result, a vicious circle: the breaks in the game that the player does occasionally, just multiply its continued desire to play, to take refuge in the virtual world.


treatment for gambling

treatment of gambling addiction reason that requires treatment for gambling - an emotional reinforcement dependence.The chip of any drug lies in the near future, a person receiving a direct emotional makeup.

Well Pavlov's dog can not control the allocation of the organism gastric juice, when he hears the call.Bell ringing - gastric juice stands.Reflex.And yet!It's the same with humans.He sees the computer, and all stood out, "gastric juice".Man led.Only half an hour, just one level, five minutes ....

Compulsive gambling - it is psychological, so the answer to the question "how to get rid of gambling addiction," "how to get rid of computer addiction", "how to get rid of online addiction", etc.can only psychology.Treatment of gambling need to carry out psychological methods.

Gambling generating obsessive desire to play, expresses particular psychological state.To overcome it, to get rid of computer gaming addiction, a person needs to switch to a state which is not typical for such a desire.

If someone close to you hit the gaming computer addiction, urgently take decisive action.


WHAT TO DO How to get rid of gambling addiction?

To begin, try to distract the person from the game, to pull him in any way from your computer: a child ask for a fee to do some housework, arrange sexual role-play with her husband, cook a delicious dinner, watch films, read books aloud or organize a walktrip.

actually part of the talk about the future, talk about money and career, discussing meaninglessness games is not so meaningless as it seems at first glance.The main goal here - the formation of human negative opinion about the game that can eventually make the process of the game is not as enjoyable.Therefore, talk, talk to the person who got into gambling.

to get rid of gambling addiction should be the person to socialize, that is, return it to a normal life.To do so, to return it to real life interest.Make it so that he engaged in something constructive and interesting, but away from the computer and the Internet.It is sufficient, as a rule, a "dig" in his childhood, to find out what he liked to do, and to provide the opportunity.If, for example, liked tinkering with a moped - buy a used motorcycle, albeit busy.He liked tinkering aquariums - even if does handicraft aquariums.Again - goals and desires must be true!Then everything else will align itself.

  • • Help families and treatment of gambling addiction.

How to get rid of gambling addiction To get rid of the computer game, depending literate relatives and friends attended a must.But it was competent!

Let's imagine life any "conditional" Vasya, who at some point, suddenly say: "Everything!I've had enough!I will not play anymore!That pleased me as a child to play hockey, that's all!Giving the game, I go play hockey! ".Yeah, right now!Since it was released, and play hockey!But to run for 5-10 minutes after working in the gaming lounge or Internet cafe, he can not demand - a usual thing.

Actually normal average person to get out of this swamp is substantially incapable.Because even if he is very keen to change their lives and get rid of computer game addiction, parents and wife unknowingly bring it back to it's usual destructive course.Judge for yourself.On the one hand the wife will nag and fuss that her husband plays his dream and get rid of gambling addiction.On the other hand, it is necessary to try to replace her husband addiction, another, more positive (the same playing hockey) - the wife wagged his finger to his temple, which will be more than enough to start again and play computer games.

you need someone who can keep the hard Vasya within and to stimulate his desire to get rid of computer gaming addiction, as long as not firmly privёtsya new behavioral habit.Requires "guide" in this new, real life.Do it yourself, very few people can.This means that any conscious help relatives or gambling treatment by a psychologist, again with the support of the conscious ones.

  • • How to get rid of gambling addiction?

If you realize that you have every chance to try without the help of professionals get rid of gambling addiction of a loved one, then fasten and use the following tips, which give people managed to overcome it and get out of the gaming Web:

  • 1.gamers need to reduce access to cash.
  • 2. Seek help from friends, parents.
  • 3. Ensure that, he honestly confessed and pleaded himself depending on the game.
  • 4. Try to get him to look at a gaming business from a different angle and to cast doubt on his earlier ideas about this.
  • 5. Find an alternative to get carried away with something new or go back to the old passions, helpful in every way, and always refer to a hobby in the event of a desire to play.
  • 6. Teach dependent, other ways to remove the emotional tension, in addition to the game, (relaxation, physical activity, good nutrition, the promotion itself).


HOW TO GET RID OF PLAYING ALONE computer addiction?

how to overcome gambling addiction Multiplayer games originally designed so that with each new level the next number of missions and increasing tests, encouraging you and your desire to stay in the game impressive gaming privileges.With this approach, an avid player fast enough runs in the excitement, rest on its laurels it becomes very difficult.Below you'll find a list of the most simple methods to get rid of dependence on computer games that can overcome this addiction and find the best way of self-satisfaction than earning virtual points in the game:

• STEP ONE: Make a decision.

find the strength to make the decision to give up enthusiasm for the games.Understand this: it will not work until you do not personally make the decision to quit playing and start to live a real life.

This decision can come quite suddenly, and can be stored for a long time for many months and even years.One way or another, but decided that it was time to stop, you need to commit yourself to achieve this objective.If it is very difficult - try to hold the psychological parallel with the mission of the game and take it as another difficult test.

• STEP TWO: become disciplined.

accept the fact that it has to go through any dependent person: almost always the decision to quit smoking should be the phrase "another, the latter will not hurt."Make every effort to be tough and unforgiving with himself.Set yourself a time frame to severely punish yourself, limit in the benefits, if crossed the line.Discipline in this case, means that you have to set some rules for yourself that you will stick to.


depending on the game people spend more time playing computer games or online battles than real work.What is the purpose, what is the meaning of this?Rather than spend time fighting with game bosses or increase game levels, you would be able to learn to play guitar or learn foreign languages.

Perhaps you have got to save for it, so you go travel to exotic countries.Surely, you will wash away, do not believe that it is possible to survive in the real world the same adventures as the world's game.However, you never know for sure until you leave the computer, do not go outside, and become to explore the world.Jeopardy!You will surely enjoy.

• STEP FOUR: Restore your social life and relationships.

Think about how many friends you had to lose for the time spent by you for the games?As they are now, where are they?It may surprise you that in real life, your real friends, adventure much more than partners in the game.

to go out, go to a concert with friends, try to talk to strangers, take dance lessons, or sign up for courses craftsmanship speaker.