Interesting and useful options to occupy themselves, not to be bored

what to do with myself

Boredom - sometimes overtakes each individual.Some cope with it quickly, others require a search for a truly exciting experience.And a great many of these lessons - another interesting one.Moreover, all this set can be realized without leaving home.

can occupy themselves as reading and watching movies, cooking or painting and so on.How many lessons - carries instantly offers modernity.And it's not just social networking sites and chat rooms.Lots of interesting ways to overcome boredom is accessible to everyone.



  1. Method One: Intelligent
  2. Method two: Educational
  3. Method three: Interactive
  4. Method Four: Creative
  5. Method Five: Handstitched
  6. Method Six: Culinary
  7. Method Seven: Sports
  8. Method Eight: Cine
  9. Method Nine: Wardrobe
  10. Video

Method One: Intelligent

How long have you read the book?Most likely this will be difficult to remember the date.So why not "get" to the shelves with books and choose a something of interest, instead of bored.

leisure time - is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in an interesting story or a favorite author to discover a new author and read his works.


Post boring pastime can audit bookshelves.See, that is, what was once read, and read what was budgeted.Perhaps it is time for this book.Along the way, you can put things in order on the shelves, take some books and start reading each.Which one is most interested in - stays with you.

Now, choose a book, you can umostitsya in a comfortable chair or lie down on the bed, brew flavored tea and enjoy the events of the work.Time flies is not noticeable, boredom will be over, but the pleasant emotions - guaranteed.

Helpful Hints:

  • Council 1. Come to the choice of books and reading respectively.Take the time to find a product that truly captivate.Then the time will be a pleasure and benefit.Moreover, it is not excluded that from that moment you start reading more.
  • Council 2. choosing this method of overcoming boredom, do not limit yourself to just reading books.To do this, you can read newspapers, magazines, brochures and other information sources.Everything depends on what information is currently gravitate.


Method two: Educational

If bored and plenty of free time, you can take yourself so useful thing as study.

Surely you have a glimmer of thought, and have a desire to acquire new knowledge.For example, do you like to do make-up and you want to try yourself in the role of a professional makeup artist.Or maybe you are interested in nail service masters and diploma on your nails, your dream - then build courses and painting nails - the most it.


Thanks to modern technology to learn on any courses can be remotely.Moreover, such training may even be free.

be trained on selected courses by Skype or by webinar - a very simple and interesting.You will not notice how time flies.Besides hearing lectures each remote student can ask questions and interact with "classmates."

As in offline, online and practical exercises required to take exams and doing homework.At the completion of the training, each student receives a diploma.And the best graduates usually employ.

Helpful Hints:

  • Council 1. To obtain high-quality knowledge and become an expert, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of courses.It is best to start by visiting the forums to read reviews.Next is to get acquainted with the program of study in different schools.All this will help to choose the best school.
  • Council 2. Depending on the course, you may need certain materials for the workshops.Therefore, we must prepare in advance to the time of the first practice session you had everything you need to produce high-quality skill.
  • Council 3. As the Internet you can find free and paid courses, luxury and budget before you make the right choice, you must know that you will get the output and whether to pay more.


Method three: Interactive


Social Networks - that area where will not be bored!Immersed in the communication may not be noticed as the day sank.And how many interesting things happened during that time to learn.

Social networking, chat rooms - is the ability to take yourself interesting conversation with people from all over the world, make new friends, discover new countries.And all this without leaving your home.

not to say, do not ignore this method of communication.But also do not forget about the real communication.

Helpful Hint: to interactive communication was interesting and productive, pick up a pre-contingent, which you are interested.Then the time will not be boring and useful for both interlocutors.


Method Four: Creative

One of the popular ways to get rid of boredom and fun to spend time, it is to be creative.From painting to painting pictures of dishes, from the creation of albums and postcards to decorate the interior - all this and much more is available to everyone.

selecting one of the creative directions can be carried away by a long time.As a result, to obtain the author's product.

Popular types of art available in the home:

  • Decoupage - decorating boxes, bottles and containers of various beads, stones, sand, dried flowers and other things.As a result, interesting work produced original souvenirs and practical capacity - at the same time.This can be useful crafts are proud to present a dear man, and he will not stay indifferent.
  • Stained Glass - a long-standing art of ornamental patterns and designs using colored glass and paints.Independently, you can create as small decorative stained glass windows and interior, decorated glass door cabinets, for example.Today it is a popular trend in the work available for everyone.
  • 31-skrapbuking.jpg
  • Painting on glass - will entice fans of the author's beautiful dishes.Once fascinated painted glasses or dishes, you can buy inexpensive cookware and monochromatic paint it to your liking.It's simple and very interesting.Bored just do not have!For a simple concise picture quite a special marker.
  • Srapbuking - is, to put it simply, "carving on paper."The meaning of this creative class is the design of albums, books, diaries.Also, with the help of scrapbooking, you can create greeting cards.
  • Drawing - the most common art, which uses at least once each.Often people like to draw pictures of inertia, for example, during a telephone conversation.And if caught boredom - reach for colored pencils, paper and paint whatever you want.
  • modeling clay, plasticine - employment, familiar since childhood.In the process of modeling, you can forget about boredom, to find peace of mind, and even filled with new ideas.And the figure will always be ready to remind you of a good time.

Whatever creative direction you choose, it will be a good solution to overcome the boredom overwhelm thought.Especially everything you need for Sculpture, painting, cutting can be purchased at specialty stores and office supply stores.Also, art supplies can be ordered on the Internet.After some time the courier will deliver everything you need, and you can start.

Helpful Hints:

  • Council 1. time to be lost in the shuffle, and really was not boring, think about what you are pulling more - to paint or sculpt.Then choose something and create one.No need to be sprayed, because while gluing, cutting and sculpting - not really.
  • Council 2. Do not rush!It is not necessary to finish his masterpiece in one day.No need to "moonlight", it is better to continue, when the time was coming again or boredom.Then we get a decent job, and there will be a desire to do more and more.
  • Council 3. buying sets for creativity, do not take just the most complex and large.Start small, because the skills and experience needed in any case.But when you feel that it is your - are creating with the sets of any complexity.


Method Five: Handstitched

Crafts - a long-standing occupation, which in its time was one of the indispensable types of women's work.Embroidery, knitting, etc, exciting activities that you can devote your time, when it became boring.

most popular types of needlework:

  • Embroidery - decoration textiles, clothing patterns, made with the help of thread and needles.There are many types of embroidery.Every kind of embroidery in its own interest.And if you suddenly became boring, take a hoop, fabric, needle, thread and decorate your shirt, for example, or a tablecloth.
  • Knit and Crochet - the creation of products from the thread by linking them with each other by means of spokes.In addition, it is interesting and useful process, it also soothes and harmonizes the mental and physical condition.This will not be boring, and negative thoughts leave your head.
  • myagkie-igrushki-svoimi-rukami-2.jpg
  • Sewing - creating clothes.It is more complicated handmade art that require more knowledge and experience.Unlike stitch to sew garments constructed and insufficient schemes, fabrics and yarn.Therefore, if you do not know how to sew, but want - to start learning.And if you have the skills, grab a fashion magazine and begin to cut themselves a cool dress.
  • Soft toys - are not difficult and at home.For their manufacturing does not necessarily have a professional degree.It is enough to see a pair of rollers and immediately start practicing.All lovers of soft toys is exactly occupy himself when it became boring.Especially the little animals you can create from a variety of materials.
  • Weaving beads - unique handicrafts, which is performed using beads, thread and wire.This is a very exciting and diverse, as you can weave not only ornaments and decor for the interior, but also to create paintings, statues, trees, and other figures.
  • holiday toys, is actually very easy to create with their own hands.For example, Christmas balls can "sculpt" paper specially trained.A ready-made products can be painted conventional paints.Also toys can be made from a special test, and many others, are available for each and materials.You'll see how quickly replaced by boredom interests and hobbies.

This is only part of the kinds of handmade art, which are available a wide range of people.Choose your, combine and needlework.Handmade - this activity that quickly dispel boredom and sadness, and finished products are very popular.Therefore, you can not only have fun, but also to earn.For example, in anticipation of the holidays.

Helpful Hints:

  • Council 1. Many types of crafts can be combined to create a unique product.So do not hesitate to experiment.As a result, in addition, that boredom disappear, it will be possible to gain useful skills and do something "its".
  • Council 2. before proceeding to needlework, make sure you have all the necessary materials for this purpose, as well as "cheat sheets" if need help.


Method Six: Culinary

Bored?Absolutely nothing to do?And just try to prepare some special meal for a loved one.Discover new ways of cooking, especially varying cuisines.It's so interesting!


Thanks to the internet, culinary programs, commercials, and other available sources, it is very easy to cook exotic dishes to try new ways of handling and processing of food products.

cooking process so entice did not notice how time has flown.And it's nice to treat his creation of a loved one and receive compliments.

In addition, it is dull, it is interesting, it is also useful, as you develop your culinary skills and expanded its culinary "piggy bank" with new dishes.

Helpful Hint: Before cooking, carefully read the recipe, then make sure you have everything you need and only then proceed.Otherwise it may not turn out "like in the picture," which completely discourage the desire to put culinary experiments and again catch up the boredom.


Method Seven: Sports

Again, thanks to the Internet, you can turn your home into a gym.Simply choose the workout like and go!

cheerfulness, positive energy and will bring to nothing any boredom.In addition, this method is not boring to spend time improving the health and figure.One has only to start and you will not be stopped.

Large selection of training programs and areas of fitness, dance will easily choose "his".


Most popular home fitness:

  • Aerobics all kinds
  • Pilates Callanetics
  • Stretching
  • body sculpture and many other

occupy the selected program can be paid or subscribing sofree, using free access videos.

Helpful Hint: sport mode to occupy yourself when bored, was a success, prepare for pre-training: Wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear program, ventilate the room and prepare the mat.Remove all unnecessary, to avoid injury.If you need equipment hard at it beside myself, so as not to interfere.If, for example, need dumbbells, replace them with plastic bottles filled with water.


Method Eight: Cine


Favorite Movie Viewed in a comfortable environment, banish boredom and leave a good impression.

At any time of the year, watching a movie - always an interesting exercise.After all, when the plot of the film is fascinating, involuntarily feel like characters in the movie or just an observer.Catch myself on the fact that the life of one of the characters of "touches".This beckons movies.

And if enough time, you can completely relax and enjoy the view of serial movie.

Helpful Hints:

  • Tip 1 .To watch the film broke up the boredom, choose positive subjects.It is not necessary to watch a horror movie and expect pleasant emotions.
  • Council 2. Arrange the place watching a movie: Located in a comfortable chair or couch, grab a blanket, if cool brew tea.And then watch the film will be particularly fascinating.


Method Nine: Wardrobe


Bored?Why not look into your closet and organize an audit of her wardrobe.Surely there are deposits of unnecessary clothes and garments clusters are not relevant.And then came the moment when you can occupy yourself sorting clothes.

You might even be surprised at how much extra gathered in the closet, and fool you whenever there is a question: "What to wear?".Now this issue will be resolved quickly, because everything will be in sight.And all this - and just the right fashion.

Helpful Hints:

  • Council 1. that was not boring and useful, organize your closet.Sort the clothes so that it was easy to pick up kits.
  • Council 2. Turn on your favorite music to cleaning in the closet and wardrobe audit is not reduced to a boring routine.