Aphrodisiacs: products, essential oils and their use

What are aphrodisiacs?

Pleasure man is never enough , always want more pleasure.The most powerful helpers in this since ancient times were aphrodisiacs .So I suggest you to learn the rich world of aphrodisiacs , and fill your life more vivid feelings.



1. What is an aphrodisiac?
2. WORLD Aphrodisiacs
3. Aphrodisiac Products
4. BEVERAGES aphrodisiac
5. OIL aphrodisiac
6. Aromatic Aphrodisiacs
7. herbs, flowers, trees
8. Spoon fly in the ointment.

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What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac- A substance that stimulates sexual desire , sexual arousal causes .Aphrodisiacs got its name in honor of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

Drinks, food, aroma oils, aphrodisiacs in ancient times were shrouded in myths and supernatural existence.As part of this mystery product that includes aphrodisiacs, gave the names of mythical "elixir of love", "love potion" by wizards, magicians, sorcerers.These magical means played a huge role in the future, procreation, since children in ancient times was almost the first place for the well-being of the family.At present day an aphrodisiac - is not so much a means of increasing fertility as a way to give the brightness of love sensuality.

Convincing scientists magicity known properties of these substances, of course, impossible.They all have a logical, scientific explanation.So what are aphrodisiacs and how they act on our body?"Miracle action" aphrodisiacs justified usual chemistry.Thanks to these substances increases blood circulation, improves metabolism, quickly restored sexual performance and vitality, in general, increases the susceptibility of human erogenous zones.Take them, you feel full of energy and prone to sexual desires.By the way, the opposite effect on the libido and sexual possibilities are foods that contain large amounts of fats and carbohydrates, alcohol and fried food - they have a negative impact on the circulation.


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WORLD Aphrodisiacs

the world of aphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs classified differently .If you do a scientific approach , it should be based on the origin .In this vein, they are : animal, vegetable and mineral .

But we "practice test ", I think , is more appropriate is another, more specific and clear division :

  • 1. aphrodisiac products,
  • 2. aphrodisiacs, drinks,
  • 3. oils aphrodisiacs,
  • 4. flavors and fragrances,
  • 5. Grass and flowers.

So where can we find aphrodisiacs and how to use them?


Aphrodisiacs PRODUCTS

Seafood: Oysters, etc.

One of the most active products are considered to be filled with the power of love oysters.Legend has it that the goddess of love Aphrodite was born precisely in an oyster shell, and a well-known womanizer Casanova daily varnish 50 oysters.Many, paying tribute to the influence of the subconscious associations, note their resemblance to female genitalia.As for research, it's simple: the oysters are rich in zinc, which increases the production of sperm, the body's production of testosterone, and he is known to be responsible for increasing potency.Besides oysters have iron, which helps to "escape" oxygen through the vessels.

In addition to oysters, aphrodisiac foods - a snail , mussels , shrimp .By " product of love " even rank as sea kale .


Chocolate - a truly divine product .In its structure there are substances stimulating parts of the brain that are directly linked with pleasure, relaxation.It stimulates the production of endorphins , the so- called, " the hormone of happiness ."But unlike other products that make us "happy" , chocolate is able to fill and sexual energy.
It concerns not only pure chocolate, but also chocolate beverage, in particular cocoa.


aphrodisiacsThis product is not for nothing that the French love so much .Asparagus - a rich source of vitamins B6, C, A , fiber, potassium , thiamine and folic acid , which have an enormous impact on the production of histamine in the body , and accordingly, the ability of a man to achieve orgasm.


I was in the " history" of avocado one period when consumption of this fruit was strictly forbidden by the Spanish Catholic priests .Such attention of the Church he deserves his sexual outer form .As for the truth, Avocado well as asparagus, full of vitamin B6 , folic acid and potassium - that is,trace elements conducive to orgasm.


Passionate Italians are well known features of this green spices accelerated heartbeat.Basil is an incredibly useful product fortified surrounding its wonderful aroma.In Italy, it is very popular, and is a frequent ingredient in various sauces .


Yes, garlic.Oddly enough , but the value of this product is much higher rejection of its smell .The fact that allicin is largely helps circulation, which stimulates the genital area .It is clear that , after eating garlic , you are unlikely to cause sexual partner in the mood.But if you enjoy it alone for a beautiful romantic dinner " gourmet " - savor its continuation can be quite disheartening.

Garlic , with its specific aroma , perfectly able to replace and less provocative aphrodisiac foods .By "hot" stimulants also applies chili pepper , due to its ability quickens the heartbeat and increases the speed of blood circulation .However, excessive use can cause severe irritation.Therefore, " pepper " Be careful .


In avocado, the list of fruits that can stimulate sexual desire, not ends.Besides him, aphrodisiac products - it's also bananas, rich in B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, minerals that increase male libido;strawberries, having the shape of the heart, and comprising vitamin C and potassium;figs, which due to their properties, even in biblical sources is positioned as the fruit of love and fertility.Undoubtedly, banal eating bananas will not cause an erection, but the way the body adjusts to the appropriate way, will help him to "work like clockwork," if necessary.


It is believed that all of the nuts have blessed effect on the sphere of love.However, against the background stands out almonds containing high doses of vitamin E, and magnesium.Complementing these products are aphrodisiacs and walnut nutmeg and pine nuts .


The benefits of this product , you can talk for a long time .But valuable on the love front is the high content of boron in honey , promotes the development and activity of estrogen and testosterone , and other favorable vitamins and enzymes.


It is known aphrodisiac truffles .Explained their action musky odor , possessing stimulating properties that make the skin more sensitive to the touch .In addition to the menu of love sought and morel mushrooms .
Products Aphrodisiacs
In addition to the above , distinct stimulants , in the category " food aphrodisiacs ," and many others are included , in particular :

  • 1. raisins,
  • 2. Pumpkin (often form "gourd")
  • 3. The birds' eggs,
  • 4. testicles of wild animals,
  • 5. Eggs,
  • 6. fish (trout, salmon)
  • 7. broccoli
  • 8. carrots,
  • 9. pineapple,
  • 10. Vanilla,
  • 11. celery,
  • 12. artichoke,
  • 13. ginger,
  • 14. coconut,
  • 15. sesame seeds,
  • 16. coriander
  • 17. Even the aloe plant.

All these products are in varying degrees, contain substances useful in the sexual sphere .Although their impact in the long run can be compared with the effect on the body and a normal healthy diet containing no trace at all stimulating .Though some still feed aphrodisiacs in pure form, if frail health , poor health , reduced overall vitality , sense from them is , as the saying goes , " a penny " .



  • 1.Wine- A powerful aphrodisiac.It is important to be sure the wine grape was a natural , and only in small doses , otherwise the risk of getting the opposite effect.
  • 2.Coffee.This drink has a strong stimulant , aphrodisiac effect.To improve the properties of coffee can add cinnamon and brandy or ambergris - whale aphrodisiac and medicinal substance .
  • 3.Hot chocolate.Action drink even more active than in dark chocolate tiles.The benefits of cocoa also mentioned above .
  • 4.Teas.We have in mind not the usual teas , simply increase vitality , and teas with herbs , spices and honey.In particular : cinnamon , saffron , green cardamom , cloves , ginger, ginseng root .Well up to the task and the usual green tea, if you add to it mint and thyme .


OIL aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs Oil

  • 1.Olive oilIt possesses invaluable qualities , including stimulating libido.It is used not only for food.Even greater efficiency is noted for its use for cosmetic purposes , in particular for a massage.In this case, it can properly act as a stimulant .
  • 2.Essential oilsgreat aphrodisiacs stimulate blood circulation , increase the sensitivity and improve skin condition.Essential oils aphrodisiacs for men and women differ .During the massage for men is more suitable mix: clary sage , white Santalum , ylang-ylang, ginger.A greater effect on women have : jasmine, rose , white Santalum oil of ylang-ylang .


Aromatic Aphrodisiacs

  • 1. Aromatic aphrodisiac used in mixtures of spirits that can reinforce the desire .In order to " stimulate " the men usedAromas: sandalwood, cedar ylang-ylang and patchouli. scents: rose, jasmine, sandalwood and bergamot.
  • 2. Special mention deservesAromatic aphrodisiac Neroli.So called oil extracted from orange tree flowers .A lovely floral scent of neroli suitable for bathing, is used for perfumes.This fragrance is able to give confidence , thanks to its ability to reduce anxiety and exciting effect.
  • 3. The third position is sensationalambergris( whale substance) .Due to its properties , it is an ingredient known for its exciting capabilities , perfume "Chanel №5».


Grass, flowers, trees

  • 1. In the first place -rose.It is actively used in perfumery , cosmetics and cooking.Substances found in rose petals , stimulate the production of endorphins - " happiness hormone " .
  • 2.Jasmineis a component for the composition of perfume "Chanel №5», is often added to Chinese tea .His agent , like a rose , increase happiness and confidence.
  • 3. Flowers and a rootirisAlso popular aphrodisiacs .Its flowers are used to flavor , " tickling " feeling , and the root - for soft drinks .
  • 4.SageIt is known for its ability, to give vigor and passion.
  • 5. Flowerorchid- The oldest flower joy of love.
  • 6.Yohimbe- The so- called African tree bark is used in the recipe " drink of love" or simply added to teas and infusions , to stimulate the male power .


myths about aphrodisiacs

A fly in the ointment.
The collapse of the myths about aphrodisiacs.

On the exciting properties of the above products and substances are still ongoing disputes that give rise to new myths and misconceptions .Many dispute the value of all aphrodisiacs.In some cases , the title of " products - aphrodisiacs " is really undeserved , for many reasons .What is the point of view to give preference to - you decide.But the allegations have grain of rationality , or simply myths funny , I 'll introduce you yet .


Stimulative effect of oysters are often explained by the fact that they are hermaphrodites , that is, being bisexual , and hence carry twice the charge of sexual energy.Questionable statement , because if we take this into account , the eating of shellfish can cause non-traditional sexual orientation .The truth is: not true neither the first nor the second .

Fish dishes

Even the doctors of ancient Greece to restore sexual strength encouraged the soldiers to eat more fish.Perhaps , then I was born the myth that the potency of good seafood .However, according to research , the residents of coastal areas, which fish in the diet - the main course , feel sexually worse than the inhabitants of the plains .Such is the sad conclusion.Probably yet wiser ancient philosophers of ancient physicians, and the truth for the first expression : "Everything is good in moderation ! " .

Spanish fly

How much noise at the time have done these small biting insects in Spain.The legend of " chudodeystvii " " Spanish Fly " , presumably originated from the descriptions of the adventures of the Marquis de Sade , who once wandered into a public house and wine opoil flies with prostitutes .After that they allegedly seized with such intense heat that they povyskakivali the street and literally staged a hunt for men.

Initially, the Spanish fly was used solely for the animals fed breeding bulls , cows so that they covered as much as possible .However, due to multiple side effects bulls ended its short-lived life in a slaughterhouse .Dried bugs in the last century , some doctors prescribed as a diuretic and stimulating people.Of these, ointments produced various excitatory and lapping until until scientists have discovered a real danger of these means.

Stormy psychophysical effects cantharis the body really was confirmed even by modern scientists .That's just the flies were under fully stuffed with Kantaris - a powerful poison that in large doses causes vomiting , dizziness, cramps , and even death.If you take it in small doses , it is as a result - irritation, itching and mild hallucinations .Agree, to the delight of things , generally do not have a relationship .

If " markizovskaya history" has the real event, even scary to imagine what seemed opoennym bedolazhkam , after the adoption of a potent poison , and even wine .In addition , the effects of fun , unfortunately, have not been described in the literature .And it is worth .

Scientists have studied particular impact on sex life cantharidin, the active substance contained in the gonads and the blood of some insects that live in Spain and other southern European countries.Besides that cantharidin is toxic, revealed the following: irritating the delicate fabric of the walls inside the urethra, the substance makes it more sensitive and at the same time, painful and soaked with blood.Such physical condition, in fact, causes an erection.When there is an emission of semen, irritation wanes, but only for a while.An erection is repeated once again enhanced inflammation.But man, not suspecting the true causes of what is happening, comes just in awe of their own sexual power.One would think: well, let, however.Studies have shown that this inflammation after some time passes, first on the bladder and then the kidneys.As a result, if you do not use during medical care of passionate lovers, men become sexually disabled.

Bullish or lamb testicles

food aphrodisiacsThis dish for three centuries is a must for the menu aristocrats in Europe.In restaurants, they now offer a taste men who want to increase their own sexual power.Waiters even explain the positive patterns associated with high male hormone testosterone delicacy - not sovrut.The testicles of calves and sheep is really the mass of testosterone has beneficial effects on male potency.However, similarly to enter the body testosterone impossible - it is destroyed by the heat treatment.This means those who have the "aphrodisiac" helped, thanks for this must be solely because of their self-hypnosis.This brings to mind a popular phrase that erogenous human brain - a brain?


Anyone who thinks that alcohol increases the potency , deeply mistaken .This would happen only in the initial periods of drinking.But even then , signs of increased potency is short-lived, and in addition, in the future will inevitably give way to a marked decline in sexual desire .In the case of long-term alcohol consumption - is guaranteed by the weakening of erection and serious sexual disorders .

As for conclusive evidence of increased sexual forces, when alcohol is used, the explanation is simple.The thing is, what kind of alcohol and the quantity used.For example, small amounts of high-quality aged red wine, in fact, be useful for men and more.If the wine is consumed from time to time, a little bit, for example, during the dinner, - it increases the tone of the body of any person, can improve the health of the immune system itself (it does not apply to pregnant women and children!).As for frequent or abundant libations, even the most high-quality beverages - is exactly adversely affect the potency, especially in men who are over 30 years old.

French scientists conducted an experiment at all , which confirmed the harmful effects of alcohol on male sexuality .Scientists have found that the first time , even in large amounts of alcohol does not cause harm to the potency and even some increases male sexual activity.However, after 6 months, the problems begin , to start , with the slowdown of erection, and then - " on an inclined ."

According to experts , the process of sexual " degradation " may last a year or more quietly , but in the end - the continued perceptible delay ejaculation.Then there are the consequences of the impact of alcohol on the nerve centers of the brain that control erection problems worse and delay eyakulyantsii join issues with the erection.The process is developing rapidly : waning libido , and , soon , the ability to have sex completely disappears .

Champagne - Aphrodisiac

Champagne - AphrodisiacBut there is a nice scientific news .Group volunteers have offered to try a glass of French champagne , after which they took the blood biochemical analysis .The study results exceeded all expectations : after receiving the champagne , just an hour levels of androgen - male sex hormone , jumped as much as twice!

A deeper study of the process showed that the natural mixture of grape fructose and carbon dioxide - is the way champagne, has a specific effect on glandolotsity - stomach cells that are responsible for the digestion of food .But because these cells very much, and the real work will usually only a third of them , and the others are resting , champagne explosive mixture acts like a small explosion .Its fine bubbles manage to reach every cell and make it work .

In response to an increase in the stomach enzymes and their level jumps in the pancreas responsible , among other things , and for the production of hormones .It has accordingly increased production of androgens , adrenal glands and testes to respond .As a result , an increase of two to three times the male sex hormone in the blood , which in turn increases the flow of blood in the tissue of the penis and enhances erection respectively.

Who decided that the champagne may be replaced by sweet drinks such as cola , because it is also available , and carbon dioxide and fructose - is deeply mistaken .Synthetic fructose, has a very different chemical properties and completely useless as an aphrodisiac .
And a word of warning for those breakthrough " inspired ."After the fourth glass of rapidly increasing levels of alcohol in the blood , accelerates metabolism, and androgen, as a result , will break up much earlier than you would have had time to get to bed .

Vitamin E

Some Internet sources just teeming with advice to take vitamin E and products containing it in large quantities.On the sexual life is supposedly a beneficial effect .But it is an absolute fallacy , unfortunately.His birth of this myth is obliged to misinterpretation of the results of the experiment on rats .Of these, vitamin E diet excluded for quite a long time, as a result, no longer proliferate rats .But not because vitamin E effect on sexuality - she has absolutely nothing to do with .

Raw eggs

Some people believe that raw eggs a beneficial effect on potency.However any substances which might affect the potency , in eggs simply not contained .Another thing is that the egg itself is a complex of vitamins and sufficient caloric , which are able to activate the body's .Incidentally , in this regard , any significant difference between raw and boiled egg is not.

Powder Yohimbe tree

Patented medicines is called "Yohimbine".However, let no one deceive you, this "semi-official" means.In Cameroon, the natives for centuries have used extracts from tree bark yohimbe, in order to enhance the sexual feelings of sexual arousal and erection call.The fame and even some industrial scale means received in the last century.But soon the boom of the verse, and especially about the reasons did not apply.It turned out that this means, in addition to enhance potency and has a spectacular side effects, in particular: possible eating disorders, the appearance of colic, stomach pain, severe hemorrhoidal bleeding, salivation and redness."Yohimbine" categorically contraindicated for people with alcohol dependence, as well as for all chronic and acute inflammation of the pelvic organs.

Parsley root, "satyrs root", mandrake root and a whole list of plants with alleged exciting properties that are perceived to be only due to its shape reminiscent of the male or female genitals."Satyrs root", for example, in the list of assets that increase male sexual power, only because it is similar to the male testes.Parsley root, for example - "known accomplice of" sexual life since ancient times advised his men.The only pity is that, with the passage of time has been lost significant addition of the council - exactly how the root of this, it is best to tie ...


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