Subcutaneous implants "Norplant": implant contraception after childbirth.

Subcutaneous implants

Implant contraception began to be used in clinical practice recently.It is a modern method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.Subcutaneous implants are small flexible plastic ampoules, which contain hormonal substances .


1. How to use contraceptive implant
2. What is the progestin contraceptive implantation "Norplant"?
3. Implant Contraception after giving birth
4. Pharmacological Effects
5. Are there any contraindications to the "Norplant"?
6. What are the side effects of "Norplant"?

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• How to use contraceptive implant

Several vials of the drug (from 2 to 6, depending on the desires of the woman and of the implant species) sewn into the subcutaneous fat located on an inner surface of the forearm (at the armpit area) under local anesthesia.Duration of procedure - about 2-3 minutes.These vials provides the body with the contraceptive effect of up to 5 years, gradually throwing small doses of hormones in the blood of women.If there is the desire to remove them may be earlier.After the capsule is extracted, which also is performed under local anesthesia on the inner side of the hand is small, unobtrusive scar.After expiration of the removal of the old implant and can immediately enter a new one in its place.

  • It is important !!!

Women using contraceptive implant method , you must notify doctors of any specialization , which she addresses !It is also extremely important to regularly occur in a gynecologist : be sure to visit his one month after installation of the capsules , and then come to accept as normal - at least once every six months .


• What is the progestin contraceptive implantation "Norplant"?

subdermal implants NorplantSubcutaneous implants " Norplant " - a contraceptive product containing only a single hormone - progestogen .

Implant system " Norplant " consists of six capsules of cylindrical shape , which are introduced under the skin of a woman in the forearm with the inside of your arm .The size of one capsule into a length of 3-4 mm and a diameter of about 2-2.5 mm.Progestogens implantation contraceptive " Norplant " can maintain the duration of contraceptive action within 5 years after the expiration of the capsule must either replace or remove .

The main advantages of "Norplant" lies in the fact that the use is implantation contraceptive hormones avoids passing through the liver, and therefore eliminates all possible hemodynamic and metabolic abnormalities that are associated with the exchange of body fat and proteins as well as hypertensive syndrome and coagulation systemblood.In addition, having as active ingredient a gestagen hormone, contraceptive implantation "Norplant" suitable when necessary contraception after delivery and during breastfeeding.

Currently there are 2 types of contraceptive implants, namely:"Norplant" and "Kapronor".Subcutaneous implants " Norplant " provides protection against pregnancy for 5 years , and subcutaneous implants " Kapronor " - for 1.5 years.

And " Kapronor " and " Norplant " entered the doctor only after a thorough examination of the woman.This doctor must have adequate practices and specialization.

Remove the system can be completely at any time when the woman wants, without waiting for the end in its validity , and of course , no later than the expiration of the drug.

• The main advantages of "Norplant":

  • 1. Long-term protection (up to 5 years) from unwanted pregnancies;
  • 2. No risk to do when using any mistake;
  • 3. High efficiency - about 99%.
  • 4. The maximum contraceptive effect of the drug after its introduction begins 24 hours later.
  • 5. The ability to remove the capsule without waiting for the end of the period of preparation.
  • 6. When applying reduced risk of all kinds of inflammatory diseases of uterus and appendages , including ovarian and endometrial cancer .
  • 7. Another advantage of the " Norplant " that postpartum contraception is compatible with the drug .

• The main disadvantages of "Norplant":

  • 1. Subcutaneous implants do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases through;
  • 2. To appoint , remove and install the system can only be a doctor or a specially trained medical personnel ;
  • 3. It is necessary to let small and unobtrusive, but still a scar after the installation and removal of the capsules;
  • 4. contraceptive progestogens implantation " Norplant " is hormonal , and therefore has all the side effects of hormonal therapy ;
  • 5. Menstruation may become longer and more irregular;
  • 6. Can be kept constant spotting;
  • 7. It takes time to restore the regularity of the menstrual cycle and a woman's ability to conceive ( period of six months or longer ) ;


• Implant Contraception after giving birth

contraceptive implantSubcutaneous implantation progestin contraceptive " Norplant " is compatible with breastfeeding.Therefore, contraception after childbirth can be carried out with it , without fear of changing the amount and quality of breast milk.Small doses of hormone continuously penetrate into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver and block ovulation .

The drug can be administered after 6-8 weeks after birth.Because of the unpleasant consequences - possible vaginal bleeding between periods , and , according to some reports , the possible emotional depression .Health hazards are not side effects , but always require a doctor's advice , and further action as appropriate.


• Pharmacological action

Mode of action - progestogen contraceptive .The active ingredient of the drug Levonorgestrel (Levonorgestrel).

The tool increases the viscosity of the uterine cervical mucus, which obstructs the penetration of sperm into the uterine cavity.In addition, the drug blocks the release of hypothalamic releasing factors (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating), inhibits the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins, and thus inhibits ovulation.In addition, the contraceptive progestin implantation prevents endometrial proliferation, which in turn reduces the amount of menstrual fluid and removes the pre- and menstrual pain.


• Are there any contraindications to the "Norplant"?

Contraindications "Norplant" Of course there are, and they are the following order:

  • 1. Women hypersensitivity to the active ingredient of the drug,
  • 2. pregnancy,
  • 3. uterine bleeding of unknown nature,
  • 4. hormonedependent cancers, including suspected similar conditions,
  • 5. embolic processes (increased blood clots in the blood of women ) and liver tumors (including , if such condition had been previously , and currently do not disturb )
  • 6. active hepatitis;
  • 7. severe disorders of fat metabolism in women.


• What are the side effects of "Norplant"?

In some cases, the use , the following side effects " Norplant " : dizziness, headache , nervousness , depression , nausea, loss of appetite, change in body weight , amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea , acne (including acne , improving oily skin , increased skin sensitivitywomen to ultraviolet rays ) .


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