The best ways to make the hair wavy

The best ways to make the hair wavy

The ability to stay beautiful is often called the art .As you know , any kind of art requires sacrifice and great effort.However, women know that all of these work pays off with a vengeance.Wavy hair are almost all rare and the fairer sex has never used this technique .

Therefore, talking about this method of hair ornaments will certainly be interesting and useful to the majority.After all, a lot of women want to know how to do wavy hair , without recourse to the stylist , who usually do not have the time, the money.



1. Radical means inherited
2. Tongs, hair curlers, curlers - the usual means of beauty
3. Sleight of hand and no fraud of




Radical means inherited

You impossibly bored straight hair , they were so yesterday, and a month , and a year ago.Sometimes you feel that straight hair - it's your car , nor any of their curlers can not curl or any curling unable to do their wavy nor any sprays and gels are not able to keep the curls at least half a day.Well, do not hold your perm for straight hair heavy .No need to despair - even really make their long wavy .Just for such hair stylists and created a perm .

This radical means well and for those whose hair curling yield , but do it consistently troublesome and not enough time .Perm , have made ​​a good master , to consolidate the results for several months and will release you a lot of time and energy is wasted in the previous installation.

The sad experience of the chemistry of the last century still scares many women , because it can help to break the hair was strong , for many years , depriving them of health.But , as are methods devastating impact and the effect of " sponges " in the head, in the past century .Modern biochemical wave , it does not damage the hair and keeps them soft .Have a negative impact on the quality of the result of modern techniques can only " armless " master brutally violated the technology.

But one drawback perm still is - a woman's inconstancy .Capricious nature of women soon get bored undulation her curls , but the return to the family, right strands will only take a few months.


Tongs, hair curlers, curlers - the usual means of beauty

how to make the hair wavyAll kinds of tools for curling are ubiquitous and easily help create beautiful curls.Multiply and fix the resulting effect is using styling .Such methods are well suited to owners of straight hair , lends itself well to " influence " or with the ability to laying moderate .

Using tongs and curling irons , be sure to give preference to " Zavivateli " with ceramic surfaces.Unlike metal are more careful to the structure of the hair , do not destroy it , and act gently.Create curls using such funds for long hair , twirling them effectively from the roots towards the ends , and not vice versa , as do many .Then the hair to obtain a uniform and accurate.

Use rollers and curlers need only to wet hair and dry until - not to withdraw .Make the effect of " long-playing " can be pre- processed hair mousses and other means for a wave and fixation .Amiss also "popular" means, such as beer .To do this, lightly sprinkle them to wind and wet hair curlers.Do not worry , the hair will smell unpleasant , it is actually a beer on your hair very quickly disappears , and the time of drying spends all its flavor .

Devices for mechanical curling a lot , leaving your imagination unrestricted freedom of implementation.Be creative to your health!

Gutta-percha curlersthe so-called boomerang , will help create a smooth , natural hair, the most similar to the natural .Here the main thing - when curling orderly if uneven twirl hair , they appear to be messy , especially at the ends .In order to come out perfect hairstyle need to practice and gain relevant experience.

Curler circular shapes,hedgehogs and Velcro desirable to wind vertically rather than horizontally in relation to the head.Then it will fall down the wave and not hang " bagels " .Although this is a matter of taste , and the general idea.

Spiral curlersare used to create small curls on the head .These curls after removing the rollers , it is desirable not to comb brush and spread gently spreading their fingers.Of course, this advice is relevant only to the extent that you do not have conceived her hair in the style of a lion's mane .


Sleight of hand and no fraud of

wavy hairThe young lady whose hair is naturally have light wave, how to make wavy hair and do not need to tell.They already know that they fit wonderfully hand styling.With it literally half an hour after leaving the shower, you can create a beautiful hairdo.It's enough to evenly cover the wet hair gel or mousse, spray on the roots should not be.After that the hair must be periodically beating and gently compress the individual strands into the cam, and so on until they are completely dry.With the help of a hair dryer you can do it much faster, the main thing to have time to work with his hands.

Oh, and one more thing .Comb your hair before applying happen placing means , do it gently and carefully , to avoid damaging the structure .Watersports are easily stretched , causing the broken internal links .After drying the hair comb can not be touched .If you do it right , eventually you get a nice stylish stacking.
When choosing a mousse or gel refer to how strong fixing you need .Mousse will give hair softness , but a long time will not be able to maintain styling in any case , as long as it makes the gel .

And of course the easiest way to " excite " your hair - a braid tight braids on a slightly damp hair and let it dry .The brilliant effect , we do not guarantee you will most likely ends of the hair will require additional attention , otherwise will randomly stick out in different directions.

That's all you need to know about how to make your hair wavy .All - in theory, in practice, you will need patience and hard .Not everything can happen the first time, but when experimenting , you gain experience , your curls, curls and waves can not remain indifferent , no girlfriends , no zavistnits nor , of course, men.