What to cook for Christmas: 12 dishes for Christmas

12 dishes for Christmas

Before the Nativity of Christ left nothing at all , and it's time to be determined by hostesses which to prepare meals for the Christmas table, than to entertain friends and family this holiday .If you still do not know what to cook for Christmas, we will facilitate your problem - we offer 12 recipes for traditional meatless dishes on Christmas .



  • Christmas Traditions lean TABLE
  • 12 dishes on CHRISTMAS

1. Kutya, kutia
2. Uzvar
3. vegetable soup
4. donuts
5. garlic-onion gravy for pampushek
6. Stuffed cabbage with millet and mushrooms
7. Fried fish
8. Bread
9. Dumplings with cherries

table for Christmas
  • Salad for Christmas:

10. Christmas "Olivier"
11. Vinaigrette
12. Salad for dessert

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• Christmas Traditions lean TABLE

Generally , it would be better to call this holiday Svyatvecher as traditional dishes for Christmas dinner prepared just for evening of January 6 .The most beautiful and mysterious traditions, rituals and signs are connected with Svyatvecherom and Christmas night , that is, from the 6th to the 7th of January.And on the table should be exactly 12 dishes on Christmas Day - the number of God's Apostles.

The main tradition of the evening - waiting like a miracle , the first star in the night sky .Especially this tradition happily accept small children constantly running crowd , along with other babies to look at the night sky , and what a delight when the amazing evening of January first appears blue , Christmas star ! .. As a child, she always seems so big and radiant , that someto the scientific point of view of the stars and planets in January did not lead astronomers all know exactly : it was she , the star of Christmas.

For today's adults, these traditions at Christmas , too honorable , because only after the appearance of the first star in the holiday begins .When the sky will be the Christmas star , the whole family can sit at the table and begin to celebrate.

Cover the Christmas table cloth light, and under it, according to tradition, it is necessary to put a little hay.At the center of the table is placed a candle in a container with wheat grains, lit, and all together to thank the Lord.If you are not particularly devout and do not know how to pray - this is not a problem: tell God in your own words what you grateful for what you have, for what He loves and protects you, and ask for health, prosperity and love for yourselfand their loved ones in the next year.Do not hesitate, believe me, after a sincere and not a learned by heart the prayers in your heart will be warm and cozy, as they say in Ukraine "zatishno."Now you are ready to Christmas dinner, which is sure to start with lean and kuti Uzvara - traditional dishes for Christmas.


• 12 dishes on CHRISTMAS

kutia Christmas

As you know , prepare for Christmas dinner should be exactly 12 dishes.And these 12 dishes for Christmas should be meatless , ie not contain meat and animal fats , and nothing from the animal world ( no milk, no cream, no eggs , etc.) .Prepare for Christmas can be a fish , all kinds of cereals, fruits and vegetables , of course.

Pamper yourself salmon and sausages can be had tomorrow and cook 12 meals for Christmas need only lean.The main rule for the Christmas table - a "poor" food, then eat your menu for Christmas is to include only the elementary, simple Lenten food without any frills.Do not worry what "of vegetarian" menu is not delicious - recipes for the Christmas table tested and perfected over the centuries and generations, so that you will be, than to please themselves and their families.Moreover, in today's world, such a menu for Christmas for us more "exotic" than the traditional diet.


• Dish for Christmas number 1: Kutya, kutia

This is the first and most important dish on the Christmas table .This dish is a must to prepare , and start dinner only allowed tasted kuti .Kutya or kutia (where both are called ) - a porridge made of wheat with the addition of poppy , raisins and honey.Since ancient times, there is aplenty of recipes kutiAnd from Barley and rice, but the traditionalChristmas kutiapreparing it on the basis of wheat.


• Dish for Christmas number 2: uzvar

Do not be afraid of this old Russian word uzvar - is not nothing but a compote of dried fruits.Uzvar - a traditional Christmas drink that can be made from a mixture of dried fruits: apples, pears, plums and cherries, and others. Uzvar currently has a nice, rich flavor, so it is desirable to cook in advance - in the morning, to the present, as it should.This Christmas drink is very good for health, so in winter it is prepared not only for Christmas, then also on Christmas Eve and Epiphany.And just like that, for no reason, uzvar - a great alternative to tea and compotes canned or cooked from frozen berries - and tasty, and useful.


• Dish for Christmas number 3: vegetable soup

menus for Christmas

At Christmas, be sure to cook vegetable soup !This hearty main dish is very tasty and without cream and meat !You can cook soup with beans , season with onion, carrot and tomato juice , stushennymi on vegetable sunflower oil.And on Christmas table can be fed soup with mushrooms , or even with sauerkraut and mushrooms - in general , there is an amateur , come any " lean " fantasy.


• Dish for Christmas number 4: dumplings

Christmas soup just can not imagine Christmas without pampushek !They are served instead of bread to the soup, but the bread on the festive table must be .Donuts - a nice round bun , made with yeast unleavened dough , and gives them a truly unforgettable taste garlic sauce - a traditional attribute of the holiday table .


• Dish for Christmas number 5: Garlic and onion gravy FOR pampushek

Believe me , it is worth to you and your loved ones just to try a bit of sugar soup with conventional donuts dipped them in a fragrant thick gravy - and you'll cook this dish is not only on holidays !Not necessarily make her rich garlic , if you do not like spicy , add the garlic for flavor only .Besides the fact that it is very tasty , it is also a great way to strengthen the immune system during the winter season .


• Dish for Christmas number 6: stuffed cabbage and mushrooms With Millet

Such cabbage rolls are another traditional and delicious meatless dishes for Svyatvechera .In fact , according to many , they are even tastier than the usual stuffed with meat and rice.


dishes for Christmas

• Christmas dish number 7: Fried fish

Remember that the menu for Christmas should be lean , so only need to fry the fish in flour, without eggs !It is easier and safer to cook pollack , whiting or flounder .


• Christmas meal number 8: BREAD

Bread made ​​from wheat flour - a mandatory attribute of the menu for Christmas.You can bake it themselves or buy in a store - it does not matter , put it on the table !


• Christmas meal number 9: dumplings with cherry

For the dumplings , you can use canned , and frozen and dried cherries .Before serving, sprinkle them with sugar - wonderful sweet dish , perfect for dessert Svyatvecher !However, you can cook the dumplings , and other delicious fillings: potatoes , mushrooms, cabbage , beans .And if you still need them for the dessert menu - make them with poppy seeds .Universal dish!Hearty , varied and original!



dishes Svyatvecher

• Recipe number 10: CHRISTMAS "Olivier"

Christmas salads - this is probably the easiest and varying from 12 dishes for Christmas.I recommend a simple but incredibly tasty salad recipe with potatoes, pickles and green peas .Cut into cubes and season with all roasted sunflower oil , it is possible even with onion and garlic .Get a very appetizing and flavorful !


• Recipe number 11: Vinaigrette

Optimal and versatile salad , especially at Christmas dinner - a delicious , meatless salad vitamin unrealistic , perfectly fit into the Christmas menu .To really do not bother , you can open a can of any vegetable salad , harvested in the summer , for example, a salad of eggplant , pepper .You can prepare a salad of pickled cabbage , adding a carrot with green onion and season with vegetable oil or marinated mushrooms or chopped walnuts .Two or three menu items may vary from year to year .


• Recipe number 12 salad for dessert

As you know, salads for Christmas, can be anything, as long as meatless, and preferably without exotic products (such as pineapple, kiwi, bananas, etc.).For dessert you can use apples, plums and other fruits, tucking their caramel syrup or melted in a pan with sugar water.To spice in sweet fruit salad is perfect to add a rowan berries and what your heart desires!Time does not stand still, so any menu can be improved by adding, for example, in a salad, made with his own hands, or chocolate from cocoa beans - this does not break the tradition, because it is not butter and other prohibited products.


12 dishes for Christmas dinner

The main thing is not to put on the table, meats and sausages.Their time will come tomorrow.And of course, no alcohol, although the 30-50 c.Cahors wine, even a church priest will allow a sip.Try to cook Christmas dinner right after 12 dishes - not just food, and wonderful folk, and above all a family tradition.They do not last long, despite the fact that it is 12 dishes.Borshch, for example, you can cook on the eve of January 5, like boiled vegetables for salads, cook uzvar, stuffed cabbage cheat, blind and send dumplings in the freezer.So you will be the next day only to send the blanks on the stove, cut salads, cook kutyu.By the way, to engage kutey suggested right from the morning on January 6 as the wheat is cooked for a long time.If you are a very busy woman, then discard the cooking pampushek: first, and buy them today is not a problem, will only make the gravy, and secondly, dumplings, you can safely replace the bread, making up some meatless sandwiches instead of gravy, for exampleDo putty (paste) of boiled fish with spices - fast, easy and delicious.Once a fish fry?Put on the table, herring, onion and seasoned with sunflower oil.You can even just put the fruit - is one less item.

Well , the most important - Treat Christmas traditions with respect and sincerity , and your good thoughts come back to you multiplied form good !Happy holiday , with the Holy Evening , Merry Christmas !


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