Features lamination hair

Lamination of hair

The current abundance of makeup can save health and increase the beauty of the hair with ease.The only thing that really need - to know how to do it regularly , and most importantly to properly care for them.Of course, give your hair a good , healthy appearance is not difficult , but so that they looked like the cover of a fashion magazine - you need something more than just care .

Stunning, brilliant, flowing tresses show-business stars can only envy , but that was before the modern achievements of cosmetology make beautiful smooth shiny hair without breaking , split ends real for everyone.All you need - is to go to the nearest salon laminating procedure .

The phrase " laminating hair " quite a few seem wonderful , and even counter-intuitive, but in fact behind it , there is absolutely nothing extraordinary .What is laminated , for example, paper?That's right, make it resistant to damage, not torn , it preserved the integrity and appearance for a long time .With lamination hair is the same story , and if you can save the paper , why not do it with the hair ?Comfort and confidence in their own beauty is much more expensive , both in the literal and figurative senses .

The essence of the procedure is to apply a special composition for each filaments , which creates them organic breathing microfilm , which is able to withstand all kinds of damage.In addition, the microfilm attaches special radiance and smoothness to hair and adds volume to your hair for 10-15 % more than usual.Owners wavy and curly hair , you can not worry about that after the procedure cute springs straighten.Not at all , laminating only add shine and give them a healthy look .

why should laminating

In order to understand why your hair lamination, we can recall the structure of the hair structure .Very few people do not know that it is a trunk, which is littered with flakes .Healthy , not experienced any " shocks" , damage, exposure to chemicals and heat treatments hair smooth and sleek - it scales pretty fit snugly to your own hair post.However, such a "peaceful" existence , given the current environment, the pursuit of fashion , and the usual daily care , perhaps not for long.

Under the influence of all the factors scales flake off , and then the hair loses its smoothness, becomes rough , dull , the tip is cut and broken reflecting surface prevents shine .The composition of the lamination cover damages eventually surface microfilm carefully solders posechennye tips , " sticks " to the trunk exfoliated flakes and forms a new hair surface - a solid , firm and radiant .

Lamination of hair, according to experts, does not bring them any harm, the procedure can be repeated an infinite number of times.It explained this unique composition laminating mass, which includes the protein.Due to its simple presence of hair does not look healthy and shiny, and acquire a high flexibility and ability to withstand mechanical damage, both when combing, and when exposed to wind, frost, sea salt and other.Hair cellulose film coating, allows it to breathe, but blocks the conclusion of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and moisture from its structure.Among other things, as part of laminating a lot of useful substances, they work in the hair and make it possible to recover and grow more intense.


Duration of treatment may take up to 2-3 approaches - it depends directly on the state of the hair , their length , and the desired result .It is perfect for women seeking to preserve the color of colored hair , as enveloping film is securely held inside the coloring pigment .Blow-dry in the thus treated hair becomes lighter and longer lasting hairstyle , hair is not very long break .

The result of the procedure lasts up to 6 weeks.A month later, the film is gradually washed away and within 6 weeks of the procedure can be repeated once again .The consistency of the composition and method of use is similar to the mask , which is applied and maintained for 20-25 minutes.

Lamination of hair can be clear or colored .Therefore it can not just add shine , but also emphasize the color tone.The color can be easily laminated to name the technology of ion staining.In this case, the hair carries a positive charge , and the pigment is negative , due to this they are to each other strongly attracted , which provides resistance of the coating ." Overdo it " with the number and composition of the pigment is not possible , the hair absorb it as much as they need .

In spite of the apparent specificity of the procedure for lamination not have any contraindications.It allowed for different lengths of hair , and the main thing with any degree of damage.On the contrary , it is recommended especially hair that most damaged or exhaustion dyeing .