Funny limericks about Pancake Day for children and adults

ditties about Carnival

last week before Lent is called Maslenitsa, or Shrovetide simply.She said as a holiday, during which accepted to forgive wrongs and ask for forgiveness from the relatives and friends of people eat pancakes and fun.To have fun, you can read poetry, dance, sing songs and ditties.And ditties on Shrove Tuesday as before, and today enjoy unprecedented popularity among children and adults.



  1. Option 1: Couplets children
  2. Option 2: Ditty adults
  3. Video

Option 1: Couplets children

Children ditties on Shrove Tuesday - a funny and provocative,most importantly - easy to learn.They can learn how to read a poem or music, just a melody to please family and friends.In any case, the study of folk songs - a great way to supplement your child's vocabulary and prepare it for a great holiday.

Chastushka 1.


Mardi Gras, Carnival,
Give Blinky eat.Cast out from us
ride on the carousel.
Melt ice cold,
Let spring will come soon!

Chastushka 2.

I rode on Shrove Tuesday,
three sleds torn.
black horse tortured,
A cutie rolled.

Buy, aunt, my horse -
The black legs.Will
girls roll
In a large track.

Girls, Oiler is coming!
Who we ride?
have Petrunya courtyard
Sivka disappears.

I have four shawls,
fifth - downy,
not one I combat -
All of us here Bedov.

Chastushka 3.

rolls on the table.
and hot pancakes.For
window ruddy sun.
flushed it,
could drink some tea samovars five to bottom.For
window singing about spring drops,
of winter leaving sings.
I do not want to sit at home are now:
the village spring is coming.


Chastushka 4.

many times I renounce
the accordion sing songs
A squeeze here zaigraet-
How heart sit.

good accordion playing,
not playing and singing.All
girlfriend invites
But I did not summon.

Damn good not alone.Damn
not wedge the belly is not split.Without
no Maslenitsa pancakes!

My batiste handkerchief
little corner stitching
Who what character,
I - persistence.

I say battle,
I really, soldier,
For work I praise,
whole village and my father!

Boys blizzard scared,
let will sit on the stove,
We sang, we walk up
In the cold without kids!

Chastushka 5.

cat walked, sat, lay,
long awaited carnival.
sang songs, hissing, nozzles:
«not winter, and mayhem!»

under the window battery
He feline heat warms!
and hopes that - voila!
spring will come quickly!

Helpful hints: have ditties about Carnival, which can not only cheer but also to teach the child something.For example, an excellent choice of one of these ditties will:

progress Mother spring, it pours!
first came in March, all the children had
And for him - and in April opened the window and the door
And how come May as much as you enjoy yourself!
progress Mother Spring in the fields, forests
first time one is forgiven,
second time is prohibited,
A third time will not miss you!


Option 2: Ditty adults

need to have fun in the carnival everyone, not just children.Adults also need emotional discharge, which is lacking in a string of days devoted to work.Why not spend time having fun, having learned about the carnival couplets together with friends, having prepared pancakes?For fun do not need much.


Chastushka 1.

We ate pancakes for a long time,
We want blinochkov,
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

The kneading trough the new dissolved,
Two hours went pancakes.
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

My older sister
pancakes a mistress.
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

eat it baked,
five hundred, probably is.
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

on a tray she puts
And she brings to the table.
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

guests be as healthy,
Here are my pancakes ready.
Oh, pancakes, crepes, pancakes,
you blinochki mine.

Chastushka 2.

Come on, come on
ruddy pancakes.Today oil
week -
Be happy as we are!

I Shrove
ready to eat 50 pancakes.
Zakushu their baking,
Lose try.

Napeki, godfather, pancakes,
Yes to have been magnificent.Today oil
week -
can eat and superfluous.

Martians arrive,
their plates are not empty,
A full pancakes.

Fifth Shoot, I devoured,
On my skirt broke.
Go to sew a skirt,
To eat pancakes again.

fun to play harmonica,
Carnival, do not be sad!
Come spring, rather,
Winter away from us drive!

We end sing ditties
to the other in the evening.
you sit up in the morning,
Koli do nothing.


Chastushka 3.

Look what is happening,
-law with pancakes to his mother rushes,
plump cheek kisses,
Like a young girl.

But the mother-in-law is good,
Oily her soul,
-in-law now does not abuse,
eat pancakes orders.

Look grandfather Yegor
ran up the hill in the morning,
on pants to disperse villages,
flew down with a laugh.

Pancake our Tanya
not gulnya and punishment,
year sat on a diet,
Again Naela stomach.

Taras sat on the carousel,
horseman he is now with us,
Stallion beneath steep,
Wooden is not easy!

Do not be jealous of me, my wife,
To the girl of straw,
evening burn it,
So, I'll be home.

marvel happened,
psychic here at anything,
wife's mother in-law reconciled,
gave him pancakes.

a pancake on a plate left,
no forces him to finish eating,
seam of his trousers ripped,
How now look for brides?

woman walks from house to house
Ribbons entwined,
Giving guests pancakes,
Eat no offense!

Chastushka 4.

Monday with a clear Zorka
All ride on the hill,
Viands any chew,
loudly sing songs.

the village every yard
runs a children's choir.From
homes are junk,
any different rags.All

endure over the fence,
Spreading big fire.That
after Mardi Gras,
Glorious Mardi Gras!

to favorite scarf for
guy climbs on the hearth.A hearth
doused with water,
That's why the ice.


boys stand in trials,
A concoction girls strikers -
baked sweet pancakes,
refreshments served.
smiling people,
All together leads dance.That
after Mardi Gras,
Good Mardi Gras!

to locate cheat,
Give presents his sister in law.All
resentment, as if in a pond,
downstream float away.

Spozaranok runs mother-in-law
His humor,
beckoning her into the house,
Treats wine there.

Rejoice, honest people,
Stuffing your stomach.It
Celebrate Mardi Gras!

Umino relish cheesecake,
girls sing ditties.Every
people circle dances,
his soul rejoices.

with the advent Sunday
we ask forgiveness of everyone.
Our good strivings

At parting all the people set fire
flares up as quickly as possible,
That life was more fun to us!

Chastushka 5.

Carnival, treats!All
blinochkov Give!To
pancakes gorochkoy,
And with ikorochkoy!

Carnival - so alive,
Once the walk - we live,
and pancakes overeat,
fun and love.

With gorochki go skate,
Sadness, melancholy progonim away,
Zimushka Let us say goodbye,
She can no longer help!

Let the fire burn in half the sky
From straw head,
threw into the fire rather
From love firewood past.

Russian dancing to the accordion spun ...
With Carnival parting!
Where are you Spring?Wake up!

Helpful hints: modern young people who are not always honored tradition, we can recommend to arrange a theme party in honor of the carnival.For example, you can bake the pancakes and serve them with different fillings as a main dish, to explore a couple of ditties as the main "key" to get to the festival.