Houses for the New Year.

Houses for the New Year

New Year - a holiday special, and loved by children and adults.They say his meet, so spend the whole coming year.So, happy New Year - it is a prerequisite of this holiday!But 100% but to provide Christmas mood if you stay home on New Year's Eve?

One of the main components of an exciting and fun-filled Christmas celebration is an active and original games, fun competitions for the New Year, which will not allow any of those present to stay on the sidelines and join the guests and family members.And it will take to make Christmas scenario.



1. How fun to celebrate the New Year at home?
2. New ideas and scenarios for theme parties at home
3. «Intelligent" fun games on New Year's Eve, New Year's competitions "on intelligence»
4. Active fun games for the New Year for adults




  • how fun to celebrate the New Year at home?

New Year at home

Tenders for New Year at home can be quite different - Game on intelligence, to wit, in the sleight of hand with easy fraud, but for a special, relaxed company, there are erotic contests.Make a New Year's scripts themselves, spend interesting competitions for the New Year, and many more years of your family and guests will remember the enthusiasm that evening and smiles of friends, captured in photographs.Funny Games New Year will provide a great Christmas mood, and the meeting this year will be remembered for a long time.

Regarding the choice, it depends entirely on the capabilities and desires of the participants and organizers of the festival, on the availability of their ability to experiment, do not be afraid to improvise and come up with something new and different.Importantly do not forget that not all fun competitions for the New Year to all fit.If you, for example, decided to celebrate the New Year with your family, then you need New scenario with a program that is suitable for both adults and children .In general, the right to vote "public", which will meet your New Year cheerful note their level of looseness and contact (literally and figuratively), and act!

Every holiday the New Year would like to meet a bright, interesting to left happy memories and a lot of fun photos.But, unfortunately, creative thinking is not often able to go to our heads light and bring new ideas.Therefore, we will try to make your life easier and offer in honor of the upcoming holiday several options how fun to celebrate New Year.We present some ideas that might fit for your script celebrating the New Year and will provide a great Christmas mood all present.



New scenarios, fun games and funny competitions for the New Year have to think through very thoroughly!And for those who love to organize various theme parties, it may be ideally suited rarty gangster style, or in the style of the 90s.Firstly, hairstyles, costumes and accessories, shiny outfits, a lot of glitter and decorations, bright make-up - always lift the mood and create a special festive spirit.Secondly, today, at the height of the retro fashion.So your New Year at home will not only fun and original, and will be "in the subject line" new-fangled past trends.And how to prepare for such events, we will help.

• The scenario of the New Year for adults, "Back to childhood" or "dashing 90»

This Christmas party theme is perfect for a small friendly company.The party does not require much effort, will not make the dress puzzle over, even if the "Varenkov" or sweaters with the words "Adidas" no one will find - not terrible, you can dress as you like, at the discretion of each.If you choose this topic dashing 90, start with filling Player list corresponding songs: the group "Tender May", "Hands Up", "combination", "Mirage", etc.For a table, make a typical menu at that time.You can exchange gifts such as "Tetris," "yo-yo", the prefix "Dandy", children's walkie-talkie.

main thing is that this new year will be a great occasion to remember his childhood, to plunge into the nostalgia.On New Year's script, in this case, you can improvise a plenty!In fact, at times, a lot of fun to play outstanding games that you played as a child.Impressions will be sea!If you want to make a surprise, then advance casually ask around friends what they were playing, and organize these fun games for the New Year.We assure you, "Auntie aged" in the New Year's jumping in sequins "rezinochku" or "classic" - it's very funny!And do not forget the karaoke, certainly all want to play in person hits 90, recalling the related significant events of his life.

• New script style Chicago gangster

New script

Chicago gangster party can make your New Year's truly unforgettable.Chic and shine - that mood perfectly decorate any friendly company.Beautiful costumes, special atmosphere and a refined interior, cigars, maps, exciting jazz weapon - for each there is a charm of the idea.

Well, if you and your friends are big fans of poker and other games of chance, something about the topic of New Year's party and think nothing!Dresses for the New Year in style Chicago - shiny black silk dresses, gloves, fishnet stockings, precious stones, iridescent, bright make-up - the ladies will absolutely love.

alone veiled vessels for alcohol, which are - 30s some famous for their "dry law".So feel free to adapt kettle, carafe with the word "cough syrup" or some souvenir gift service.When you have "drinks of vodka" with friends from the coffee service?

Arrange the dress code, entrance is strictly by invitation and a special password.Organize photo shoot makeshift casino, dancing, interesting contests with water pistols. ... In general, you'll find a lot of exciting work and be able to come up with original scripts in the New Year theme, most importantly, to prepare the necessary details and consider the general plan of action for the whole holiday.

For example, a great New Year's mood can make a game for adults "Hapless sniper" - just in the spirit of Chicago or the Russian mafia showdown 90s.

• New game: "The unlucky sniper»

need the following props:

  • 1. mannequin or painted silhouette of a man;
  • 2. toy gun with suction cups or pellets;
  • 3. «medical resuscitation kits" - bandages, pressure gauge, thermometer, etc.etc.- Anything that can get or simulate objects for medical care (bandages, for example, can be replaced with toilet paper).

Guests should be divided into pairs, of course, welcome couples: male, female.Each of them - a representative of the syndicate, a great sniper, who received an order for its rival - the other member of the pair.But the second sniper must "shoot", so that the good suffer, to the "demise".Of course, shooting at each other, even with suckers Toy Guns do not need.To do this, put a mannequin or simply cutting wallpaper or other paper drawn silhouette of the enemy.Sniper takes all his ingenuity and precision, not trying to get to the heart or the head, and in some other place - often all tselyat in the "Cause" places (breast in women or in men below the belt).

When plenty good laugh and have debated which of them best sniper leading declares that while they were on a mission, and itself hangs up the phone, they received a message from the "leadership" with the cancellation of the job as the enemy, it turns out, has a-That is very valuable information.That is necessary to save the life of the enemy at any cost, to give him the necessary medical care, it now depends on the life of the sniper.Participants issued "medical details" are reminded that you must first stop the bleeding, tourniquet, do not forget to do artificial respiration, etc.Here is where the real fun begins when the place in which so carefully labeled and made fun of, you need to "treat".The winner is the one who is the best, "selflessly," and, of course, ridiculous, and perform the job "to save the wounded," competitor.

• Cool the script mini - blockbuster "Once in the New Year's holiday ...»

the scenario of the New Year

Such interesting contests on New Year's better to shoot on video - then it will be interesting to view your fun new year.To begin with the general voting of selected Maiden women present.The rest of the guests of the holiday - the role and dealt cards on which these roles are specified:

- Bodyguard for Snow Maiden (Actor),
- Helicopter (Actor).
- Raven (Actress),
- Horse (Actress),
- Tiger (Actor),
- Forest and shrubs - other (of which at least two men).

own roles, you can head and share the weight, for example, the names of the zodiacal years (Pig, who was lying under a tree, Rat, which strove for Snow White to bite the ass, etc.), just to have enough performers.

Lead begins to read out the text of the mini - militants, preferably a super dramatic and "actors" perform their roles, respectively, the scenario in the style of the film.

- Shumel winter wood.
- Trees swayed from side to side, creaking ominously.
- The forest was dark and scary.Trampling the grass and bending the branches of bushes, thicket slowly out of a huge tiger.
- The tiger was hungry and on viciously growling, looking and sniffing in search of prey.
- Frightened from branch to branch flew Crow and indignantly zakarkala.Tiger looked at her angrily, angrily wagged his tail and hid under a tree.Surprisingly quiet New Year's Eve broke the roar of a flying helicopter.It flew in the New Year's holiday with the Snow Maiden bodyguards.Maiden bodyguard has long enjoyed, and he wanted to be alone with her.
- engine helicopter roared louder, madly spinning propeller.The helicopter made a couple of circles over the forest in search of landing sites, and began to decline.The helicopter landed in a forest glade, surrounded by noisy unhappy winter wood.Bodyguard and Snow Maiden came down from the helicopter on the ground.
- Bodyguard wiped his brow and exhale said: "All profits, finally!"."Hurrah!" - Exclaimed Maiden and clapped her hands with joy.From Forests to meet them galloped a horse to deliver on the Snow White Christmas "party" and whinnied in greeting, wagging his tail.Snow Maiden patted her mane and took the reins.
- Suddenly, the Snow Maiden screamed in terror: "Oh!Save! ".She saw a huge tree Tiger, preparing to jump.He looked hungrily at the arrivals on the horse, licked his lips and growled ominously.
- Frightened Snow Maiden quickly and nimbly climbed a tree.Once again outraged and frightened zakarkala Raven flew to another branch.The horse whinnied loudly and began to back away, trying to hide in the back of bodyguards.
- Tiger slowly approached them.The bodyguard was young and inexperienced, but very brave.He instantly remembered all movies with Bruce Lee.The bodyguard got into the rack, and loudly shouted "Kya!" Lunged towards the Tigris.Tiger intimidating growl at him, then he gave him a contemptuous look, and continued to be directed to the horses.
- The horse whinnied in fear and started to run away from the Tigris, winding between the trees.Tiger inexorably overtaking horse, and she kicked his hoof with fright even bit his ear.Tiger howled in pain and snatched horse teeth thigh, fell to the ground.
- Maiden screamed in fear and clung more tightly to a tree, trying to climb higher.The crow cawed in surprise and flew to another branch in order to get a better view battle erupted.
- Bodyguard winked frightened Snow Maiden, changed his stance again shouted: "Kiya!" And rushed to the Tigris.A series of well-aimed blow he laid on the blades of the Tigris and rescued horse!Maiden screamed: "Hurrah!Hurrah! ".The crow cawed in surprise and fell from the tree.The tiger growled again, but now plaintively."Hurrah!" - Chanted Maiden, climbing down from a tree.

theme party on New Year

- Bodyguard tied Tiger Collar and decided to give it to some zoo.Tiger looked gratefully at the bodyguards and obediently sat down beside him.Maiden ran to the bodyguards and kissed him on the cheek.Glad rust around them rode a lame horse.Pleased bodyguard handed Snegurkoj leash with Tiger, took the reins of restless horse, and the second arm around the Snow Maiden, just below the waist.She glanced slyly at him and pretended not to notice.So they went together and celebrate the New Year.And after them, surprised Crow cawed, and happily noisy winter wood.

Snow Maiden now have to choose the best actor fabulous mini-blockbuster and divide participants into teams to keep cool competitions and fun games for the New Year, in between meal.Merry Christmas script such competitions can be formed of a series of entertaining games, selecting them to your taste and mood.


  • «smart" fun games on New Year's New Year's contest "on intelligence»

• Christmas Song Contests

Many people love to sing, so singing fun competitions for the New Year, surely ensure, perfect New Year mood.To participate need a team.It begins the first team, playing in its sole discretion, any clip of a song.The second must "catch all", and to fulfill their passage from the other songs, but there have to be at least one word that was in the song of the first team.For example, if the first team sings: "I can not live without you, I can not without you!", The second team, for example, sings: "Without you, without you, everything has become unnecessary once without you ...".Next is to continue the first team by, for example, the word "steel", they sing in the song: "All of a sudden began to play crazy accordion, and stood, and felt good.I'm so tired, I was erased in the powder ... ", again second -" Tired of waiting to rush afraid to fall again, to climb ... ".And so the circle until someone gives up and can not remember the song.

• Tricky contest "Paris".

New drawings

Funny competitions on New Year may consist of tricky puzzles, which are difficult to solve, or from betting that initially can not be won.For example:

- I bet you're a centimeter can not budge me, with me standing on the same newspaper?
(key: put the newspaper on the threshold of the door, and you get it on the other side of a closed door, which it does not open).

- I bet you can not cross the pencil, which lies on the floor?
(key: put the pencil against a wall).

- I bet I'll drink three glasses of beer faster than you 3 glasses of vodka (alcohol can be replaced by water)?
(key: the trick is in three stages. First, you need to negotiate with the enemy, you can not touch someone else's container - glasses, goblets - to, say, do not interfere with each other, and the dispute was honest. Then you have to convince the enemy to give you a head startone glass - apparently the same as drinking 3 glasses lighter than two glasses - a win-win! As you slowly finishes his first glass and begins a competition for speed, you'll quickly covering one full glass of the enemy, his empty glass upside down. Thatall! touching your opponent's container is impossible, and, consequently, to drink three glasses he could not faster or slower - it does not matter!).

• Fun Games for the New Year: "Wedding night»

choose the "victim" for the draw, the essence of which is not disclosed to anyone.Participants are asked, without bending his knees to touch his own heels, and thus comment on your feelings ....

Comments leading participant records.If the player does not find the words, he helps leading leading questions: "How do you feel?", "Are you comfortable?", "Are you pleased?", And so on.

When all have undergone this procedure, leading finally to announce the name of the present and the meaning of the game: "So, well, let's see, what do you feel on their wedding night!", And read what he wrote about feelings of each player, "whilehis wedding night. "etc.