The value of the name Paul

The value of the name Paul

it comes from the Latin word "Paulus" to the name of Paul, in translation - "small", "baby", "small".


1. The value of the name Paul
2. Sexuality named Paul
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Pavlik - the miracle child, he is kind, obedient, affectionate and responsive.This is the first mother's helper in the care of younger children.He can be mischievous, but when did not overstep the bounds of what is permitted, to respect the rights and the law.He did not just not go to steal apples from someone else's garden, but will do so and friends did not.In general, the range of his qualities is quite wide, in the life of Paul can rebel and revolt, but when did not break the law.

He does not lose these qualities as they grow older.Surrounding appreciate it empathy, he often trust their innermost secrets and plans.Possessing calmness, kindness, ability to empathize, and he often chooses a profession where these properties are required.However, he may choose any job where you will feel needed, it is not necessarily a professional indispensable, it is quite limited sympathy for colleagues who are often captivating modesty and diligence Paul.It is reliable, it can rely on in difficult situations, trust.He is always ready to help, willing to substitute a friend at work.Paul excellent worker, it does not need any customized or force, he does his job enthusiastically, and is capable of sacrifice for the welfare of the family operation.By nature, Paul careerist.

Pavel Volya Sometimes the meaning of the name Paul makes it prone to melancholy, when he falls into a philosophical reflection, but more often it is active in life, sometimes even too much.He strives for harmony, so does not stand bright deeds or words, always calm and benevolent.He loves his wife, but love smooth and warm, but not violent passions as other men.The house has a dominant position has consistently been the wife, but exclusively in the house and not on others.Pavla no problem helping his wife with the housework, but to sit around your neck will not allow including others think so.They're all over seek harmony in everything should be the measure, so do not freak out when he drinks.He's a good family man and did not miss the opportunity to earn extra money, but will do so under the condition that the additional work will not disturb measured, habitual way of life - he will not be overstrained.


Sexuality named Paul

In the arsenal of Paul's entire set glamor women: always well-groomed, dressed with taste, charming, endowed with attractive and well-mannered.This man knows how to care for, give gifts, not petty.He is gentle, affectionate and passionate lover.Paul alien to rough carnal pleasure.He is kind, appreciates the warmth of relations in matters of sex and romantic true esthete.On a date with a woman must play quiet music, soft lights have to stand the flowers in a vase - it is important to him.

carefully selects itself a worthy woman, but unrequited love - not his destiny.Thanks to a well-developed intuition will not be able to communicate with the woman to reject it.He appreciates the love and family, but none have fervent feelings do not roll it with a career path.He is too single-minded, and most give up a favorite, if not be able to overcome this obstacle, even at the risk alone.

Paul is very jealous, even though the external manifestations of this you will not notice it is a deep and painful.He does not forgive infidelity to learn about infidelity wives, divorce immediately, ruthlessly sever all ties with her.

In his youth, Paul violent sexual life, so he is trying to raise their self-esteem, to prove to himself the presence of their sexual potential.Like all men in Paul's life happen sexy small setbacks, but for him they get the scale of this tragedy, it is vulnerable and prone to "sexual neuroses."In his intimate life must accompany women understand that separates his desires.She must go to meet his impulses and not direct his behavior.

Physical intimacy in marriage to him is important, perhaps even more than before.For him it is a prerequisite for a harmonious family relations.Poutihshie feelings for his wife, he is immediately compensated by finding a lover on the side - "for the soul."

born in the winter, Paul, carried away, can be intemperate, impulsive.It is too full of love, but the stories do not bring him satisfaction, and it is becoming insatiable."Winter" Paul married rather late, but the marriage was often not so much in love as on the calculation, although striving for harmony, he is able to balance everything, fall in love with the right woman.


Orthodox name day Paul

  • 1. January: 5, 17, 23, 27, 28, 30
  • 2. February: 2, 26
  • 3. March 1, 17, 20, 23, 29, 30
  • 4. April: 9, 19, 29
  • 5. May: 10, 16, 31
  • 6. June: 1, 4, 10, 14, 16, 21, 23
  • 7. July4, 9, 11, 12, 14, 20, 29
  • 8. August 10, 12, 30
  • 9. September 3, 5, 12, 17, 23
  • 10. October 7, 8,16, 17, 21
  • 11. November: 2, 4, 11, 16, 19, 20
  • 12. December: 5, 8, 11, 20, 28, 29.

name-Paul Catholic

  • 1. January 25, 26
  • 2. February: 6, 8
  • 3. March: 2
  • 4. June 26, 29
  • 5. October: 19, 18.


Paul: Compatibility name

very successful relationship between men with the same name can build with the woman, whose name:

Anna, Anastasia, Vera, Venus, Juliet, Dean, Inna, Elizabeth, Catherine, Zinaida, Larissa, Maya, Tamara, EllaSofia, Seraphim.

incredibly difficult and even impossible to build a relationship with Paul woman whose name:

Angela, Inga, Daria, Lily, Nina, Natalia.