Psychological test kindness.

Psychological test kindness

seemingly simple question: Are you a good person?Everyone knows the answer.With the answer to it, each of us faces every day in every situation when good when evil ....Well, if the whole thing to you more?And the same as if the opinions of others about your kindness and responsiveness to your own opinion?So whether you are friendly or irreconcilable really?

you want to find out - go online test kindness.Free and simple test for the goodness that will help you discover new facets of your personality.Perhaps passing the test for goodness online, you learn about yourself something new, to see themselves from a completely different side to amuse your self-esteem, or want to change.

Answer the test questions on the kindness by writing an appropriate response scores affixed in parentheses.

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test for goodness


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test kindness and compassion

  • 8-10 points. If we evaluate the test results on the kindness of a percentage, you can say that you are 100% dobryachka or good-natured.You are kind, sensual, careful, and certainly, like you around.However, you will still not worth it to try to please everyone all bestow benefits and maintain good relations with all.Firstly, will not please everyone!And secondly, your kind, and strives to use "who no hitting."You should not "squander" the kindness to undeserving people so easily give up and harden.It is better to have reserved his most unselfish acts for the friends and relatives, and the rest - "betray" in doses and for good reason.
  • 4-7 score. you quite a good man, but your kindness shown only occasionally.You can do anything for friends and relatives, and other people politely ignore (though at times and not always politely).This is not so bad, but perhaps you should try to keep themselves more friendly with everyone to not be offended.To help everyone, of course, not necessary, but to show compassion and empathy - the most it.
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  • 0-3 score. surrounding you often think of this cruel boy.Communication with you occasionally makes it difficult even for the family and loved ones.You do not want to go into other people's problems, to spend themselves on other people's experiences.To assist you often too busy, "Who would help me?" - This position is closer to you.Although you may have a few opportunities to really help, but then you need to understand that a good word, empathy and sympathy for elementary, sometimes better than any material support.However, you are peculiar manifestation of the genuine altruism and kindness to the "capitalized", but such outbursts have several confused (maybe you just feel shy to hear "thank you" to your address or you do not believe that this is possible).One way or another, but you can not hurt to be kind, then you will be much more friends can make your life more interesting and happier!

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