Recipes for Christmas kuti.

kutia Christmas

On Christmas Eve on the festive table must necessarily be kutia - traditional Christmas meal of wheat - is the most important of the dishes for Christmas.Cooking it should be mandatory, and start dinner Svyatvechera allowed only tasted kuti .How to do it , and what the recipe for Christmas kuti prefer ?



1. kutia CHRISTMAS OR sochivo?
2. kutia CHRISTMAS: how to do it?

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• CHRISTMAS OR kutia sochivo?

Recipes and sochivo kuti on Christmas

Kutya kutia or (as it is accepted to call it) - is made ​​of wheat porridge with the addition of poppy , raisins and honey.Since ancient times, there are plenty of recipes kuti and rice and of barley , but the traditional Christmas kutia prepares it from wheat.In addition to Christmas Eve , Christmas kutia - sochivo also decided to prepare for the celebration of the Old New Year ( on the day of St. Basil ), and on the eve of Epiphany.

But what is different from the Christmas kutia sochivo ?In fact - this is one and the same, but kutia combines a lot of different recipes for different occasions (birth, celebrations , funerals ) and sochivo - just one of the recipes designed especially for Christmas Eve , the night before Christmas.

Sochivo can be prepared from wheat and barley can be , adding a honey and nuts.In the old grain to sochivo treated before cooking , not crushed and pounded to flew " peel" .Wheat cleaned , then soaked for a few hours .Brewed wheat long time - up to five hours.Actually now , nothing has changed .


• kutia CHRISTMAS: how to do it?

how to prepare for Christmas kutyu

If you are cooking a dish of the traditional recipe of wheat , not wheat porridge , the grain must first dunk - fill them with water, the evening of 5 January let stand overnight .In the morning , drain the water , add fresh , and sent to the fire.To prepare sochivo per kilogram of wheat takes three liters of water .When the water began to boil , reduce heat and let boil on low heat - up to five hours.Do not forget to stir , or foothills , and add water if necessary - wheat strongly absorbs moisture.

For a time, until cooked wheat, prepare the other ingredients, depending on what the recipe for Christmas kuti you plan to do.For example, should melt the honey, otherwise it will be viscous and stirred Christmas kutia sochivo be bad.Honey can replace sugar syrup.But to replace the nuts better not, according to experts.On the glass of one hundred grams of grain required shelled walnuts.Chop finely and rub them with a rolling pin.Nuts in this release oil, and Christmas kutia sochivo from this will only tastes better.Sometimes nuts can taste bitter to fix it, just podkalite peeled halves on a dry pan or in the oven.Mac must be washed, and pour boiling water for 20-30 minutes, then drain and grind.

The traditional , original recipe for Christmas kuti contains wheat , honey and poppy seeds .But over time the recipe has been transformed , and now it adds other ingredients - raisins , dried fruit or fresh fruit, and even rubbed chocolate.Raisins and dried fruits should be pre-soak , allowing them to swell and be fed .Chocolate desirable to prepare independently of coffee beans or cocoa without adding oil and other ingredients is not lean .

Often used for making kuti instead of wheat, other cereals - barley , rice or barley cereals .However , kutia rice - is a great dish for remembrance than Christmas .However, any strict restrictions on the formulation No Christmas kutia rice with chocolate and apple did not break the centuries-old tradition.

General rulefor the Christmas tableOr rather Svyatvechera or Christmas Eve - a " poor " dishes.That is the menu for Christmas is to include only the elementary , simple Lenten food , no frills , which is why the traditional Christmas wheat kutia still bears the name of " poor kutia ."




Christmas kutia wheat with chocolate

This recipe kuti is one of the classic , chocolate alone here - a nod to modernity .To prepare it , require the ingredients listed below .

Ingredients for Christmas kuti:

  • 1. Article 2.
  • 2. Article 1.
  • 3. Article 1.
  • 4. 50 grams.
  • 5. 100 grams.
  • 6. 50g.

How to prepare:

Wheat rinse and soak for several hours (preferably overnight ) , and then boil until tender over medium heat.Mack wash , pour boiling water for 20-30 minutes , then drain and grind .For these purposes it is convenient to use a grinder , blender or coffee grinder .Nuts chop and fry until golden brown .Wash lightly soak and drain them on an one-time tea towel , or just let the water drain well .If honey is highly viscous melt it on a steam bath .

Now put in a wheat porridge ingredients : poppy seeds, nuts, honey , raisins and grated chocolate and stir everything .If the chocolate is added , will traditional Christmas kutia sochivo .If you think a dish is not enough sweet , you can add a little sugar .


kuti on Christmas recipe with dried apricots and prunes

This recipe is also close to a classic , but it is somewhat simplified and its structure has been added and dried apricots .

Ingredients for Christmas kuti:

  • 1. wheat semolina - 1 tbsp .;
  • 2. Walnuts - 1 tbsp .;
  • 3. apricots - 10 pcs .;
  • 4. poppy - Article 0.5 .;
  • 5. raisins - Article 0.5 .;
  • 6. honey (preferably flower) - to taste.

How to cook:

Wash wheat groats and leave in cold water soak for 4-5 hours .Then drain the water and simmer for wheat cereal over low heat 2 cups of water until cooked - about 1.5 hours .Slightly podsolite for rich taste .Finished porridge let cool.

Pour boiling water over poppy .When the water cools, pour it out and pass through a meat grinder poppy 2-3 or chop in a food processor .Dried apricots and raisins, pour boiling water , and drain the water once it has cooled .Cut the apricots into small pieces.Finely chop the nuts .Honey melt in a water bath ( to January is usually all natural honey candy for a long time , except only Acacia or heather ) .

Put in a deep mess beautiful dishes and season with honey , add poppy seeds, nuts, dried apricots , raisins and mix gently .Note that kutia honey is not stored for a long time , since the honey can ferment .Therefore , preparing kutyu advance , add honey to better feed itself .


kuti recipe with fruit

In some areas of ancient Russian lands ( from the word Russia ), it is believed that what your kutia richer and richer the more generous will the coming year .Therefore kutia Christmas may contain a variety of berries or fruits , jams and so on.To prepare kutyu jam on the recipe, please be following stated components.

Ingredients for Christmas kuti jam:

  • 1. Wheat - 2 tbsp .;
  • 2. fruit or berries of the jam - 1 tbsp .;
  • 3. honey bees - 100 gr .;
  • 4. salt - to taste.

How to cook:

Go through and wash wheat.Stir in wheat in boiling water , bring to a boil , and then fold in a sieve and drench cold water.Put the wheat in a pot , preferably earthenware pot , cover with water and again bring to a boil .Once boiled wheat , tightly cover the container with a lid and place in oven to languish , until cooked .Ready wheat cool .

Gently mix the wheat with honey , berries or fruits from jam ( can take multiple types of berries and fruits , such as berries and strawberry slices of apple jam ) .If kutia got too thick and viscous , it just mean a little boiling water and sweeten to taste.

Bon Appetit, a good year and Merry Christmas!


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