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how to prepare aspic

Delicious transparent jellied beef, pork or chicken with mustard or horseradish - on such dishes difficult to give even those who count every calorie at ease.But can prepare jelly, so he stood, was delicious, clear and beautiful, unfortunately, does not always and not at all.So, how to make the perfect jelly, claiming to be a culinary masterpiece?

Not every woman will take to make a delicious and beautiful jelly.Some fear that the jelly hardens.Others, in spite of attempts to cook jelly, instead of getting a delicious, tasty, transparent, muddy, ugly to look at, if not malosedobny.It's a shame when a day was cooked - boiled and jellied and not frozen or frozen, but a plate of indeterminate color turbidity, and carefully cut out the figure of carrots, peas spread out with herbs, etc., are simply not visible.It is not enough to be able to decorate a beautiful jelly - first it must be properly welded.But with this and begin.



  • how to cook TRANSPARENT jelly so that it froze?
  • AS lighten jelly, jelly muddy MAKE TRANSPARENT
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• how to cook TRANSPARENT jelly so that it froze?

weld transparent jelly

This dish is inherited from ancestors.The hunters took him to the birch Torbay.When the hunter stopped to rest, he ate jelly or frozen, if it was impossible to make a fire, or turned on a fire in aspic meat rich broth, which could saturate and warm.About transparency aspic at the time hardly thought.Yes, actually decorate the beautiful jelly then there was no point.

Now hostess during cooking aspic, cares not only about its taste and nutritional value.Jelly must be transparent and beautifully decorated.And of course, to put frozen jelly gelatin it is not necessary.It is enough to add to the "right" meat constituents actively involved in hardening.A better option are the pork legs, beef shank and chicken feet and wings - in general, the parts of carcasses, where there are cartilage and tendons.But spoil jelly, you can even choose the right meat.There are a number of rules to follow that, you can easily prepare delicious homemade jelly, transparent and fragrant.So, how to cook jelly.


One of the main ingredients are pork legs aspic, or rather, their lowest part, ending in claws.It is these ugly pig "parts" are the guarantee of the fact that the jelly froze.

rest of the meat can be added according to your taste: chicken even though the turkey, although beef on the bone, though the pork (knuckle - great), or both.To jelly froze desirable that the meat has been with the skin and veins.But whatever recipes you do not prefer aspic, pork legs definitely need!

also to jelly froze need to meet certain proportion of about 1: 2.That is, a pair of legs 700 grams of weight you need to take no more than one and a half kilograms of other meat.Too much meat can, oddly enough, harm aspic - he did not simply fall asleep.

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• Rule two: MEAT MUST be soaked before cooking

This procedure is not only important for the point, but in order to weld transparent jelly.From meat to delete the remnants of coagulated blood.Pre-soaking will soften the skin, and then it will be easy to clean, and it will give better fat.

soaking meat require a large saucepan, the same approach, in which you will cook jelly.Pour the meat is necessary so that it completely disappeared under the water and leave to soak for at least three hours, and preferably overnight.After soaking carefully scrape pigs feet, removing sooty locations.Just clean the skins and other parts of the meat.And only after that we can send the jelly on a plate.

• Rule three: merge the first water and cook CORRECT

to weld transparent aspic, jellied meat after boiling the water should be drained first.Some housewives neglect this recommendation, believing that to obtain a clear broth enough descaling skimmer.The point, of course, master's, but merging the first broth, you will ensure the transparency of aspic, reduce calorie ready meals and get rid of greasy specific taste.In general, the jelly turned out beautiful and delicious, and the fat in meat enough for the second broth.

After draining the first broth, rinse under running water all the contents of the pan - it will help remove small residues adhering coagulated protein.

then washed with water poured over the meat.Moreover, the water should be about two centimeters above the meat.If you pour more - broth during cooking may not be able to boil over, and accordingly, the jelly can not freeze.If the pour is less, while further digestion have to pour water, which again adversely affects the hardening.

to weld transparent jelly, do not put intense boil.Once the contents of the pot began to boil, immediately put the fire to a minimum, and does not add to the very end.Boil jelly must be on the quiet fire that it does not boil, but rather languished.It will take at least six hours, but the only way you'll get to jelly frozen without addition of gelatin, and a really tasty.

• Rule Four: ADDING THE CORRECT condiments and spices

how to cook properly jelly

When the next delicious jelly Cook for five hours, adds a whole onion and carrots cleaned.Add vegetables before does not make sense - for the cooking all the flavor of them evaporate.

the way, if you want to give the broth a nice golden color, do not clean the bulb from the outer husk, simply rinse it well and place in a saucepan.Clear broth onion in the husk does not, only a golden hue.

Salt jelly should also be after four - five hours of cooking, otherwise you can easily overdo it, because the broth during cooking will boil and become concentrated.

Add spices, such as peppercorns and bay leaf, you need half an hour to complete.To cook a transparent jelly, it is necessary to add bell pepper, not ground.As grains strain it then does not work, and they are precipitated, and will look like garbage.And besides, bell pepper give the best flavor and taste than the ground.

• Rule five: RIGHT butchered meat aspic

When preparing aspic came to an end with a slotted spoon, remove the meat from the broth.And he certainly strain the broth through a colander, and even better through a cheesecloth.Then cooked properly jelly will definitely be transparent and without the small flakes of protein.Throw the carrots and onion.

Allow meat to cool slightly and gently separate the bones from his hands.You can help yourself with a small knife.Cut the meat is also desirable knife and his hands, not a meat grinder or a combine, not to miss the little bones.

But it is desirable to crush the garlic, and does not cut it, then it is more evenly distribute the weight of the meat and give it aroma and taste.By the way, you can not boil thoroughly garlic - all its charm definitely lose it, and even can leave a bad taste.Remember, too, making jelly with garlic that it is not stored for a long time - have a maximum of three days in which to eat it - garlic "suffocate".

Do not throw away the cartilage and skin, chop them finely, finely and mix with the "good" meat - they give "fortress" ready-made meals.

Expanding trays meat mass, fill it with broth.If deep trays, the aspic very carefully mix, so as not to stir up the broth.It is necessary to completely soaked meat broth, leaving voids in the bottom tray.

• Rule Six: ensures proper pour point

to jelly frozen well, he needs the "right" temperature.Do not leave it on the kitchen table, or even near a window on a cool windowsill - where jelly hardens.Make it in the winter on the balcony / loggia and should not be - frozen jelly irrevocably lose their delicate texture and after thawing hardens again (would have to boil again all to jelly froze, and then, as you know, the look is lost completely).

In view of the above, the best place to pour aspic is a middle shelf of the refrigerator.Before sending a refrigerator trays, give the broth to cool to room temperature.If you do everything right, fine jelly hardens, for three to five hours.

And more.Do not remove immediately from the surface all ready aspic lard - it will help prevent the jelly from "zavetrivaniya."

Actually, this and all basic rules how to cook a delicious translucent jelly.They are few and they are easy, but because all you get!


• HOW lighten jelly, jelly muddy MAKE TRANSPARENT

how to lighten cloudy aspic

Of course, it is better to cook a transparent jelly, but to save the already cooked, and for some reason released cloudy aspic?We'll have to contact the emergency measures to lighten jelly.

To lighten jelly, you will need:

1. 1 egg;
2. whisk or fork;
3. otrez gauze;
4. small cup or bowl.

Step number 1
Do everything not to have to lighten jelly.Try to cook a transparent jelly immediately.If your experiments are not crowned with success, put the products strictly on prescription.Place the jelly boil over high heat first, and wait for boiling, reduce the flame to continue to cook over low heat just does not throw on, do not change the temperature during cooking.

Step number 2
When the broth turned cloudy yet, do not despair - you can fix it, you can lighten the brawn.First of all, remove the meat from the pan.Cools it in this case, it is not necessary, just put in order not to interfere.Remove the vegetables and also, if you cook them together.This broth with fire should not be removed by simply reduce heat to low.

Step number 3
Take an egg and separate the yolk from the white.Make it easy in the traditional way: chop the egg in half and carefully pour the yolk, hands over the bowl of a half shell to another.In a bowl with the drained all the protein - we need only one.Egg protein contains albumin, which is an excellent sorbent.He "connect" all unnecessary and relieve brawn of turbidity.

STEP number 4
Beat protein whisk or fork, for ordinary omelet.Now make the fire a little stronger as when cooked brawn.Gradually pour in the beaten egg white broth.To lighten jelly, stir continuously and thoroughly, otherwise even the beaten egg white curdle clot and not absorbed what must.Continue stirring the broth until it comes to a boil.

number STEP 5
Now remove the soup from the stove.Let it stand until all unwanted substances will fall into the sediment.Then strain through cheesecloth good broth and continue the process.Go back meat and vegetables, do not forget to put salt and spices.If so lighten aspic, his broth suitable for filler, and to him, as is known, the above requirements, it must necessarily be transparent.



How to cook jelly on the classic recipe - regular home aspic - known to many.However, this dish can be prepared in a true culinary masterpiece, and using not only the pig's trotters and beef shin, and any meat ingredients, tongue, tripe, and even without meat at all.Yes, and you can cook jelly 5:00, but you can manage 30 minutes.And so as you can prepare jelly.


  • recipes of traditional aspic PORK

Photo: jellied pork
(Photo: jellied pork)

Despite the fact that the preparation of aspic laborious and lengthy process, this dish - a constant attribute of the holiday table and gorgeousappetizer for drinks.A traditional jellied pork recipe that we offer, will adorn any holiday table.

pork aspic recipe ingredients:

1. 2 pork legs,
2. 1 kg of pork,
3. 1 pork shank,
4. 1 carrot,
5. 2 onions,
6. 1 whiteroots (parsley, parsnips or celery),
7. 3 pieces.bay leaf,
8. 3 pieces.sweet bell pepper,
9. 5-7 peppercorns,
10. salt to taste,
11. water - 4 liters.