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According to ancient Chinese wisdom, moving 27 items in your own home , you can change a life .The essence of the art of Feng Shui is to create a balance of comfort around us that will ensure maximum comfort , attract luck and prosperity .It is especially important to use this centuries-old wisdom in his career , so the subject of this article - Feng Shui desktop.



1. What is Feng Shui
2. The value of the color of feng shui
3. The value space of feng shui
4. The value of the space of feng shui
5. Feng shui desktop
6 Simple Tips Feng Shui

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What is Feng Shui

According to some Feng Shui is applied, natural science , according to others - the doctrine of the mysterious , mystical , metaphysical forces.If you do not go into deep philosophy , it is the art of placing objects with the aim of improving the quality of life " inhabitants " of the room.

The art of Feng Shui - a combination of mysticism and good taste , coupled with common sense.The founder of Feng Shui is considered to be the great Chinese sage Confucius .According to the teachings of Confucius , in the world there is a force that connects people with their environment .It is called this force "chi" , literally means "energy , the spirit ," or " breathing space ."By managing the objects and things , we can satisfy both in excess of the creative energy of the room , and shut her way.

Feng Shui teaches us the possibility to surround his life welfare and comfort , and to transform the workplace into a source of success and prosperity .By placing the right jobs, staff rooms , a relaxation area , box office and a warehouse , you can improve performance and improve manageability of staff, attracting new customers and so on.

You've probably noticed how in a small , modest office or shop hard at work , rising incomes , and the owner is planning to expand .And the owner of a luxury office " brisk " area - on the verge of ruin.The reason for this may lie in the wrong room and energy to equalize the situation is enough to make a permutation banal or simple repairs.


The color value of feng shui

Feng Shui colorsThe color scheme is one of the most important elements of the workplace.Each color is a carrier of a particular form of energy .Color is not just acts on mood, it often depends on our well-being and health.

So fashionable in recent years white- black-gray coloring offices totally inharmonious .After all , in fact, in such a design is absent color.Gray- A kind of black, and he, according to feng shui, the color is not all. blackLooking at the surface that does not reflect, but rather absorbs light.WhiteIt is a neutral color, and therefore no power in itself does not carry.

By the way , a variety of bright colors too , contrary to popular opinion, affects the body adversely .Variegated colors, Not " merry ", so it may seem only at the beginning , to be in the same diversity of long very tiring.

The simplest thing you can do right , processing workplace - is to stick to color scheme"Gold"the middle , and in the literal and not in a figurative sense .Golden tones perfectly suited confidently chooseyellow, light orange and beige tones. redthe color of warm colors and soft khaki or soothinggreen- The color of young greens, the colors will attract a sense of security, confidence and joy.


The value space of feng shui

Feng Shui WorkplaceLocation desks should be diagonal and possibly away from the door .Specialists of feng shui say that sitting with his back to the door to his people attract bad luck and trouble.Often , details that seem insignificant to us , for example, an uncomfortable chair, a table with sharp corners , sharp light actually suck the energy out of us .

Correctly position the desk - this is important in the planning of your workplace.Beginners businesses need to navigate toward the east .The energy of the rising sun he promotes .Northwest beneficial for people aspiring to leadership, looking upward.Southeast attracts creative energy .A sustainable business is good for the west.Strictly southern direction is not recommended or anyone , it can cause stress and tension.

From the front door to be easily accessible and clearly visible your desktop , or luck can pass .Obstruct its cabinets , safes or massive armchairs.Create a positive atmosphere in the workplace , because , in fact , it is the key to the spiritual and emotional balance , your health.

The reason for the failure and disease can be covered in any overhanging structures - remove them , and hide all the computer cables, telephone wires and pipes for panel and rack .Their presence provokes an open outflow of money .Do not place the workstation front of the door , even in the case that its direction most favorable .This applies particularly to doors opening into the room.This is due to the attack of strong flows of energy that could undermine your health .

" Feng shui desktop " prohibits sit back to the door , this position uncomfortable , anxiety , vulnerability can attract betrayal, you can " get around " in the service or even substitute .If this condition is not possible to perform , be sure to put on the table mirror , provide an opportunity to see all incoming.

Do not sit down and back to the window , do not deprive yourself the favor of influential persons to support their own staff , not to condemn their projects to fail.If the possibility of a network back to the wall you do not, then at least close the blackout curtains window.Best position : facing the door , but diagonally , not opposite the entrance.


The value space of Feng Shui

feng shuiIn your workplace everything must be as convenient as possible .Around the desktop space is required to be free , feng shui , it is a symbol of great opportunities and prospects .His absence is likely to endanger the difficulties.

Those who work in the booth or behind a partition advise to hang a picture with views of the lake, blooming valley , that is necessary to expand the visual perspective in front of him .In a particularly crowded , bustling office recommended to put on the table any favorite or a bright object ( light , photo, picture , toy ) .Find a way to defend their personal space.

The same do if you were not able to arrange a table in a favorable Mete - retreating from danger and dysfunctional energy bright objects, favorite photos , joyful or inspiring pictures.

Place your order in the room , throw or will make in the back room unnecessary or rarely used documents and other " junk " .Goals , cluttered closets and shelves mean the inability to perceive the new , limited professional growth.

Another great way to attract positive energy - to organize a successful lighting.Table lamp is a good helper .The direction of light should be the top or side of the hand that you are not working .Lighting should be udobnm not interfere , do not cast shadows .

In a windowless room will certainly hang reproduction or photograph with the image of nature, you can also supply tank , a plant or a vase with flowers .

If brought to work in the same room with the head of the most successful arrangement of the table will be behind him.This would mean support and patronage , the person -to-face - confrontation.This technique works fine and when placed in different rooms or even floors.


Feng shui desktop

feng shui desktopMetal objects or reading lamps in the far left-hand side of your desk to attract financial success.

Photo etched on it with a successful moment of your working life activates the luck in his career.Plot table located in the far right part responsible for the family and intimate relationships , in case of problems - put in this area the image pair figures .

Rate the territory of the host's eyes before the office .It is unacceptable landfill , dirt, dead trees .Your office can have a creaking door , peeling walls, clogged pipes , dirty hallways and lobbies.None of what feng shui is not out of the question , if the room musty air, smoke and unwashed curtains , dirty windows , and other clutter.

Always keep the workplace in order and clean.Where a mess - no circulation of Qi energy .Its positive effect and, therefore , good luck , health and prosperity will not pass by you if workplace and your life will be clean and tidy .


Simple Tips Feng Shui

  • Add mirrors and light.Mirrors of feng shui - the main assistants: they reflect the energy.Their location should provide you with an overview of space around and above the head - a space for the movement for the development of ideas.Recommended mirrors in the frame, with crisp, clear reflection, preferably circular and oval.Do not place mirrors opposite each other, otherwise the energy will bounce back and forth.Do not place a mirror in the bedroom, especially the bed you sleep or reflected: dream exempt negative emotions that are reflected back to you, at best, you just do not wake up rested.
  • Crystal amplifies energy and improves the life of the space around them .To spice things up , such as a love relationship can place crystal items for relations .
  • Bells attract positive chi.
  • Symbolic " duets " good influence on the positive development and the stability of his personal life.Objects in the house should be paired : double candleholder , portraits of couples , and romantic scenery.