Proven ways to wash a down jacket at home and do not spoil it

wash down jacket

Down jacket - the most popular type of outerwear.This is not surprising , because it is light , warm, stylish and affordable .His frosty winter wear , dank autumn and early spring.Easy and beautifully combined both with trendy " sneakers " and classic boots with heels .In a word - irreplaceable thing !

But once there comes a time when one realizes that it is time to wash down jacket .Some of the "default" carry it to the dry cleaners , and others think over whether you can wash at home.Here you can , with the two easiest and safest way .Importantly, do not forget about the nuances of washing and responsible approach to this problem .



  1. Method one: Manual
  2. Method two: In the washing machine
  3. Video

Method one: Manual

Modern jacket is significantly different from its predecessor - the volume enough of the heavy bristling plaschevki .

Now the down jacket has become thin , it is very warm and light .And all thanks to the emergence of new advanced materials and fillers .For example , the most popular fillings are feather pen hollofayber , padding polyester and silicone .

Upper material down jacket can be from high plaschevki - to rubberized material.

Regardless of the material manufacturing and filling every modern jacket , you can wash your hands , do not fear for the loss of its form and content.

To wash down jacket, you must:

  1. Detach the edge and everything else that comes unfastened - accessories, decorations and accessories.Then check the pockets for metal products , paper and remove them .
  2. Suitable basin or bath filled with warm water and dissolve it in liquid detergent .It is desirable that the product is suitable for washing down jackets .Learn about it you can read the label on the vehicle or ask the consultant at the store when purchasing .However, any suitable liquid detergent .
  3. In the resulting soap solution delete jacket uniformly wet it, and leave to soak for 20 - 60 minutes depending on the degree of contamination of things.
  4. At the end of the designated time , easily shuffled his hands or a brush , if appropriate .To remove the remaining contaminants can apply stain remover , but without chlorine .Selected stain remover applied to the place of pollution ( usually the edge of the sleeves or cuffs , pockets , sides and collar ) and leave for the time recommended by the manufacturer means .
  5. Wash off all of the individual contamination , gently squeeze down jacket and rinse it with clean warm water several times .
  6. Lightly squeeze , spread and spread out on top of a home drying ropes.As soon dries out a bit , the product can be hung on a coat hanger and dry until the end .It is also possible to dry near a heat source , such as near the battery jacket hanging beside her .But dried directly on the battery - it is not necessary , as may be stained .

Drying down jacket takes approximately four hours depending on the filler and the drying method .This is a very important step , which depends largely on what will happen after washing down jackets .Therefore it is necessary beforehand to prepare a place for drying and thoroughly dry it .This is especially important for pen product , because the pen is known to be the least hygroscopic properties.

During drying it down jackets can be periodically " whipping " if the need arises .As a rule, this is true for the bulk of feather and those which are " packed " tight enough or uneven.

Expert Advice:

  • Tip 1.Before washing carefully read the recommendations for the care of the product.This information is indicated on the label .This will help to choose the right water temperature and detergent .
  • Tip 2.Choosing the detergent , prefer detergent clothing.If such funds can not be found , take the liquid detergent .At the same time make sure that it is suitable for all types of material .For example, not every washing liquid suitable for feather and rubberized water-repellent fabric .Otherwise impregnation agent is corroded .
  • Tip 3.Pouring water into a bowl , make sure it is not hot .Hot water adversely affects the quality of the fabric and filler.For example, for washing colored down jacket water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.For monochromatic light products can pour hot water .But white down jacket can be washed at high temperature.


Method two: In the washing machine

Wash the jacket in the washing machine , in fact , is not complicated and safely.The main thing to do it correctly , making sure that your product is suitable for this wash .However, the majority of high-quality down jackets can be washed in a washing machine .

To wash down jacket, you must:

  1. Detach the edge and everything else that comes unfastened .Check his pockets and turn them .Buttoned jacket , small pockets and remove the product .
  2. Together with the down jacket to put into the drum 3 tennis balls to the patient .You can also use special rubber balls for washing.This is necessary for a better washing and filler in preventing churning lumps.
  3. Fill the machine liquid detergent and choose a delicate wash cycle .In some modern " stiralka " is the mode for washing down jackets and outerwear .
  4. To rinse down jacket , choose high speed .True , in some cases it is recommended to rinse in delicate cycle .In both cases, the need to rinse jacket 2 times to soap particles remained in the product .
  5. Dry jacket can be dried in the machine , if it is provided , and on the balcony , stretched and slightly beating product .This applies more to pen down jacket .Products with synthetic filling is not necessary to dry in a dryer.If dry down jacket on the balcony , for example , after washing it must be spread and unfasten .

Dry jacket again a good "beat", straighten and fasten accessories.

Expert Advice:

  • Tip 1.To avoid soap stains on the product after washing , do not add conditioner in the car .Also, try not to use powder, especially one that contains a lot of blue granules ( ballast ) .
  • Tip 2.Do not wash down jacket in the machine too often , as it will spoil its appearance.Most feather , even very expensive , after the third wash begin to lose their presentable , not to mention the vehicle.
  • Tip 3.If you are using tennis balls instead of washing , choose white balls .If those were not available, wash yellow balls with bleach , then with the powder and then rinse them well .If you do not , the colored balls are shed and thus spoil the thing.