Easter table.

Easter table

for the Easter holiday, according to the usages established since ancient times, is preparing a special holiday table, called "Easter."Menu for Easter - diverse.It is based colored eggs and Easter cake, but other than that, the tradition of Easter and were allowed to eat ham, and a pig, and game, a variety of snacks, desserts and other dishes at Easter.So, what to submit to the Easter table?



1. Easter table
2. Painted Easter egg Easter cakes
4. Festive Easter
5. Easter dishes
6. Hot Easter menus




  • Easter table

Easter table mainly consists of Easter, which is made from cottage cheese, different kinds of bread Easter - Easter cakes and women, and of course, from the cookedeggs, specially dyed.

addition, the Easter table is usually served smoked ham and pork, roasted and jellied pig, roast veal, poultry, various cakes, desserts and other sweet dishes at Easter, which break their after Lent.

put on the Easter table, and various snacks, cheeses, sausages, fish and so on.According to the custom of the Easter table put as liqueurs and wines, despite the fact that the consumption of alcoholic beverages Orthodoxy does not encourage at all.


  • dyeing Easter egg

Easter eggs On the day of Easter on a platter served with painted Easter eggs.The center serves sometimes put wheat germ, symbolizing life.Accepted spread range of 12 colored Easter testicles - the number of the apostles of Christ, and one unpainted, white, placed in the center, devoting his Christ.

Tinted consecrated easter egg eat the first day of Easter, so razgovlyayas after Lent.Easter egg made not only apply to the festive table, but the entire Easter week to give each other.The egg is a symbol of old and emerging renewing life.

for coloring eggs often use onion peel, collecting it in advance with the bulbs.Depending on the color saturation peel egg coloring, can turn from light tan to dark brown.Among other things, paint easter egg and birch leaves and beet juice, and using spinach, tea, coffee, turmeric, or just using food coloring.

How and what can be painted eggs, how to make Easter decorations and decorate an Easter egg, you can read in the article: «Happy Easter.When the Easter of 2013.History and tradition.How to cook an Easter egg ».


  • Easter cakes

Easter cakes Easter traditions and Easter cakes - are indivisible.Menu for Easter without Easter cake and simply impossible.Recipes Easter cakes there are so many.Easter cakes are the most diverse and the most unexpected and recipes.Meet with a variety of recipes, how to cook a festive cake and Easter can be in the article: «How to cook Easter and Easter cake?Recipes and other Easter Easter baking ».Now we will offer you a cake old recipe and tell you as before preparing cake and Easter.

Easter cake recipe

To prepare Easter cake on the old recipe first need to make a brew for the test.Since ancient recipe, measure the weight of it as unfashionable, that is, 1 pound - is about 450 grams, and 1 cup - about 250 grams.

To prepare pour in a cup of brew 3 cups of slightly warmed milk.It is important that it was just warm, not hot, otherwise the yeast "worn out" and the dough is not "fit."This, incidentally, applies to all components, they should be neither hot nor cold, the cold dough also can not "go."Stir in the milk and dissolve 1/8 pound of yeast Stir in 4 cups of flour (flour in the original recipe should be krupitchatoy).Mix well until smooth brew, cover anything from above, wrap it and put in a warm place.While Opara appropriate, take 10 raw eggs and separate the yolks from the whites.Egg yolks rub with fine sugar - 2 cups.

When Opara good suitable, send it to the egg yolks with sugar and mixing, podsolite, add 2 teaspoons of salt and, if desired, add the dough flavor, add a little vanilla, cardamom, lemon zest, rum or saffron infused vodka.Then, pour 2 cups of melted butter and add flour 4-5 cups.Immediately pour 2 more cups of lukewarm milk and begin to knead the dough.If it proves to be liquid, add more flour.Knead the dough so that it is free from the lagged and utensils and the hands.When the dough is well mixed, cover it warmly and give it a good go.

When the dough has come good, visible holes in it, you can spread it on the table and begin to carve Easter cake.Take the form that will bake their Easter cakes, grease it with oil or inside lay a special baking paper.Fill out the form you need no more than half the dough would come to the brim.Once Easter cakes come in their forms, recovering them in the oven and bake.


Festive Easter

Easter holiday Easter traditions Easter mean cooking with natural cheese with the addition of all kinds of spices and seasonings.Cottage cheese from which to prepare Passover, first you need a good squeeze, and then put under pressure, wrapped in a napkin to accurately flowed from it all the liquid.

Any spices, such as cinnamon, raisins, almonds, cardamom and others, placed on taste and desire.Since most of the Passover - a cottage cheese, sour cream, butter and sugar, the quantity and quality, which actually depends on the taste of Easter.

All the while, kept the Passover in the cold, covered with a dampened cloth.If after that Easter would be a liquid, watery, it should again be folded in and send pasochnitsu under oppression.

Easter crude ordinary recipe

It is also an old Russian recipe for Easter.

Take curd of 5-6 pounds.Wipe it through a sieve, add the caster sugar - 3/4 cup, chuhonskogo or butter - 2 cups, and a good mash until smooth.Then, type in one egg, vymeshivaya constantly, and so only 4-5 eggs.Now you can put the vanilla, or 1 cinnamon stick, sugar istolchёnnoy, thick cream - 1.5-2 cup, and again all good rub.Add 1 cup washed and peeled raisins, sultanas, instead it can be put currants.All is well kneaded again and put into the pasochnitsu.Curd should be above the brim.Before that pasochnitsu need to impose a fine in a wet cloth, usually gauze, spreading it smoothly.Cottage cheese close the top ends of the matter so that the folds were not, put a plate on top of the stone - the press, and put in the cold at night.At Easter you can also put finely chopped candied fruit, for example, orange or lemon.


  • Easter dishes

Dishes Easter: Old recipe roll pig

roll pig with egg pig carcass flattens, remove the bones.Remove meat from the bones, clean pig offal, the liver can add more, if possible a little.All wash.Cook a few hard-boiled eggs.

Of the giblets and meat cooked beef with onion, obzharivaya it in oil (onions - optional), add the butter, bun soaked in milk and a couple of raw eggs.Now
beef placed on a layer of flattened pig, and on top of it spread slices hard-boiled eggs.Now everything is rolled up roll.Wrap a cloth roll and tied tightly with ropes and then boiled until cooked in the broth or water, do not forget to add spices and salt to taste.

the night roll placed under oppression, and served either alone or, sliced, Bay broth and cool it in aspic.

Dishes Easter: Old recipe pig jelly to the Easter table

Boil in water with the addition of pieces of pork root, salt and pepper.When the meat is ready, take out the bones, cut into smaller pulp and cook in the broth even with vinegar until the broth has evaporated.When the broth will be no more than three glasses, you need to decant it, to remove the fat, protein pull, then strain through a cloth - you get lanspik.According to the bottom of a sauce poured dish, decorate it with circles of lemon and parsley or celery, and allowed to cool until it hardens.Then, on top of a beautifully laid pork, pour again lanspikom and cooled in the cold.

Salads Easter: Cheese salad

To prepare this dish at Easter you need to grate the cheese on a large grater.Bow-turnip and a clove of garlic must be very finely chopped.You can add to a dish cooked eggs, chopped and through the grater.Salad mix and fill with mayonnaise.

now need to cut tomatoes or roses baskets and stuff with their salad, garnished with herbs and put on lettuce leaves.

Now you can cut the remains of a tomato and mix with the salad.Small slices of bread, fried in sunflower oil, and the toast, smear cheese salad with tomatoes, decorated with greenery, and spread on lettuce leaves.

Salad Easter Salad "Petrovsky»

Cut into small cubes boiled beef and prunes.Add the fried mushrooms in vegetable oil, chopped walnuts, chopped fine julienne green apple, garlic and red onions.Salad season with mayonnaise.Serve the salad can be garnished with plates edge batch strawberry sauce: strawberries, passed through a blender and strain through a sieve of seeds.

Salads Easter Recipes with chicken and pineapple

in equal amounts taken following ingredients salad for Easter: chicken, cheese, eggs, canned pineapple.All crushed, cutting into small cubes, and dressed with mayonnaise, if desired add some salt and pepper.

Salads Easter: Recipe salad with salmon

Easter salad with salmon required for egg salad, rice, salmon, cucumber.The ingredients are finely chopped straw, and dressed with mayonnaise.Served on lettuce salad bowl.

Salads Easter: Recipe salad with squid

Purify 500g.squid, boiled or roasted and chopped.Cook 3 eggs and cut chicken.On a coarse grater rub the cream cheese.Cut fresh herbs and mix all the ingredients, add salt and spices to taste and desire.In mayonnaise add depressed garlic, rubbed it with mayonnaise and salad dressing.

Salads Easter: Avocado stuffed with crab meat

Take 3 ripe avocado, canned crab - 1 bank, 20% fat sour cream - 200 gr., Lemon, dill, salt, pepper, lettuce.

Avocados cut in half, remove the pit with a spoon, remove the flesh without damaging the skin of the fruit.Avocado cut into cubes or slices.Clean the crab meat from the bony plates, and separated into pieces.The avocado peel Avocado stack layers and as much crab meat.

Separately prepare the cream: salt and pepper it a good shake up and mixed with finely chopped dill.Pour cream sauce and avocado with crab.

spread on a plate brushed, washed and well obsushennye lettuce.And they spread stuffed avocado.Decorate with a sprig of dill on top and a slice of lemon.


  • Preparing for Easter menu on Easter Hot

steak surprise

steak with a surprise necessary to take beef (rump) and separate the flesh from the tendons and veins.Chop the pulp grinder with a large grid.Chop the parsley or other herbs, capers (canned kidney olive tree), and mixed with minced meat.Add a little cream or melted butter, or just milk.You can also add the grated cheese.Season with salt, pepper and knead well from the bottom up.Sformuyte steaks, beef laying on wooden board - balls of approximately 150 grams.

surprise will Roquefort cheese steaks.Stir it until creamy, making pulp.Nafarshiruyte steaks: Mix well every steak, drag it to the palm of your hand, put in the middle of a little cream cheese, cover and roll meat in the bun.Then the balls should be lightly pressed to hamburger was not less than 2 centimeters.Heat the vegetable oil in a good frying pan, fry the steaks on both sides, then reduce heat to low, cover the pan, giving steaks steamed to bring them up to readiness.

Served perfectly suited boiled in salted water or steamed cauliflower, bell pepper and zucchini.You can cut out bread toasts, the size of the steak and fry it in butter, but that it was not too bold.

frying pan from the steaks pour red wine, or some broth.Evaporate the sauce, add a little butter and spices, remove from heat and stir.

on a plate put steak on toast, pour the sauce on top and arrange the vegetables around.

Pork chop and a side dish of artichoke

salt and pepper pork chops on both sides.Pour a little oil on the heated pan and fry chop.

Cut the artichoke in small cubes and blanch them a saucepan with a small amount of boiling water for 5-7 minutes.When Sweet brighten, put it to a chop in the pan and stir vigorously, obzharivaya it until artichoke is golden.Then podsolite and pepper it.Shifting meal in a bowl, decorate it with greenery.

Meat casserole with mushrooms

meat casserole for casseroles need the following products: pork - 250 gr., Veal - 250 gr., Milk - 250 gr., Eggs - 2-3 pieces., Mushrooms - cooked or fried - 100 gr.flour - 125 gr., onions, butter - 100 gr., salt, ground black pepper, parsley and savory taste.

meat must be cleaned of tendons and bones, chop finely or mince.In the resulting mass add the milk, eggs, flour, salt, pepper, chopped mushrooms, parsley, onions, savory.Thoroughly mix all.Put cooked weight of an oblong shape or a pan, pre-oiled.Bake casserole meat until golden brown in a moderately hot oven.Serve the casserole need cut into neat slices, and as a side dish, you can use the chips and green salad.

Stuffed chicken breasts

Make a small incision in the chest pocket, chicken breasts, with the thickest their part.Mix the butter with the spices, adding a little grated cheese.The resulting mass is put into a pastry bag and squeeze the contents into a hole in the pocket breasts.Secure with a toothpick seam to the mass does not flow out, breast roll in flour, then dip in egg-mixed raw.Then roll in breadcrumbs breast, patting them gently to lay denser breading.If you wish, you can again dip in egg and breaded them.

Fry breasts need a large amount of vegetable oil or fried.And until ready to bring in the oven.

When breast feeding should be cut obliquely, laying on a hill side dish, which is well suited for any roasted or blanched vegetables.


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