How to prepare homework with first-graders?

How to prepare homework with first-graders?

When your child went to first grade, carefree time was over for both of you, even if you did not, it seemed nonchalant.Ahead awaits a huge number of various difficulties, which will have to overcome together.Most likely, during the 1st year of training you have to keep under close supervision of the execution of a child to do homework and lessons, along with a first-grader.Otherwise, you risk to miss the point, and your child will be extremely difficult to adapt to the curriculum and life of the new schedule.Meanwhile, the first year of training is basic, just now laid the basics, not only directly educational, and psychological and physiological skills a child to school.If you miss them, it would be difficult to expect in the future for a good performance.

• Homework first-graders - the eternal problem of parents

how to make lessonsWhen a child goes to school , sharply raises the question of homework .The " clever books " about it all written neatly , okay : Lessons home child should do yourself .Parents help only at the initial stage , then a first-grader overcomes school of wisdom itself .And if your child is growing conscious , responsible and independent.Wonderful picture!However, to see this first hand, few people can , personally, I have never met such wonderful children nor their parents happy .

With the girls in the lower grades, in some sense, somehow easier.They are more diligent, attentive and responsible (although once at the time, of course it is not necessary).As for the boys, the same image here almost all parents.Before the doors of any school can be found anxious mums graders, leading the conversation about the following format: "Well, I'll never know just how to do the lessons with the child, I have tried everything - all to no avail.And the lessons we have to change, beginning with the complex, from the simple, to discuss all the details on the draft write, then rewrite, and additionally on weekends doing, and he will read on their own, and then I will explain everything again.But all to no avail, there is no result, only a hassle, and me and him. "

And poor parents are torn between two extremes.If you allow your child to prepare their homework on their own, it turns out - stretched troechki .If you do homework graders together receive more than good grades , but depriving the child's autonomy and responsibility for implementing the lessons at home.

And what ?How to prepare a child with homework , how to develop it the most responsibility and independence as to instill in him the skill to do their homework quickly , not 5 hours at a time , so " under duress " and what to do if a first grader does not want to dolessons at all?

You can certainly say a lot of smart , edifying words to recommend a couple of scientific treatises to the topic, but ultimately it is you have to solve this problem , taking into account the personality and the character of your child.We just try to tell you a few faithful ways that can work in your particular case .And you - brave !

• Do I need to, and how to do the lessons with the first-grader?

as a first-grader with homeworkOf course, this time throwing homework to chance can not be categorically, even if you sverhotvetstvenny child familiar with the program of the 1st Class is not hearsay.You definitely need to do their homework together with first-graders.However, there is another side to the coin - if the child does not give freedom of action, he soon forgets that such independence.Examples are plenty: while you sit him "the soul", the child tries to make lessons at home, and you will clearly see that he has pretty well, and the rules he remembers and knows how to use them, but you should only depart - allthe process is stopped in a notebook weight blots and almost zero results.

So you need to find a middle ground.That is, think exactly what the baby is able to perform the task without your help, so that you only have inspected it.For example, lessons in drawing home child could perform without your presence, and he certainly has some ability to even slightly more complicated subjects - just watch him.But math, spelling and other "complicated" the task need to disassemble the joint efforts.And do not worry, the baby shifts the lion's share of the responsibility on you and do not hesitate, "uses" your help - no need to require him all at once.Besides, since he remembers much more than could have on their own.

Do the lessons with the first-grader 6 years of age should not be home at all.As a rule, such kiddies do not ask homework, and therefore you do not load it once again any training sessions!This is due to fatigue children at this age.If in addition to school activities in 6-year-old kid would even homework, it threatens nervous exhaustion, which seriously harms the health and dramatically reduces the school success of children.With the Six-Year Housing need to be addressed in the same way as with toddlers, preschool children: play, sculpting, drawing, designing.And if you want to make the same educational moment - to see the baby before going to bed children's encyclopedia, this is more than enough.

Children's carelessness and disobedience bad for homework .How to overcome them , or at least to minimize ?Try the following tips :

  • Cause time - fun hour.For starters take a rule in advance to coordinate with the baby , when you start practicing at home .In the future, every day is strictly stick to the schedule , do not delay , and do not put the execution of lessons.So the kid can be accustomed to planning , will be more diligent and organized.

Starting with the first-graders with their homework better after 1.5 hours after returning from school - later it will be more difficult to "resurrect " in memory of all they learned in a day, and the focus may weaken .Previously, too, should not , because his brain and body are not yet accustomed to such pressures , and the kid did not have time to rest, and so will be scattered and slow .

  • We struggle with inattention.Important child at this age is still unstable, it can easily divert every detail: bright erasers on the desk, the view from the window, the sound of the TV ....Therefore, at the time homework, remove the baby from the desktop absolutely all unnecessary items and ensure the conditions are not distracting his attention.His workplace should be only those items that are needed for a particular job.That is, if, for example, got arithmetic homework on the table should not be colored pencils, drawing on the album, and even notebooks spelling.And also remove the line, if its use is not required for a given task.
  • To make the lessons quickly.The best way , though it does not always work - is to create a true motivation for the child .You can start to prepare homework for some time prior to the favorite cartoon series .Thus, the child will be more motivated to try and do my homework quickly and efficiently.Indeed, in the case of incorrect assignment , rewrite it happen all over again, and he will miss the cartoon.

On the other hand , this method is not for everyone kiddies .Some are only able to master the material evenly, " small portions ."If your baby is one of them , then you more appropriate way to make lessons from first-graders to 15 minutes, then arrange a break , and again to continue .Language: in this case , in a period of rest , can also act as a motive , but to perform any one task and not all the lessons at home.

  • Inspires feats.For success it is extremely important that the child had high self-esteem .So do not forget to praise the baby even the smallest successes.Do the lessons with the child , must be periodically repeating that he done, is doing everything right , carefully and quickly.It is better to once again ignore the error , prompting the correct answer , but for the correctness and accuracy required to praise.Speak , and sometimes even " surprised " aloud what you have it smart and competent .

Do the lessons with the first-grader should be in a relaxed atmosphere .Helping your child with an assignment , never raised his voice at him , no matter how " stupid " he did not seem to you at this moment .Otherwise, your child will associate the execution classes with negative emotions and resist it by all means .Then you will have another problem - a first grader does not want to do homework .Your voice should always be measured , and even cheered .

  • We learn to read faster and with pleasure.Home Reading is best done before bedtime.Therefore, if the homework graders include reading of a story, do not force the baby to read and recite it in the performance of all other tasks, and better leave for the evening.At that time, oddly enough, the corresponding brain centers are activated, allowing the baby to learn how to quickly and correctly read.Read before bed, read, discuss - no need to retell what he read, and talk about it.Go to the trick, saying that you have never heard of this, or did not understand what was being said, inspire the child to ensure that he explained his "careless" Mom, what's the matter.

To the best first-grader learned to realize read, try to buy him books , with lots of pictures and lots of text .Develop great speed reading posodeystvuyut children's encyclopedia , and also teach baby pronunciation difficult letter combinations and expand your vocabulary.

• 5 steps how to prepare homework successfully

Do your homeworkYour baby is at the beginning of a long journey of the academic year , and of you with him , of course .Therefore, if you treat homework graders how to hard labor , then nothing good is not over.If we perceive the educational process as an opportunity to learn something new , learn something interesting , acquire useful skills and habits, the time that you spend with your child for homework will take place quickly , quietly , and fun.

  • Step № 1. Properly adjust the environment first-graders

- First, make sure that the workplace of the child is organized correctly.It should be well-lit.It is necessary that the light source is in front and to the left, then to the notebook will not fall from the shadow of the hand or on the head.Well, if your first-graders have their own workplace, where a child is always homework - it helps when the game switches to a working mood.It should be a comfortable place to do not have to squeeze between the bed and wardrobe to the child and to make you go, sit down and help when needed, and not hang over him thundercloud.

- During cooking lessons at home on the table should not be superfluous items .We remove everything , even theoretically capable of diverting .And everything you need to successfully complete the task, all the stationery , school supplies , must always be placed neatly in their places.Otherwise, a normal search of a pencil can become a grand and wanted to take a lot of time.

  • Step № 2. Properly organize the learning process at home

- Do their homework first grader should at the same time .Set aside a time , so you can postpone again and again.So in the end, the lessons will be made at the last minute and somehow , just to do it.To find the best time to note the nature of the child and intra- schedule ( walks , trips to the guests , the meal , the return of the pope to work , etc.) .A child should not sit at lessons when my grandmother comes to visit you , or a younger brother or sister go to the playground .

- To start the assignment is best after an hour and a half to return home from school , the kid from school had a break , but not yet perevozbudilsya not tired of the games with his friends , and home entertainment.Research shows that intellectual activity of children increases after a short exercise , so to play after school he needed to , but only in moderation.

- Incorrect require the child to not rise up from the table until you finish homework .Time of continuous operation for 7 years baby can not exceed 15-20 minutes towards the end of the duration of an elementary school this time may increase up to 30-40 minutes.

- Long-term and should not be interruptions - just 5 minutes , especially if they are dedicated to intense physical exertion.During these five minutes you can play with the baby in the ball.

  • Step № 3. Strive for independence

Of course, homework requires your participation and control.But to understand where the line between aid and deprivation of independence?For an unbiased assessment of the level of assistance that is required from you is really, talk to your teacher first-graders.Perhaps your child learns best material for self-study and you only need to check the result and sometimes clarifying.Or maybe your child is easier to provide knowledge, when he pronounces with someone all your actions, then you need to do the lessons with the child together.But do not do your homework first-graders for yourself!

- Well, if the first-graders with their homework, you'll be a time when the other kids occupied the same.If you have several children, they will probably be more interesting to do homework together, and you at this time will be able to iron / spread underwear or deal with their payments.So you'll be around, control the process if necessary, prompting sometimes and go about their business.The main thing is that your business does not distract the student were not for him more attractive than his own class.During the execution of tasks a child should not be included TV, computer, video games and more.

- In order to improve the skills of your student independent work , teach him how to use dictionaries , encyclopedias and reference books .Trying to cope with the task without assistance and find all the answers on their own, the baby learns to think intelligently , thoughtfully .And, besides , assimilated so the information is stored is much better than giving " on a silver platter " answers.

  • Step № 4. Do not focus on perfection and infallibility implementation lessons

lessons with the child- The desire of the child to do things right already praiseworthy.The main thing is not to overdo it , because to do everything and are always quite simply unrealistic , even for you, is not that kid.Therefore , do not force it over and over again to rewrite the completed assignment with blots , while he will not make it perfect.This is detrimental to the child's mind , he will take it as a punishment .And the punishment for trying - a sure way to cause a child to hate his studies in principle.

- No need to give your child extra homework , in addition to those that were asked at school.Also, it should not be forced to redo badly executed classwork .You can offer it to check and correct the error , but certainly do not need to rewrite .Perform re already done the job (even with mistakes ) the child perceives as a dull and senseless thing .Such problems discourage a child to engage in hunting , deprived of faith in their own strength .

- Some of the kids themselves torturing self-criticism and rework tasks several times - it should not please the parents.Diligence and commitment to excellence - it is certainly good, but everything is good in moderation.Clearly spelled out how many times he can convert each job the maximum amount of time can spend and when to stop.Such pathological pursuit of the perfect should make parents think maybe the baby is suffering self-esteem and often you should encourage him to praise and encourage.If necessary, talk with the students together with the teacher, even if he explained that domestic work is needed to hone skills, consolidate and repeat new knowledge, not for perfect memorization.Often, younger students listen to a great extent to the opinion of the teacher than the parents - in this age it is normal.

  • Step № 5. If the first grader does not want to do homework

If , despite all the efforts made, a first grader does not want to do homework , stubbornly refuses to do homework , the first thing to do - is to find out the true cause of this behavior .Perhaps the first grader does not want to do homework , simply because he does not understand the given material , or missed the previous .Talk to the teacher about the progress your student about the speed with which he learns new material about the behavior in the classroom.

Perhaps to help remedy the situation tutoring , baby will understand in the training material and cease to be capricious .Maybe it will be enough simply to break homework on components into smaller , no such "global" .Having one of the positive result , the child may well be inspired by the success and want to continue .

Importantly, do not forget your student praise for good work , and be sure to do it from the heart - the kids are very sensitive feel insincerity .It is the beginning of a long and difficult path , it is very need your support and your faith in him .

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