Recommendations for washing and cleaning down jacket at home

wash down jackets

Down jacket - one of the most important things a wardrobe, because you never know what will be this year's winter.In the winter and cold weather is good down jacket warms the body and protects us from the cold.Of course, we are talking about this down jacket, not its synthetic substitutes.

The structure of this part of down jackets swan, goose or duck down, often together with a pen in a ratio of 70:30 percent.There is such a real down jacket is not cheap, but it is the ratio of down will not give you warm in the severe frosts.

Caring for down jackets must be thoroughly and carefully.Most importantly, learn how to properly wash down jacket, so as not to spoil the thing.



  1. Recommendation One: Wash down jacket in the washing machine
  2. Recommendation Two: Cleansing down jackets stain
  3. Recommendation Three: Drying after washing down jackets
  4. Recommendation Four: Shoe down jacket dry-cleaned
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Recommendation One: Wash down jacket in the washing machine


rules properly wash down jacket in the washing machine as follows:

  1. Click on the instructions of your washing machine most delicate wash program which washes at a temperature no higher than30 degrees.
  2. Wash down jacket should be buttoned and zipped, and turned inside to avoid its deformation.
  3. not load the drum has any thing, just wash down jacket and nothing more.
  4. Since Pooh is very well absorbs detergents and hard to rinse, do not give preference to powder and gel for washing or capsules.
  5. For the same reason you need a good down jacket at the end of the wash, rinse, preferably 3 - 4 times.To do this, turn the washing machine on the extra rinse.
  6. Pressing down jacket should be at the lowest speed of the washing machine, so the down is not crumpled.

Tip: To fluff was not lost in the wash drum machine let down 3 - 4 tennis balls.Choose balls for tennis with soft cloth upholstery.Spin down jacket can also be done with tennis balls.


Recommendation Two: Cleansing down jackets stain


If your down jacket has a few small spots, it is better not to expose it completely washable, stain remover and remove them.To do this, you need to expand the jacket on a flat surface, wet the stain with warm wet sponge, and then drop it on the stain remover on a time specified in the instructions.Then use a brush to rub the stain from the edges to the center, and rinse with warm water, trying not to wet down jacket strongly.

Existing purchased stain removers:

  1. Vanish enjoys popularity is not bad, good displays green stuff stains, blood, coffee berries.You can choose as a powder or liquid, but do not withdraw them from rust stains to fabric not eaten.Remember that the best spot zastiryvat immediately, without waiting for a few days.We need to pour on the stain a little Vanisha, hold for 15 minutes - 20 and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  2. good stain remover production Lithuania - Ringuva X, of which consists of a natural component - bile.This remover not contain dyes, chlorine, peroxide and solvent.It displays all types of stains.It is enough to put it on the stain for 5 - 10 minutes, so that it is not absorbed, then rub with a sponge and clean the surface with warm water.
  3. Ariel - also enjoys good reviews.Should put it on the stain for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and it will disappear.Suitable for all types of fabric and dirt.
  4. good conclusion spot stain remover contained in capsules Persil.You can pierce the capsule and apply stain remover on the stain, holding it 10 - 15 minutes, then rub with a sponge and rinse with warm water.Prints even inveterate stains.

Folk remedies and recipes from stains:

  1. Rust stains can be derived with the help of lemon juice, which is applied to the stain and leave overnight, then rinse with water.The procedure can be repeated several times to the spot finally hatched.
  2. To remove traces of grease on the down jackets, we recommend carefully rub it gasoline.On the treated area rub substance which adsorbs fat such as starch, talc, soda.
  3. lipstick stains should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  4. If a down jacket is stained with sweat or white streaks of snow salt, mix equal amount of ammonia with vodka and wipe the spot cotton swab dipped in this solution.
  5. fresh grease stain should be immediately sprinkle with salt, and a little rub, leave it for 15 - 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  6. If you notice a spot of mold on fabric, sprinkle them with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt, then dry in the sun.After that you should wash down jacket on the recommendations above.
  7. With detergent can remove stains from makeup foundation.It should be just the thing to rub in, then rinse thoroughly this place.
  8. pischevoy_led_kupitj_suhoy_led_kupitj_foto_large.jpg
  9. noticed on the feather bed chewing gum, do not worry.Overlaid gum with ice cubes in plastic bags.Froze, gum fall off on their own, or it will be easy to scrape off with a dull knife.
  10. spots on leaves or grass can be cleaned with ammonia, a small amount to be mixed with soap and water 1: 4 to clear the pollution and rinse with warm water.
  11. coffee stains derived using sprinkling of common salt, or clean warm ammonia.Wool can wipe with a solution of alcohol and vinegar 1: 1.
  12. Fresh blood stains should be washed with cold water and then with soap and water and rinse.
  13. spots of ink pens should wipe with a cotton pad moistened with drops of valerian tincture or 90 percent alcohol.

With Tip: not allow to spot long-standing, otherwise they will be harder to vyvesti.Osmatrivayte their belongings as often as possible and keep them clean, so they will last longer than you.


Recommendation Three: Drying after washing down jackets


not enough to know only how to properly wash down jacket, it is also important to dry it properly to the fluff is not lost inside.

  1. When drying down jacket in the washing machine, use the smallest spin and also vkinte the drum a few tennis balls, which do not give the feathers lose.
  2. process sushi machine should last at least two hours.
  3. not rush to hang down jacket just in case, because of its lining can be slightly damp, so let it hang on a hanger in the hallway or in the room.
  4. Dry jacket can be on a hanger, straightened shoulders, periodically removing it and whipping and kneading hands.Remember, the better you will shake it, the more beautiful it will look like then.

Tip: Down jacket can not be dried near radiators, heaters or other heat source, warm air from the pen will become brittle and will cease to warm in the cold season.Also, when drying by heat to close down jackets may form stains after laundering.


Recommendation Four: Shoe down jacket dry-cleaned


Cleansing down jacket dry-cleaned greatly save your time and effort.The ride is not very cheap, but if you are afraid to spoil the machine wash down jacket, did not hesitate.Many down jackets are water-repellent properties, which can be lost in an aggressive home laundry in the machine.In addition, if not dried down jacket, it may remain yellow stains and spots.

Pros dry down jackets following:

  1. Dry equipped with the latest technologies that allow to clean and improve the look of things, as if it had just been bought in the store.
  2. One of modern technology - a washing gently through means that do not contain alkalis and acids, good clean and prevent a fill and shrinkage down.Also, when a color wash things retains its original appearance, and the thing is not deformed.
  3. Drying occurs first down jacket in a drying drum, which retains the color down jacket, prevents drying sagging returns fluff lightness and airiness.
  4. jacket evaporated to dryness in the drying chambers on special brackets.

Tip: If you have the means better to give your jacket in the capable hands of professionals who will take care of it carefully and do not harm the properties of down.

Carry on health!