The value of the name Pauline or waiting for the girl in the future

the name of Pauline

Many say that the name of a person influences his fate.The value of the name is often said about the nature of man treats his behavior.I wonder, and what to the name Stones-mascots, colors, animals and plants, as they have their special effects on a person.

value named Pauline interested in many of the parents who are waiting for the birth of a little daughter.It may be interesting for girls, women with the same name.By defining the meaning of the name is much to explain.



  1. Option 1: The nature
  2. Option 2: By age
  3. Option 3: patronymic
  4. Option 4: On a horoscope
  5. Video

Option 1: The nature

By the nature of the name Polina means a lot of good qualities, including:

  • economic.House Pauline always removed is full cup, because she is good at cooking.He likes to collect friends at the table, but do not go to it without an invitation.She does not like such surprises.
  • determination.Pauline likes to go to the goal and achieve it.The girls with the same name and very purposeful activity.At work we adhere to all the rules and moral norms.
  • Fidelity.Pauline is a faithful wife, who is very afraid of her husband's infidelity.With full confidence in the partner reveals the whole Pauline sexuality.I try never to lie and requires people to do the same.
  • sparingly.Pauline economical, though love to dress up and look good.If Pauline seem expensive thing in the store, she prefers to make her own hands.
  • disinterested.Pauline unselfish, know how to forgive and can not long to wear a grudge.The girls with the same name are not arrogant and proud, even though a certain proportion of self-esteem and pride in her present.

addition to the general traits of Pauline differ depending on whether, at what time of the year they were born.For example:

  • «Winter» Pauline serious, unruffled and strict in their judgments.Life usually does not make them gifts, so they are making all by yourself.Pauline - strong women to look at, but it is very vulnerable in the shower.
  • «Spring" Pauline bit proud at the same time, outgoing and witty.He knows his own worth and demonstrating this case.There may be good mentors and teachers.Spring Pauline are great friends.
  • «Summer" Pauline good-natured and intelligent, love to make fun of others, cheerful and able to get along with people.They are required to bring to the end the cause for which came from.
  • «Autumn" Pauline possess qualities such as loyalty, honor, kindness and rigor to the same frugality, but not greed.Have talent educator, especially for their children.

addition to good qualities, it should be noted that most of the Pauline - choleric, who often come out of themselves and have increased nervous excitability.Health Pauline precarious and dependent on the nervous system.Women with the same name are encouraged to monitor their health, which could undermine the exhaustion.Top

Option 2: By age

Pauline in childhood and adulthood are not very different in character:

  1. a child Pauline friendly, flexible and responsive.Pauline always advise, help and sympathize with any grief.Never envy your joy, and rejoice with you.It seems that the Pauline loves the whole world around.From an early age Polina likes to dress fashionably.
  2. The school Polina tactful, obedient, often the first assistant teacher.Schoolmates not offend, friendly and extremely cleanly.Often it becomes prefect.Pauline is a good student, and she easily give exact science.
  3. In his youth, Pauline restrained, it does not avoid the noisy companies, often becomes their focus, thanks to his sense of humor and cheerful disposition.Pauline is very artistic, writes poetry, sings well and draws.Love for beautiful things with age, Pauline is increasing.
  4. Adult Pauline active and make decisions quickly.It is easy to contact, but can not prove its opinion and tries to impose it to others.Pauline - good mothers, they like to attend parent-teacher conferences, monitor and care for children.

fate of Pauline can develop in different ways, so they have a distinctive character.In the quiet girl may be hiding a strong and outstanding personality.Pauline is often difficult to find the ideal partner, as it is very demanding.


Option 3: patronymic

nature of many Pauline may differ depending on whether they are middle name.Thus:

  • PAULINA - very true and loyal friendship, good is all a common language.A good hostess, an excellent cook.
  • Paulina Antonovna - extremely clean, economic.In matters of reliable and thorough.Not a spender, but not stingy.She likes to dress fashionably, selfless.Put the interests of the family is higher than his career.
  • Polina Alexandrovna - gentle and kind, but not very obliging.Stubborn and proud, does everything in his own way.Hardworking, any work in her hands off.
  • Pauline A. - calm, balanced woman.Cook and has a lot of friends who unselfishly helps, though private life is not always develops successfully.
  • Pauline Artemovna - calm, floating through life like the tide.It has a practical mind, but it does not always act rationally.Among the modest, gets along well with her mother in law.
  • Polina V. - hardworking, flexible and robust.Outwardly modest, but often hidden inside a cunning and selfish personality.Vasilevny capable of intrigue because of envy.
  • Pauline Vadimovna - is complex, often lends itself to a nervous breakdown.They are an excellent housewife and delicious cooking.
  • Polina V. - aims to create a cosiness in the house, docile and calm.Very good than other frequently used.Willingly receives visitors, but very stiff and can not relax.
  • Polina Vladimirovna - flexible, talented and optimistic.He prefers to work alone and do everything carefully.Persistent, brings to end any started.
  • Pauline E. - hard-working, especially in the home.Kind and sympathetic soul, loves to talk for hours on the phone.Interesting interlocutor, has a good sense of humor.
  • Polina Ivanovna - some closed and balanced.Think through the decision in advance, though a bit impulsive.Always ready to help others.
  • Pauline Ilinichna - irritable, impulsive, she has a very unbalanced nervous system.Excessively demanding and overly careful, though a good mother and housewife.
  • Pauline Maksimovna - loves to travel and take home the guests.I do not refuse to help, sociable and friendly.
  • Pauline M. - good-natured and good-natured.Often it gets under someone else's opinion.All problems takes to heart.It has a weakness for sweets, a good housewife.
  • Polina Petrovna - straightforward and irritability.Prudent and principled.It has a good sense of humor and easy to talk to.A good hostess and a great wife and mother.
  • Polina Romanova - hot-tempered.It has perseverance, and not swerve out of the way until you get their way.To marry is usually successful and has often sons.
  • Pauline S. - quiet, hard-working, neat and punctual.Not a bad hostess, get married several times.Cheerful and sociable in the company, too sensitive and easily vulnerable.
  • Pauline Y. - very sensitive and emotional.A little stingy, cunning and calculating.Stubbornness and perseverance combined with kindness and sympathy.Spiritually strong nature and interesting companion.


Option 4: On a horoscope

On a horoscope meaning of the name Paulina has different options.Consider, what the name of Pauline compliance with stones, talismans and other characteristics.

Feature 1: Stones-mascots


Stones-mascots, appropriately named Pauline, is:

  • Ruby - stone is a symbol of passionate love, dignity and strength.
  • Selenite - is a symbol of modesty and spiritual purity.
  • Topaz - symbolizes wisdom, hope, friendship, love and prudence.

Feature 2: Color

color, resembling a polynomial - blue, which symbolizes trust, peace and harmony.Blue color encourages the discovery of new horizons and knowledge of the world.People with this color name are sensitive and kind heart.

Feature 3: Planet Earth

patron named Polina - Saturn.Saturn symbolizes the good and negative qualities.

to the well include:

  • endurance;
  • stability;
  • honesty;
  • practicality;
  • bound;
  • patience;
  • discipline.

Negative traits:

  • sharpness;
  • cruelty;
  • thrift;
  • rigor;
  • excessive sensitivity.

People who patronize Saturn thrive as a judge, the chief, officers and guards.

Feature 4: Number

Lucky Number for Polina - 9. The number 9 - a series of digital locks, and therefore open to the owner a lot of opportunities.People - Nine can realize any dream.People - nine like to be praised, they always want to feel needed.

Feature 5: Animal Animal

symbol for Polina - a whale and a swan.

  • swan represents purity, innocence, generosity, wisdom and rebirth.
  • Whale is a symbol of incredible power, the beginning of new life and rebirth.

Feature 6: Plant

plant favorable to Pauline considered poppy, lotus and poplar.

  • Mac - is a symbol of beauty, fertility, youth and charm.Mac protects against witchcraft and promotes the acquisition of wealth.
  • Lotus - symbolizing perfect beauty, spiritual development, happiness and rebirth.In India, the lotus symbolizes life.
  • Poplar - is a symbol of youth, beauty and stateliness.

Feature 7: Metal

Talisman metal for Pauline - is platinum.Platinum is a symbol of purity and perfection, love and affection, uniqueness and luxury.Chains and bracelets made of platinum elevate mood, protects against negative external influences and sharpen intuition.