Acne on the elbows, palms , ass , pimples on the face and back, a pimple on the mole , why they appear in these places , the treatment of acne in these zones


As we know, acne can occur anywhere on the body, and for different reasons.Causes rashes - are very diverse, it is not always possible to cure their own.However, in case of acne each person will be interested to learn from what they appear and how to treat in order to prevent their occurrence in the future and know how to respond to them.

Today we look at - why pimples on the face and back.From which they occur on the elbows and palms?What is the cause of acne on the "soft" spot?What if grown pimple on a mole?How to respond to the occurrence of acne in these parts of the body?



1. Common causes of acne
2. acne on the face and back: causes, types and treatment
3. Pimples on the elbows and palms: Causes, Types and Treatment
4. Pimples on "soft" site: causes, types and treatment
5. Pimples on the mole: Causes and Treatment
What is "pimples" and their causes, video

Common causes of acne

Regardless of the area of ​​the body or face acne can appear as a sign of poor hygiene.This factor leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, causing inflammatory foci appear, called acne.

provoke the emergence of acne can:

  • viral and bacterial infections,
  • parasitic microorganisms,
  • fungal microflora,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Acne Causes

Often pimples are a sign of the body's response to certain stimuli, in this case the allergen.The causative agent of allergy may be external environmental factors:

  • material from which the sewn clothes,
  • hygiene products and cosmetics,
  • pollen, animal dander,
  • topical medications, etc.

allergic rashes may occur as a result of taking certain products, in particular:

  • drugs,
  • vegetables, fruits, berries, roots,
  • cereal grains and dairy products.

Depending on the cause of acne may have a certain look and his characteristic symptoms. paying attention to them, can be determined from what appeared rash.Consider the causes of acne, depending on where they appeared.For example:

acne on the face and back: causes, types and treatment

pimples on the face

Basically acne on the face and back are of two types - a and subcutaneous abscesses. The second group includes "black spots", inflamed bumps, nodes, the contents of which is deep under the skin.

On the back rarely manifests an allergic rash, while on the face of it there very often. In most cases, it is located around the mouth, and a small red bumps with watery content.

acne is mainly due to the presence on the skin of a large number of sebaceous glands.Under the influence of certain negative factors, they are sealed, which gives rise to inflammation. often provokes acne in these areas hormonal disorders.

Treatment of acne on the face can be similar to the methods of their elimination on the back.If their appearance is not associated with any infection, inflammation inside the body, you can try to eliminate acne at home.

  • with masks and applications on the basis of honey and aloe juice, cosmetic clay.
  • applying antiseptic ointment - ichthyol, zinc.
  • choosing quality cosmetics containing natural antiseptic - with cucumber extract, lemon juice and aloe.


Pimples on the elbows and palms: Causes, Types and treatment

spots on the palms

Acne can occur on the palms, for various reasons. The most common are:

  • Fungal diseases , in which marked not only inflammatory lesions on the palms, and between the toes.They are characterized by severe itching and flaking.
  • Enterovirus , where the possible appearance of bubbles or red rash.Acne is not scratched, but it is possible soreness.Thus rash often appears in the oral cavity, there is an increase in body temperature.
  • Hyperhidrosis , causing excessive sweating.As a result, on the palms appear small pimples with watery contents - sudamen.However, they can easily be confused with an allergic rash.

Acne on his elbows in the majority of cases are caused by blockage of the hair follicles.Because adjacent to the site hand clothes involuntary friction occurs, which does not allow the hairs to develop normally. This skin on the elbows - rough enough that in itself explains the occurrence of acne.

acne treatment is chosen according to the cause:

  • To eliminate fungal infection apply topical ointment of the same name.For example: clotrimazole, fljukostat, Nizoral.
  • to choose the tactics of treatment of enterovirus need to see a specialist.It can be of different shapes, whereby the choice of honey.drugs is individual.
  • Hyperhidrosis - not a simple disease, and even in the presence of lesions should be talking about his severe.Therefore, the treatment implies a complex consisting from taking certain drugs and physical therapy.


Pimples on "soft" site: causes, types and treatment

pimples on the ass

pimples on the ass - not a rare phenomenon, the cause of which lies in the peculiarities of the structure of the skin, and in a number of other factors. example:

  • Hypothermia , in which there is quite a painful rash.Sometimes it is peculiar to the pus.
  • sedentary lifestyle and dry skin lead to the appearance of small lesions as a result of constant rubbing a soft cloth seats.
  • contact and allergic dermatitis a small red rash, employees sign wearing synthetic underwear.
  • Hormonal disorders are manifested in the form of painful ulcers that are small in size.
  • Infections , leading to the formation of boils.Favorite place of their location - under the buttocks and coccyx.

To eliminate pimples on the ass need to be more attentive to the choice of underwear, observe the rules of hygiene and dress for the weather. If acne causes discomfort, pain appeared, immediately consult a specialist such as a dermatologist.Top

Pimples on the mole: Causes and Treatment

pimples on the mole

If there was a spot on the mole, many of us try not to pay any attention to him.However, it is in vain.It is impossible to perceive the appearance of any inflammation on such places.This is due to the fact that this inflammation can lead to degeneration of the benign moles into malignant tumor - melanoma.In some cases a spot on this place is already a sign of rebirth.

Pimple on the mole may result from:

  • injury,
  • mechanical irritation,
  • constant stress,
  • of infection.

to choose the right method of treatment, you should consult a dermatologist or oncologist. We should not fall into a panic, fearing for the possible removal of birthmarks.In most cases, you can do without surgery.However, the very appearance of acne already, and should alert the better once again to test their health than to lose it.Top

What is "pimples" and their causes