That the coming year?

Epiphany divination

Divination by Baptism - is an old tradition, still preserved and absorbed the customs since pagan times.Want to know what will in the near future?In what month is best to plan a vacation?What will the weather in the coming year?Whether your desires are fulfilled and reincarnate whether long-term plans?Awesome!Let's tell fortunes!Besides divination Baptism - is the last opportunity to reliably find answers to your questions.



1. When is the best reptile?
2. Epiphany divination FUTURE fourteen methods of divination future
3. Epiphany Guessing on request: four methods of divination to the wishes




has long been believed that the best timeto lift the veil of the future - this yuletide.Svyatka and divination - integral parts of the winter holidays.The presence among the living supernatural spirits, according to popular views, providing a glimpse into their future.Christmastime, the Holy Supper, called two weeks of winter holidays of Christmas, beginning January 6 - Christmas Eve and ends on January 19 - Epiphany.Therefore, I propose to use the last auspicious day and ask the spirits about their own future!

Should I trust in modern times such beliefs?Is it, in an age of prosperity science Epiphany divination have any meaning?How do I know? .. Although, as you know, the result of any fortune-telling is more dependent on your faith in them.Previously, they firmly believed, and the prediction came true exactly.If you believe - you yourself are setting yourself on the right way themselves unconsciously embody conceived in life, and, therefore, all uniquely fulfilled!

Only after divination do not forget, be sure to bathe himself with water, or holy water - is not just a tradition of Epiphany, that you wash off sins because guessing - it's always kind of collusion with the evil spirit.


Epiphany divination FUTURE

Epiphany divination method first. To initiate a baptismal Ouija adventure, that's what you need to do: at midnight in the beautiful and volumetric cup to pour clean water, then pour the protein of raw egg and leave the resulting rastvorchik somewhere in an inconspicuous place.And, exactly three hours can not look into the cup.Therefore, you should try to time of anxious waiting something to do, but it is impossible to guess, in any case.When the same position three o'clock expire boldly look into the cup, and consider what form of acquired protein.That she will tell you about your destiny in the coming year.If the egg white, for example, turned into a gate - so you definitely expect changes in the career field.If it shows a heart - to know you certainly will love this year.But if the cradle ... you know exactly what you shine.

second method. you want for the next year to do the weather forecast?It's very easy.It will take just a little more onion.Take it, and cut into 12 pieces smooth, lay on the Boards in the ticker.These parts bulbs symbolize the month in the coming year (January, February, March, ...).Then the bulbs must be evenly sprinkle with salt and, after a few seconds to see what happened if the droplets were, then, a month will be wet (rain, snow, storm);If chive remained dry, then the corresponding month will be dry and sunny.

third way. To know the future, you can tell fortunes after moonrise on wax.Guessing can be both one and the company, but each participant must have his own candle.The spark plug should melt in an iron pot, and make a something for the future safely start guessing.Melted wax is necessary to slowly pour into a bowl of water, wait until the wax hardens completely, take it in hand and try to interpret the information, considering the resulting figure to the back side.

divination Baptism fourth method. There is another guessing on Baptism for the coming year with the help of wax.It is necessary to melt the wax in a mug, pour the milk into a saucer and put at the threshold of the house or apartment, these containers.Out on the threshold, uttered the following ritual phrase: "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold of milk to drink, eat the wax."During the last words of pronunciation have to pour the melted wax into the milk.Then, carefully inspect what form took the wax in milk.Often the value of the figures is interpreted literally, assuming what it looks like.But there is a "standard", the generally accepted values ​​of figures:

  • 1. If the wax is frozen in the form of a cross - it foretells some kind of disease in the new year.
  • 2. If it just seemed cross, but the shape of fuzzy - that your financial affairs in the coming year will not go very well, and the personal life will result in trouble, but the benefit is not too serious.
  • 3. If the shape looks like a flower - get married or find a favorite.
  • 4. When will the beast, beware: you will have the foe, and, worse than an animal, the more dangerous foe.
  • 5. If the wax drip strips - in the coming year you are coming road crossings, the length and the number of bands also will tell you the duration and amount of these roads.
  • 6. If the wax went asterisks - expect good luck in the service, academic excellence.
  • 7. If wax forms are human figures - you are lucky, you will find a true friend.

fifth method. You can try your fate to ask that most concerned, as follows.Take a very ordinary piece of paper and fold it so that the remaining quarter of the sheet, draw 15 circles, and a half centimeters in diameter.These circles have to enter the numbers, respectively, from 1 to 15. Now take a needle in the arm or a match, make a specific question, and, eyes closed, concentrate on it as much as possible their attention.The question should really be specific, for example, ask for will come true if your heart's desire, whether to wait for promotion, if you are lucky in love, etc.

Without opening his eyes, take over the scheme with the numbers a couple of laps and hand poke at random.Opening his eyes, look at some of the figures was made by your unconscious choice.Now it can be interpreted.If your hand is hit into the gap between the numbers, then it's not yet time for the answer to this question - the situation does not yet have a specific development.But if your hand hit a certain number, the answer can be specifically decipher:

  • 1. - a carefully planned action can lead you to success;
  • 2. - you need to wait, soon you'll be sure to get what you want;
  • 3. - any temporary obstacle, do not be discouraged, be persistent, "knock - and open";
  • 4. - in this case you certainly are lucky;
  • 5. - No do not insist, Destiny prepares you to something better;
  • 6. - most importantly patience, not all at once, and correctly calculate their potential;
  • 7. - should send his thoughts in another direction, do not waste your efforts in vain;
  • 8. - you can safely count on it, but act wisely;
  • 9. - unfortunately, your desire to exercise in full is impossible;
  • 10. - yes, if you can help others;
  • 11. - soon, Fortuna gracious to you;
  • 12. - yes, but it will happen, when you least think about it, the least expected;
  • 13. - you do not have to please: Get this, you immediately want to do more;
  • 14. - raise this question it is too early;
  • 15. - yes, if you rethink your own behavior.

Remember also that to ask twice about the same should not be, and the issue should be only one - not the wrath of destiny - the answers to repeated desire, like the second will be deceptive.Therefore, carefully weigh what is best to ask at divination Baptism.

divination on the water sixth method. To find out what the new year will bring, conducted such Epiphany divination: pour water into a shallow bowl or dish and make it to the porch, leaving there on Christmas night.In the morning I looked at the ice if he reared up - coming year will be good if frozen exactly - the year will be calm if waves - will and happiness and sorrow.And if the water in the tank vymerzli the hole - should be prepared for a bad year.

method seventh. Night Baptism take a pair of transparent glasses and one of them pour spring water.Stand in front of the window, and exactly 13 times in the first cup in the second, and vice versa, pour the water.Leave it up to the window in the morning and at dawn see if the water is turbid, then nothing good coming year you do not portend.If the water remains clear and transparent, - then you're in luck, and this year the fate favorable to you.

method eighth. If, during the Christmas holidays, you are together with friends, and have not spent the next divination, be sure to use them for Baptism.Take walnut shells, cut across the candle wax into small pieces, put them in the shells, and empty swimming in a bowl filled with water.Then each girl carefully lights his candle in the "boat", and watches.If someone was drowning candle, the girl walking on the shelf, until the end of century;one in which the candle will burn down soon others will be married before all.

method ninth. learn what married life will be at the following fortune-telling.Wax church candles need to sculpt figures of two swans.Winch colored blush, but the swan is white.In the morning swan with winches, dipped in a bowl of water and covered with a scarf, leaving for the day.And before bedtime, look like a swan swimming with a winch.If together - hence, a married life will be love in the agreement;if the Swans went apart - so live it at odds with each other, the family will be disjointed.

method tenth. interesting to know that you can guess, of some form of candles.If the candle twisted - it is used in divination fate.According to the white church candles - learn about the favorite, and the needle on the candle natsarapyvayut name of the beloved.By candle in the shape of a house - guess on relatives and home.Once you have chosen the form of candles, you are interested in, alone, focus, light it and watch the flames.

If the candle steady and quiet - it promises good luck and all the best.If the candle flame varies, forked tongue of flame, - wait for trouble.If a candle suddenly went out, - an omen of turmoil, fatalities, blows of fate.

Gaden Epiphany method of eleventh. If you want to know how to solve, your burning issue at the moment, proceed as follows: on the surface of the mirror write white church candle that very question, wrap the mirror in a white cloth, and put it before going to sleep under his pillow.It is necessary to lay fresh linen on the bed and very bathe and put on clean clothes.In the dream, you definitely have to answer the question, dressed in a certain symbolism.Do you dream of a possible resolution of the problem, you may hear or see the answer, true way out of the situation.

method twelfth. judge the near future can be for divination "sunbeam".To do this, use a small mirror, one that easily fits in the palm of your hand.The reflected light beam should be sent on a flat, white surface of the ceiling or wall.The shape formed by sunbeams and figures on how the figure moves and predict the near future.You can make a particular question and get an answer, either affirmative or negative.Negative - if the figure is a blurred and elongated shape, hence the desire to be fulfilled.A positive response, and confirmation that the hidden will come to pass - if turned round, rich colors and with clearly defined edges.

method thirteenth.Similar Epiphany divination performed in solitude and silence, or simply guessing will not take place.On the eve of divination should refrain from salty foods.To prepare the evening a large round mirror, a glass of water, a saucer of salt, and two church candles - that is all that is necessary for divination.After midnight, the mirror is placed on, is not covered with a cloth table, mirror painted thirteen crosses.On both sides of it, and set candles lit cooked.Then sit down and recite the spell: "Mirror - the lake, the fire - the power of salt - tears, tell me what awaits me in the future."

This spell must be repeated thirteen times.Then eat a little salt and drink a glass of water.After performing all the above conditions, peering intently into the mirror surface.It should appear different visions.However, if you did not see anything like this in the mirror, do not be discouraged, do not worry, just go to bed soon.You can dream and see their future or simply a prophetic dream.

method fourteenth.Next guessing on Baptism, quite common and many people know.For it would need two candles and two mirrors.Sitting on a low stool, must be on the table at eye level two mirrors necessarily different sizes.A large mirror placed in the back of Gad, and the smaller mirror - face to guess at a distance of half a meter from the first mirror.Thus, Gad, between the two mirrors appears.

also necessary to achieve parallelism of the mirrors, one in which from behind, to be reflected in another of at least 12 times.Around the middle of the intermediate distance from the mirror to the right and to the left, put two candles, and so that the eye did not get their direct light.Conduct guessing, preferably in a darkened room, in complete silence to concentrate can be undisturbed.

now need to think about what you want to see.Perhaps this should be the fate of a loved one and your relationship.Did you ask the mirror your concerns, for example, what will the coming year, he expects it to you or your loved ones.The main thing - to articulate the theme that interests you.Try to focus, and wait patiently for what happens next.

Initially, you should see the suite of mirrors or a long corridor illuminated.If you keep your eyes and not be distracted by the illuminated area of ​​the corridor, soon in your field of view will be something like a fog, some shaky veil - this means that you will soon see in the mirror of a mysterious vision, serving as a response to your questions.This kind of situation can be associated with someone who you care about, static image or, on the contrary, life scene.Vision, as a rule, clearly linked to "specify" the mirror in question.


Epiphany divination on the desire

Divination by the desire method first. find out whether your desires are fulfilled, and get the right answers to the questions as follows.There is only one "but", questions and desires should demand an answer, which is expressed in figures.For example, after many years, you get married, how many children would be in your family, how many years you work in this position, and more.Or you can make a wish and ask whether it is fulfilled, waiting for an answer "yes" or "no."

For this divination Baptism should be half-filled glass of water and slowly lowered into a wedding ring, mounted on cotton yarn.But to get a ring of water should not, stop him centimeters above the water level 1 - 2. When you are ready, you can ask questions, it is required to do out loud.The exact figure, symbolizing the answer is known by the number of strokes on the wall of cup rings.A positive answer to your question about whether the desire will come true - is recognized by the presence of these attacks, in principle, respectively, if the ring will stop - then the answer is no.

Perhaps first you would think that such Epiphany divination produced and continue to speculate in this way is meaningless, because the question asked should not be any answer - ring remains stationary.However, do not worry ahead of time, do not worry, you should just concentrate on the lower ring of a few minutes in the water and also to direct his gaze.At the end of these manipulations - bravely try to start a divination.By the way, this procedure, that is, wash with water rings, should be carried out before each new issue.

second method.There procedure easier.For this divination Baptism you will need paper strips necessarily the same size.On these sheets to write questions that interest and desire that you want to implement.In broad bowl randomly placed all these strips, and then it is poured into water.First strips of paper zakruzhatsya in the maelstrom and will gradually come to the surface.If the strip came out first - this means that the wish will be granted, or question, it says a positive response.Desire, later surfaced - require a lot of effort to implement, and the answer to the question - more "no" than "yes."

third way.