Exercises for the face and neck by Carole Maggio wrinkle, video, and reviewed the

Aerobics Face

wrinkles as facial and big deep that appear with age, "crow's feet" under the eyes, "sad" drooping corners of her mouth - all this is a consequence of constant tension and stress, unfavorableecology, affecting the face.To always look young, you must continually relax facial and neck muscles.Especially for this was set up exercises for the face and neck.



1. Why do I need to train the face and neck
2. Benefits gymnastics
3. Tips before you go to the gym to start
4. Gymnastics for facial wrinkle
5. Gymnastics Face Carole Maggio
Aerobics face of Carole Maggio, video

Why do I need to train the face and neck

Every woman should not run your face and neck, which in the first place, it will be givenage.In ordinary life we ​​do not often employ the work in the facial and neck muscles, because they "fall", causing wrinkles.

Many cosmetologists are advised to actively care for the skin, starting from 25 years of age and , if not before, because at this time, unfortunately, begins the process of aging.And if all let things slide, then a 35-year woman would be to look for 3-4 years older.In addition, the current environment and aggressive external factors (sun, wind, frost) negatively affect the skin of the face, the oldest of her prematurely.So that, as long as possible to preserve the elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to train the muscles of the face and neck.


Benefits gymnastics

the benefits of aerobics Face Photo

itself exercises for the face and neck has been developed for a long time, back in the early 50s of the 20th century, European experts.It is very effective, even know about it, not many, and even fewer people engaged in it.According to the statements of some experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and gymnastics for the face - it is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery and botox injections.Of course, it is necessary to engage regularly and quite a long period of time.But it is justified, because the result will be long-term.

set of exercises in the gym designed with the structure of the face and is specifically designed to rejuvenate and form proper "young" face oval.Modern Gymnastics facial wrinkle provides complete relaxation of the muscles, and then their decline, which has a tonic effect.All this combined with the correct and deep breathing, and therefore rejuvenation is quicker.Due to the alternation of the active phase and relaxation, blood, oxygen-rich, spreads throughout the body, restoring the elasticity of the muscles and skin.

Gymnastics for the person on the Internet has reviews are positive.Women are told that the first results after the regular exercise have already been 3 weeks.It all depends entirely on the woman's age, her skin type and the frequency with which the exercises.


Tips before you go to the gym to start

  • regularity .Exercises should perform morning and evening.At this time, the muscles will work harder, leading to rapid result.
  • breath skin .Gymnastics for the person must be carried out after removing make-up and skin cleared.Only in this case, the pores will be open and will pass through them more oxygen.
  • Moisturize skin .If your skin is dry or sensitive, prone to irritation, apply to the exercise in the face and neck cream with moisturizing effect.Just apply the cream to the area around the eyes, so as not to injure the delicate skin area such.


Gymnastics for facial wrinkle

Gymnastics Wrinkle photo

With these exercises, you will be able to considerably smooth the skin and muscle tone, which will create a beautiful oval face.In addition, exercise can be performed as a wrinkle prevention.So what exercises for the face suitable even for young girls who have not yet faced the problem of sagging skin.

  1. «Surprised face» .Lips fold the letter "O", send down his chin, and eyebrow raising himself up.Thus, to have turned surprised grimace.Try to breathe deeply.Hold for 30-40 seconds.Carrying out exercises, take your time and do everything slowly - it should go to the gym at least 15 minutes.
  2. «radiant smile» .On the corners of her mouth put your index fingers, then smile widely.Hold for 7-10 seconds, then gently with your fingers, pull the lips apart.
  3. «Raise the forehead» .The index and middle fingers on the eyebrows position and place thumbs on forehead, near the beginning of the hair growth.Stretch the surface of the forehead, with his eyes closed tightly.Count to 10, then loosen the tension and remove hands from his face.
  4. «mask of tranquility» .Close your eyes, just pull your cheeks and his chin down, without closing the lips.

Do not forget that facial gymnastics video is on the Internet.


Gymnastics Face Carole Maggio

Exercises for the face and neck by Carole Maggio, owner of his own private clinic, known throughout the world.The story is this: when Carol appeared on the face of small facial wrinkles, she decided to at-all costs to preserve their youth.Through trial was set up exercises for the face of wrinkles.Today, Carole Maggio 46 years old, but more than 35 does not give it.According to the woman, she never in my life did not allow plastic surgery, her excellent young face - the result of daily exercises.What makes Carole exercise every day?

  • forehead .Put your hand on the forehead and forcefully move the muscles in cycling operation eyebrows.Perform 15 seconds.
  • Eyes .The index and middle fingers are put on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.Glancing up, then down.Repeat the exercise 10 times for 15-20 seconds.
  • Lips .Open your mouth a little wider, and his lips push as hard as possible to the teeth.Breathe evenly through the nose.
  • to study the cheekbones .Zaprokinte head back, open your mouth, and chin, leaning forward as far as possible.Breathe deeply and calmly.With each exhalation throws his head back on.

This complex will take you just 15 minutes a day, and the result will amaze you.


Aerobics face of Carol Maggio, video