The value of the name Michael

The value of the name Michael

This name comes from the Hebrew language and meaning of the name Michael - "equal to God."


1. The value of the name Michael
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4. Michael Michael: Compatibility name


value named Michael

often little Michael can be found in childrenchoir.It has excellent hearing and loves the big companies.Neither the parents nor the teachers do not have trouble with it.Misha sincerely tries to do everything right and good, in spite of the frequent futility of their efforts.But the desire of his touches and encourages others to praise and inspire.This in itself does not carry the name of Michael neither good nor bad, but its owner, depending on the circumstances, can easily be both good and bad.

Michael has a logical mind.However, to achieve the desired required of him severe strain of will and great internal efforts.Mikhail few slow in perceiving the world and the response.Thoroughly, but "heavy", he often furiously scrambling to where the majority comes easily, almost effortlessly.In the cases of Mikhail have hard times, he puts a lot, but rarely gets from their labors.He was incredibly difficult to manage to achieve recognition and decent assessment of their talents.Unrealized, "undervalued" imprint on his character and mood.Therefore, the owners of the name is often dissatisfaction with life, irritable and prone to outbursts of anger.

Thus Michael can pretty well work as a teacher, a lawyer, among them commanders often found.These men are able to quickly orient themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, has an enviable poise.One criticism not accept categorically perceive painfully react violently.

to Mikhail firmly established a comparison with a bear, a kind of good-natured bumpkin, but very clever and quite violent, if circumstances so require.It is characterized by not only a certain slowness and heaviness (not talking about the weight in the truest sense of the word), but also the duality of his nature.It is a mistake to think that his temperament is sluggish and slow movements and mental retardation.These manifestations are more external than internal.

Michael Porechenkov value named Michael vividly reflected in his good-natured, generous and love to others.They are very fond of animals, in their house have to live cat or a dog, or even together.Compassion Michael unmistakable feeling children, they adore him as their own, and the children of friends, neighbor rebyatnya.He loves to play with them, cuddle expensive toys, and generally nothing to deny.

It is a great helper in the garden, having fun romping in the ground or master something.Michael will patiently take care of elderly parents, neither of which he will not embarrass or annoy, he calmly accepts the vagaries of the elderly.He is able to treat them as little children, but because all forgive, accept graciously.

Mikhail extremely difficult moves alone, he hates him.Therefore, Michael is often a lot of friends, it is easy to communicate and fail-safe.Put up with the complexities of his character's wife is not difficult, and the show Michael the character, boycotts and arranging it for days without speaking it should not.The man in the woman appreciates othodchivy and gentleness.

Mikhail very generous, absolutely not suffer pettiness, both in finance and in deeds.He is the soul of any company, jokes, sings, dances, likes to show off, capable of grand gestures.Drinks a bit, but under the influence of alcohol with a breadth of soul can go too far, to give in a rush of feeling all that.


Sexuality named Michael

Sexual becoming Michael, like everything else in his life, has been slow.It does not keep pace with their peers and to perceive the intimate side of life begins much later than others.It often happens that the first sexual experience of Michael happens to his wife before the wedding that he was not aware of their sexual capabilities and needs.

Michaels idealize women, youth, literally worshiping the creature, praise her to the heavenly heights.As they grow, such ideas go, but the attitude of the need of care and protection for a woman not to leave Michaels life.They often overestimate the virtues of his partner, giving it non-existent properties.

These men are pretty cool, and kept in bed, though easily able to resist the intoxicating madness of erotic caresses.Born in the summer of love often reduced to a rare pleasure episodes of physical necessity."Gluttony" woman for him incomprehensible and wild.Can concessions and conscientiously perform the conjugal duty.However, in the mastery he can not refuse, it is technically literate and smart, if desired, can demonstrate sexual talents and skills to shine.

Michael, born in the winter are rarely able to endure the symptoms of love, can not stand the "calf tenderness" gentle phrases and other "nonsense."He does not understand the appointment of foreplay, categorically rejects their spread themselves, and his affection is often rough, and often painful for the woman.

Mark Michaels equally squeamish, panic fear and avoid accidental connections.Do not forgive betrayal ever.They are very patient diplomacy and respect to their wives.But those can only be a gentle and compliant women who are not rude or vindictive.

¬ęThe January" Michaels somewhat different from other "winter" representatives.Sex for them a kind of indispensable part of communication, such a trivial thing, not affecting the depths of the soul and not beredyaschaya emotions.Such men do not get married for a long time, entertainment, and fun they are easy to find in free flight, in a circle of friends and acquaintances.Over independence inherent in them and in family life.At the same time their wives they choose meticulously presenting excessive demands openly, not only at home but also in sex.However, such Michaels fairly easy in a joint life, generous with their women, not petty, and incredibly charming.


Orthodox name day Michael

  • 1. January: 3, 13, 14, 21, 24, 31
  • 2. February: 18, 26, 27, 28
  • 3. March: 2, 7, 16, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28
  • 4. April 29
  • 5. May 1, 15, 20
  • 6. June 1, 3, 4, 5, 28, 29
  • 7. July: 13, 16, 17, 22, 25
  • 8. August 4, 11, 17, 20, 31
  • 9. September 4, 9, 13
  • 10. October 1, 3, 13,14, 15, 17
  • 11. November: 2, 20, 23, 27, 29, 30
  • 12. December: 2, 5, 20, 23, 31.

Catholic name-Michael

  • 1. February9
  • 2. April 10
  • 3. May 4, 23
  • 4. June 14
  • 5. September: 29.


Michael: Compatibility name

very good gamefor Michael can make a woman bears the name:

Alina Alexandra, Anna, Borislav, Bogdan, Barbara, Venus, Wanda, Vera, Hella, Juliet, Dean Elena, Eva, Elizabeth, Lydia, Clara, Martha, Marina RimmaRaisa, Ruslana, Tamara, Nina, Seraphim, Ella, Jadwiga, Christina.

incredibly difficult and even impossible to build a relationship with the woman to Michael, whose name:

Cyrus, Oksana, Olga, Inga, Glafira, Ian.