Do you have a chance to successfully start their own businesses?

Test for entrepreneurship

If you have been thinking about how to open a business, but still in doubt whether to do it, then go test and learn entrepreneurship, worth the risk?Take the test at the initiative and find out whether you have enough business and organizational skills, you have a great chance of success?

Before opening his business, and to get into such a serious sphere as entrepreneurship, pass the test for entrepreneurship.To appreciate their talents and organizational skills in entrepreneurship, answer each test - the question of choosing one of the following options.Select the letter corresponding to the answer to the test - the question.


1. Test entrepreneurial
2. Test for entrepreneurship: the results of the test - survey



TEST enterprising

  • 1. Assess yourorganizational skills.

a) I can easily convince people;
b) I am capable organizer;
c) My organizational skills are not very talented;
d) I'm a bad organizer.

organizational skills

  • 2. Evaluate your determination?

a) I'm always doing quickly and accurately;
b) I'm doing quite carefully, "look before you leap ..." - it's about me;
c) I make decisions quickly, but we have to admit at the same time often admit mistakes;
d) I'm always afraid of something if there is a better solution to shift to someone else.

  • 3. How do you evaluate your own risk?

a) I'm responsible for everything;
b) I try to fulfill all orders, but sometimes protest;
c) I do not like orders and instructions, they annoy me;
d) I avoid excessive responsibility, try to dodge.

  • 4. Are you enterprising work?

a) I try to take the extra work;
b) I am doing my job accurately and in a timely manner;
in) I try to do as much as possible on their own, without waiting for instructions from the captain;
d) I do not do anything without instructions manual, I can not and do not want.

  • 5. How do you usually feel about people?

a) with kindness and respect;
b) politely enough;
c) I sometimes quite difficult to communicate with people;
d) I constantly swear, it's difficult to understand what they want from me.

start up a business
  • 6. Do you consider yourself a leader?

a) Yes, I was always sure of himself (s);
b) I have given orders correctly;
c) I - Lead (th);
g) I - most slave (-s).

  • 7. Do stubborn man?

a) I always achieve their goals;
b) I try as best I can;
c) I'm not very persistent, persistent and determined person;
d) I hesitate to call myself a stubborn person.



• Enterprising TEST: Test results - Poll

For each response, which corresponds to the letter "a" give yourself 1 point for each answer "b" - put 2 points for answerswith option "c" - 3 points, and answers with the letter "d" - to vote in the 4 points.Now count the total amount of points received, and continue to the results of tests on entrepreneurship, with a corresponding number of points.


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