Face mask of kelp, oatmeal, pumpkin, hny- most effective facial masks for acne

Face masks

Masks - the best, fast and versatile way to clean our skin, return them radiant.Homemade masks are perfect our skin, great influence on her.

most important condition here - to choose the right tool.For example, if your skin is too dry, she did not need drying.On the contrary, such skin requires thorough and intensive moisturizing.Today there is a wide variety of recipes for a variety of masks.

Some of them promise to cleanse the skin, the other - its tone, and others - to moisturize and restore.No wonder if some of the wide variety of confused.Today we talk about universal masks, they fit each of us.



1. Face Mask from kelp
2. face mask of oatmeal
3. Face Mask Pumpkin
4. facial mask from henna
Cooking pumpkin mask, video

Face Mask from kelp

face mask of Lamira - a very versatile tool that will suit absolutely any type of skin.Laminaria - we know seaweed.The seaweed contains a lot of iodine, micro and macro. Laminaria is widely used in cosmetology - it can help adjust the figure, return integuments lost beauty.

Face Mask from kelp returns youth and elasticity of the skin that begins to wither.Algae able to regenerate and restore the skin, remove dead cells from it. also be used as a face mask against acne.Another property of kelp - smoothing the skin and pulling.Algae Mask perfectly cleanses the pores, accelerate metabolic processes, enrich the skin with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

To make a mask from algae, use dried kelp - it can be easily purchased at a pharmacy.Otsypte in a container crushed and dried seaweed, well pour the water (not hot, room temperature is fine), stir and leave for an hour.Then, wring excess moisture - it cook gauze.Gruel, which it turned out - and is the basis for your wonderful masks.

Classical algae mask .Basis for preparing the above described method.After the algae swell and you will overcome them, attach them to the face.But before that, the skin will certainly be cleaned.For example, the algae need to work on the skin for half an hour.Withdraw funds with a cotton swab, and then you need a good wash.This mask from algae moisturize, refresh and revitalize the skin, belonging to any type.By the way, slippery seaweed mask and is best done in the supine position.


face mask of oatmeal

Mask of oatmeal Photo

face mask of oatmeal - an effective and versatile tool. Everyone knows the beneficial properties of oatmeal.This porridge needs no further introduction.It is widely used, if a person has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, oatmeal trains and improves memory ... its beneficial properties can talk endlessly.But oatmeal is used not only as food. For many years, these grasses are used for cosmetic purposes - namely, the preparation of a variety of useful masks .They are suitable for everybody. face mask of oatmeal is simple and accessible, and its use is invaluable at any age.

face mask of oatmeal is used as an in-kind, just not in, you can add any ingredients.But most importantly, any mask made from oatmeal, improves the appearance of the skin, smoothes out, removing wrinkles, and improving color.

Before you make a mask, you should grind the oatmeal into flour.You can do this by using the grinder.

Classical Mask of oatmeal. oat flour, which is obtained after the grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal should pour boiling water and leave to swell.As a result, you should get enough air and gentle paste.Now you can safely send it to the person.Once the vehicle is completely dry up, wash it off with a little water.By the way, you can replace vodichku milk, fruit juice, herb tea.Thus, the effect of the mask will only intensify, and its beneficial properties - will increase even more.


Face Mask Pumpkin

mask from henna Photo

We all know that henna is actively used in hair care - it strengthens them, promotes their growth.But there may be less effective and facial mask from henna.Naturally, in the preparation of a skin caring agents used colorless henna otherwise undesirable skin ozhzhet purchase group, which is very difficult to get rid of.

facial mask from henna nourishes, cleanses, tones and restores skin .Also used as a face mask against acne.In addition, regular use of such funds ensures the rejuvenation of the skin.In addition, henna - allergenic natural product, so the mask based on it suitable for all !

way, when you are preparing a mask, it is best not to use metal utensils, because henna is known for its oxidative action.

Before you prepare and apply a mask, should prepare the skin - cleanse and tone them.

cleansing, nourishing, toning facial mask from henna .Just a couple of tablespoons of henna (you can buy in a drugstore) pour boiling water, you should get enough thick consistency.Once cooled, apply on your face.Washed off the mask cushy little water, if necessary, can be treated with the face cream.


Cooking pumpkin mask, video