How fun to celebrate New Year with your family?

New Year with your family

What could be better than to celebrate the New Year with your family, with relatives and loved ones?How interesting to organize a family Christmas holiday, when the circle of companies are going to couples with babies?What games and competitions for the New Year is better to choose?If you are puzzled over these questions - do not worry, we'll show you the way out as a fun, family-run mark the New Year and Christmas offer a scenario for adults and children.



  • New Year with your family
  • New script "Family New Year»:

1. «The competition for the best Christmas costume»
2. «Frosty breath»
3.« Song of the hat »
4.« Battle snowballs »
5.« Christmas contests - puzzles »
6. The« Chain »
7.« attached Grandpa »
8.« Literary Competition »
9.«It was my ball !!! »
10.« Who better vprygnet New Year »
11.« The competition for the best dancer »

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• NEW YEARIn the family circle

New Year with your family

Consider how and what better family Christmas family games and competitions for the New Year to organize.Firstly, it is necessary to take into account the number of participants of the festival and their age, of course.Second, consider the menu, festive New Year's table, suitable for all.Well, if the table setting is appropriate, for example, a small kiddies do not have to watch how adults drink alcohol, so bottles and glasses for alcohol can "mask" the same tinsel.Importantly do not forget to do the same thing for the children by filling juices and fruit drinks to them more attractive than for adults.You will not be in this trouble if you decide to organize a family New Year's celebration in the form of theme parties.For example, New Year's script for adults and children on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" (all will drink from the tea set, let alone what to pour into "tea for adults" you will understand), or "Treasure Island" (all the pirates drink "rum "), etc.

The most important thing for a holiday - a family games and contests for the New Year.For theme parties to come up with them is simple - based on the plot of the selected scenario.And if your company is not very friendly loves dressing and reincarnation, the New scenario for both adults and children can be arbitrary, the main thing - that all had fun.Starting such entertainment, celebrating the New Year with your family the best from around 21.00 pm, to celebrate the New Year in an ecstatic mood.By midnight, the kids scream enough to go to bed immediately after the chimes and allow adults "break away from the full!"And so, Christmas scenario for adults and children.



For starters, you can give each of piece of paper and stick them to describe the most significant event of the year and a cherished dream for the coming New Year.Little kids can paint it.All the leaves are added to the box, which is jointly beautifully drawn pictures, snowflakes, tinsel, etc.The box is sealed with adhesive tape and postponed until the next New Year to open it with your family, read and filled with new content.Kids will love this activity, and parents will be interesting to look into it then, remember the family New Year and keep the children's scribbles on a long memory.

imagine that there were a lot of guests and you need to organize a family Christmas celebration with games and competitions at all.If you meet, for example, twenty, then advance to the participants in the evening to prepare:

  • 1. 10 sticks,
  • 2. 10 whisks (mini-applications, similar to the logo "broom»),
  • 3. 20homemade envelopes;
  • 4. About a hundred snow balls, dashed off from their own wool;
  • 5. Christmas tree-applique, played the role of medals for each victory in the competition;
  • 6. balloons, paper, confetti, ice cream, prizes for competitions, etc.

decompose in the preparation of envelopes and broom sticks, and the envelopes we put ourselves in a cap.When the time comes to spend the New Year's family contests and family games for the New Year, we distribute envelopes guests.Those who got the stick, are members of the team, "Holy smoke", others - members of the team "Firs-broom" (with names and attributes can dream).Applications that indicate affiliation to a particular team can be attached to the clothes pin.


• Family tenders for the New Year: "The competition for the best Christmas costume."

New Year

advance purchase wholesale toilet paper, masks, glasses, noses, jewelry, pick up old clothes, scarves, skirts, etc.Next, the team draw lots, who prepared a suit.For example, you can make a Snow Maiden costumes, clown, Indian, pirate.Who did it better and funnier, receives the prize Christmas tree.


• Family tenders for the New Year: "Frosty breath."

This competition will be more interesting for the kids.On the table in a row laid paper snowflakes.Participants must blow on them so that they fell from the table to the floor.When snowflakes fall all the surprises of participants reporting that the defeated contestant, whose snowflake has fallen the most recent.That is, he is the "frosty breath," he snowflake of freezing to the table.


• Family Christmas Song contest "Song of a hat."

Put the hat a little note, written with just one word, for example: Santa Claus, icicle, frost, tree, etc.Each team member in turn pulls out of the hat notes and sings a song or a fragment of a song that has the word in the text, written in the note - always winter or Christmas!Which team will give up and not be able to recall the desired song - lost.


• Family games for the New Year: "The battle of snowballs."

Give commands snowballs, made of wool.According to team leader, as soon as the cheerful music, all start throwing snowballs at each other.When the master switch off the music becomes a challenge participants to gather as many snowballs, and their own and opponents.The team collected more snowballs, receives a prize Christmas tree.Do not rush to turn off the music, let the little children and adults to play - throwing snowballs is always fun, even if they are not real.


• contest for children and adults: "Christmas contests - the puzzle."

Christmas games

thinks of leading teams in turn puzzles or just ask questions on the topics that are related to the New Year.The winner is the team that will give more correct answers.Puzzles and questions can be any, but it is desirable to have fun, and that they are suitable for adults and children to guess there were interesting for kids and adults, ie rotate their complexity and "maturity".
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Examples puzzles on a family New Year:

- White, soft thread sewn.First comes, then it lies.After the flow and disappear without a trace.What is it?
(ANSWER: snow)

- If the New Year is very long and very loud shout all honest company, it will certainly come.
(Answer: the police)

- Lie in bed in the evening, and the eyes do not open until the morning, all in order to see these fabulous wonders.
(Answer: sleep)

- What is the name of his father Marina Petrovna?
(ANSWER: Peter)

- He's in the cold, it can store a lot, he spacious for pots and jars, but not for coats and suits.
(ANSWER: refrigerator)

- What happens if you turn right three times?
(ANSWER: you will turn left)

- geese flying across the sky: 2 rear, 1 front, 2 front and rear one, the one between the two, and three in a row.How many geese flying across the sky?
(3 replies goose, one after the other)

- What is male pattern baldness?
(Answer: Replacement scratching on washing)

- Can a bird called the ostrich?
(Answer: No, he can not speak).


• Family games on New Year Contest "chain."

play all the team members, becoming one in his chain of alternating "boy" - "girl."Each participant takes the teeth match.The first ring is worn on the match.The meaning of the game is to pass the ring on a chain - one after the other, with the matches on the match, not while helping hands!And so, until the last participant.Which team will cope, and she won.


• Merry Christmas family competitions, "Grandad attached."

Be prepared two texts about the New Year and Adventures of Santa Claus - at your discretion.These texts should be skipped all the adjectives.Print them out so that in place of adjectives were empty seats.Do not show their members and did not disclose the essence of the game.Let the players in turn will call any adjectives, leading to inscribe them in the empty spaces in the text.Then, leading to read what happened.As a rule, it turns out a lot of fun, and who will funnier story - and that winner.


• New Family Entertainment: "Literary Competition."

Family New Year

essence of the game is to come up with a rhyme in the most ridiculous line continuation on New 2014 Horses.Teams heard similar proposals, pre-written on the sheets, and they have 10 minutes to come up to them the original ending.Offers and finish may be different, for example, such:

  • 1. After New Year's Eve ... - morning Vova does not want to get up.
  • 2. Here, gifts waited ... - And a fight with his sister.
  • 3. Grandfather Frost came ... - "Wait" someone integrally.
  • 4. The chimes struck twelve ... - It's time for a hundred grams, and ... in bed!
  • 5. Christmas tree along together, we ... - Somewhere in railway bed in the morning we need?
  • 6. That came ... Year of the Horse - Ride ... porzhem ...

answers are compared, and who has the most funniest and original, and they receive a prize Christmas tree.


• Games for the New Year: "It was my ball !!!".

participate in this contest, one representative from the team.They issued one New Year's balloon, which is tied to the left leg of participants.Team-leading, they should try to crush the enemy ball right foot.Playing at home is recommended footwear (heels or participants in canvas boots are not allowed for the competition!).The winner is the one who has the ball the opponent will "burst" leg.Cycling can all take turns poschityvaya victory points.


• Christmas family games "Who better vprygnet in the New Year."

offers participants jump into the New Year.To do this, the team dealt in pairs, one from each given age and height.Participants stand in a line and jump.Winner - the one who jumps the farthest.For a long time it is not necessary to continue the contest - the neighbors from the bottom, he could "not like it."


• dance competition for the New Year: "The competition for the best dancer."

gay members of each team are divided into pairs.They will have the difficult dances.Each pair is placed under the feet of the newspaper, and turn on the music.Participants need to dance in a way that does not intercede for the edge of the paper.Then, the problem is complicated - the newspaper folded in half and couples have to dance in these halves.Then add up the newspaper again, and again ... until there is one pair that is capable of holding a newspaper on the small piece of paper.

Next Christmas scenario for adults and children suggests the disco dance, symbolic prizes awarded the winners, maybe comic punishment losers - at your discretion.Merry New Year celebration party for adults and children continues!After the festive fatigue finally smorit kids, adults can continue competition program for a more "adult" scenario !


And a little more about what can be surprisingly fun Christmas holiday scenario: