How to establish breastfeeding.

Poses for breastfeeding: photo instruction

And mom and her crumbs would be comfortable if the position for breastfeeding a newborn suit them both.In addition, the posture for feeding depends very much, and often establish breastfeeding, do not pick it up right, it is simply impossible.

arrival of the new man in the world is a huge miracle.It consists of many stages and includes the origin of life, the development of the baby inside the mother's belly, birth, breastfeeding, the formation of personality ...

and absolutely all of these processes are closely interrelated, and each subsequent stage affects the whole life of the child in the future, including on the relationship between children and parents.So my mom is important to know how to maximize the full and harmonious to go all the way with your baby.

We hope that our further advice, dedicated to one of the most important stages of your interaction with the baby, namely breastfeeding will help you.To a wonderful time mutual affection was comfortable for both and give pleasure, learn different positions for feeding the newborn feeding.



1. Why it is important to establish breastfeeding?
2. Poses for breastfeeding, photo instruction:

- Classical "Crib»
- «Cross cradle»
- Poses for feeding lying
- Poses for feeding the upper breast
- Poses for breastfeeding from under his arm,from under the hand
- Pose for feeding "toddler top"
- Breastfeeding baby sitting position

3. Important rules breastfeeding
4. Poses for infant feeding in the milk stagnation
5. Breastfeeding on track

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• Why it is important to establish breastfeeding?


If your baby cries when feeding, - it may well be that breastfeeding is not properly adjusted.This may mean that the baby during breast grab breasts uncomfortable as expected, and it is difficult to "extract" milk.Often at the wrong capture nipple baby in the stomach along with the milk gets a lot of air, which has a bad effect on digestion crumbs, and can cause pain, colic and gas formation in the stomach.

Such problems can be solved by simply changing position during feeding, for example, enough to feed the crumbs, holding it upright (albeit eat standing or sitting).In addition, suckling in a comfortable position soothes and relaxes the baby, thereby discharging GAZ cars from the intestines, and helps pokakat for problems with the intestines.

most common cause of cracked nipples - a poor attachment to the breast.And if you have an unusual shape nipples, the baby can suck properly only in certain positions, and with your help.Therefore, it is important to find out in advance Mommy, how to hold the baby, how to submit the baby her breast to him to take it easier.After the baby really sucks not the nipple and areola around it!Therefore, if you are able to master the correct attachment, the unusual shape of nipples will not interfere with breastfeeding.

When lactostasis breast (seals) are particularly important to choose poses for feeding the newborn.During sucking different proportion of breast emptied evenly.Toddler best sucks milk from the lobes arranged during suckling immediately prior to the chin and nose baby.Therefore, if the chest pain after childbirth, it is hard, pick a pose to the baby's chin or nose were directed to form a seal.

In practice, most moms are using only three basic posture or position for breastfeeding the newborn in a variety of options.Pick the position for feeding, which will be the most comfortable for both of you.And to facilitate your choice, we suggest you pose for a photo with breastfeeding.


• Poses for breastfeeding, photo instruction:

  • Pose for breastfeeding a newborn "Crib»

Photo № 1. Classical "Crib»

Classic Crib

Mom holding the baby in front of the chest, with one hand grabs it, and another kid falls chest.In this position may be different variations.

One mums convenient bow baby one hand, it is closer to the head and chest with the other hand to submit.For example, if the baby is in the left breast, then Mom holds the crumbs left hand and support the chest - right, and vice versa.At the same time the head of the baby in the crook of the elbow is my mother's hand.

Photo № 2. «Cross cradle»


Other women tend to prefer the same position, but with a few changes.Mom embraces the crumbs of the hand, which is the opposite breast that the baby sucks.For example, if a baby sucks the left breast, his mom keeps the right hand and takes the left chest.This is called "cross-cradle".It is especially relevant for infants, as Mom at the same holds his hand over baby's head.

Poses for breastfeeding, photos №3:


sure that the baby is properly captured mom breast: the nipple should be at the top of rotika kid closer to itsspout.Feeding breast, nipple to aim for the sky.Thus, it will be able to ensure that her mouth was more wide open, and there was less pain for mom during suckling.

When it comes to feeding the very young children, the pose of "cradle", in any of its variants, it is more convenient if laid the baby on the pillow - so your hands will not get tired mom.Tummy baby should be turned toward the mother.Feed your baby in a sitting position, the legs can be raised by substituting a small stool, or something else at his feet.

  • posture for feeding, LYING

photo number 4:

Feeding lying

Lie on your side, head tucked under a few cushions for convenience.

Baby and mother are facing each other on the side, a woman's head is on the pillow.Her shoulder is lower than at the same cushions and arm located below, covers the baby.The head of the baby can lie my mother on the forearm (in the crook of the elbow), if it's more convenient.

photo number 5:

breast lying on its side

Put your baby on a pillow, gently holding his hand.

If mom and big soft breasts make newborns more comfortable breastfeeding help pelenochka you want to twist and roll beneath the breast.When the shape of the breast mommy is that the nipple looks down into position lying on its side, it will be more convenient for the head of the crumbs do not lay a hand, and instead of them to put a folded several times a thick diaper.If the baby is very crumb, it is more convenient to put it on a small pillow.

photo number 6:

lying posture for feeding

Poses for breastfeeding with a pillow always convenient.Arrange grudnichka on a cushion, delicately hand holding the baby's head.

should not hang over the baby, leaning on his elbow bent hands, because in this position your muscles will tire quickly begin to ache and pain, as a result, the outflow of the milk to deteriorate.Look for these options positions that are more suitable for you.The baby can be put feet to your head or stomach - how comfortable you both.

Photos number 7:

Breastfeeding lying upside down

Put the baby on the bed legs up to his head.

general poses for breastfeeding a newborn lying especially important for mothers after cesarean section, and when there is a desire or need to rest.Since feed your baby lying down, you can even at night without waking up completely.However, to practice such provisions should not be, if there are problems with good attachment of the child to his chest - it is likely that pipsqueak take shallow chest and gradually "will slip" mouth on the nipple, then it will be hard to eat, and you do not avoid nipple traumahis gums.As long as the baby has not learned how to grab the chest, it is better to practice other provisions.

Poses for feeding the upper chest, the photo number 8:

opposite breast feeding

If mom for some reason, it is more convenient to feed the baby lying on any one side, then you canuse postures that allow one to feed not only the lower chest, facing the baby, but the top.Moreover, such a situation can help to cope with the stagnation in the breast milk, which is often formed in the inner bottom of the mothers breast.

Poses for breastfeeding from the mouse out of your hands, photo number 9:

breast-feeding of a mouse

The baby lies on the side of my mother, his mother's side from the belly,go back legs and head in his chest.Mummy baby hand wraps with Kokoro he lies.It turns out that the baby is a mother's hand.Under the hand that you hold the crumbs pillow is good, but better than one and that the baby's head was slightly above the body.

It is possible to get comfortable on the bed, a pillow behind his back and perched on the side next to the baby, as on a cushion.If sitting is difficult, episiotomy, for example, take the position recline, making reliance on the lower spine and coccyx.

Photo number 10:

breastfeeding after cesarean

feed from under his arm as convenient after cesarean section.Then feed more comfortable sitting on a chair beside the bed polubokom, and the baby will lie on the bed, propped up with pillows.In this position the pressure on the seal will be less.

Breastfeeding from the mouse is often the most suitable for premature babies, because these babies are weaker muscles, and in this position is the head of the crumbs in the palm of my mother, and it is easier to help the baby to take the breast.

Pose for feeding when the baby on top, photo number 11:

baby feeding posture top

This position is suitable for those mums who have a strong jet of milk.At the same kids often begin to choke, without having to swallow breast milk.If you have settled in reclining position and attach the baby to the breast on top, then the flow will not be as intense.The baby can suck calmer and mom - rest.

Breastfeeding baby sitting position, photo number 12:

breastfeeding sitting

This position is certainly true for infants have grown older than six months.As a rule, they like to eat while sitting on her mother's lap top while looking at the mummy and "talking" to her, not letting go of rotika chest.


• Important rules breastfeeding

encourage you to learn how to feed the crumbs in different positions as soon as possible.

First of all, it's comfortable.Change position will allow you to relieve some the most tired muscles, while others work.After mom with babies brought to withstand severe physical exertion.

In addition, breast-feeding newborns in different positions provide a better emptying of various segments of the breast that can keep you from stagnation of milk, lactostasis and other problems.

Good attachment is the key to successful breastfeeding.You need to pay attention to several important features of the right of capture your baby breast, namely:

  • 1. During the baby sucking at the mouth is almost all peripapillary dark circle, but not the only one nipple;
  • 2. the baby's lower lip turned outwards, on the side you can even see the baby reed;
  • 3. Chin and baby nose gently touch the chest mother, not drowned in it;
  • 4. During sucking you do not feel pain, and if there is discomfort the first few seconds, they weakened in the process of feeding, not worse.

To properly remove a breast-feeding after the baby's mouth, in the corner of his mouth, insert your little finger, then remove.It is necessary to break the vacuum that occurs when sucking.Then there is no need to pull the breast the baby mouth and teats are not damaged.

Rules breastfeeding

There are certain rules of breastfeeding, which should be followed regardless of the posture for feeding the newborn, namely:

  • In any situation it is important to feed to the baby's body was in the same plane, the whole - head, shoulders,legs and, of course, tummy.For example, in the supine position the baby must lie exactly on the barrel, not at the back, with the head turned to one side to the mother's breast - a difficult swallowing, muscle provokes clips.
  • very young children should bow arm diagonally from head to toe, delicate but sure girth locking head remains.Breast feeding should be maintaining as a bowl from the bottom and the top four fingers with the thumb.
  • always attract the baby to her breast, taking a comfortable position, but not pulling the chest in his hand, a strong leaning.
  • Invest chest deep in the mouth should be, along with the areola (the areola all).In the case of the impressive size of the areola, making sure your child is captured her bottom more than the top (relative to the baby's mouth).
  • baby's lips should be slightly turned out, the tab located on the lower gum.It is important that sucking was not clicking and smacking accompanying sounds.In the case of availability (sounds), ask the doctor to believe bridle baby language.Short bridle should be trimmed so the baby could breastfeed fully and without damaging while mom.
  • Where you feed your baby more often, it is advisable to have several pillows of different sizes, always had the ability to properly and comfortably accommodate.

Mom may face some difficulties in the beginning.But do not drop the hand.Do not handle themselves, refer to consultants for help to establish breastfeeding.Ask teach you to put your baby correctly, still in the hospital, gaining experience in other, more experienced moms.


• Poses for infant feeding in the milk stagnation

feeding her baby in a sling

If you still had a lactostasis (stagnation of milk in one of the lobes of the breast), you need to establish an effective drainage of the milk it is from a portion where congestionHe formed.This can be achieved by applying to the breast so that the lower jaw crumbs falls on the share of the stagnation.

The strongest outflow of milk is precisely in the place where he works the lower jaw, ie the baby's chin.For example, if there was a stagnation in the upper part of the breast (imagine the chest in the form of regular hours, describes the case somewhere in the 12 hours), you lie on your side, chest side of the problem on the bed, and attach the baby jack - so that the legs of the baby werein the direction of her mother's head.If necessary, place a pillow under the baby's head or under his body.

In other cases, experiment with the basic postures, adjusting them so that the lower jaw of a baby (or at least the top, if you can not - there is also a large outflow, but smaller than the bottom) was the place of stagnation as close as possible.

Poses for breastfeeding pillow to help accommodate any position to suit your needs.Puts on several pillows of different sizes under the baby, hold it horizontally or vertically, and then you can change the position of the baby gums about your chest, as you need to.