Holiday make-up for brown eyes: the creation of rules and error, make-up for blondes and brunettes

Holiday make-up for brown eyes

Many women misunderstand that such a festive make-up.And all because they are accustomed every day to do a " war paint " inappropriate and completely unnatural bright .That is why the party is something they prefer the most dramatic , with huge false eyelashes , unlimited arrows and poisonous shades of shadows.

In fact, a festive make-up for brown eyes - this is one sleek artistic sketch with moderate color palette emphasizes the natural charm of talented woman.It can be made ​​of bright or muted colors , with decorative elements or without them , with an emphasis on lips and eyes , but always naturally and gently , with great artistic taste .This should be remembered all the girls , especially the colorful brown-eyed charmer .



  1. Makeup for brown eyes to the party: the rules and creation errors
  2. Tip One: What an evening make-up suits brown-eyed blondes and brunettes
  3. Tip Two: What shade suitable for women with different shades of brown eyes
  4. Tip Three: Do mascara for brown eyes
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Makeup for brown eyes to the party: the rules and creation errors


Kareglazkam often advised to experiment with color makeup , emphasizing the intensity and expressiveness eye color.But we should not forget the basic rules of the most common mistakes and create a make-up " on the way out."

Evening image of a woman is one and indivisible, and that means thatMakeup should match the dress, hairstyle, hair style shoesAnd those , in turn, all the accessories, jewelry and all the others put together .Therefore, to make a square of green eyes , hazel , black and other colors should be in one color with the other components of the image of women .

Brown-eyed women less likely to use the shadows cold colors than the owner of a different color eyes, and for good reason !Ladies over 35 blue-gray color palette altogether contraindicated , because it draws attention to the shortcomings of the elasticity of the skin and facial " spider veins " around the eyelids .

"Cold" makeup for dark brown eyes is particularly undesirable.

There are two colorsThat karezglazki to remember for a lifetime, and the two are inseparably associated rules:

  • purple color and the whole spectrum of shades.Suitable absolutely all shades of brown eyes .A sort of a wagon for makeup .For evening make-up is difficult to find a more suitable option.The only negative - it makes a noticeable yellowing of eyes, so if there is such a problem , it is better from the shadows purple refuse ;
  • Orange colorRanging from rich shades of peach and ending with poisonous " orange ."It is believed that this color is brown-eyed women is contraindicated .It gives the effect of " rabbit eye" , especially when done makeup for light brown eyes .


Tip One: What an evening make-up suits brown-eyed blondes and brunettes


Brown-eyed brunette has a sultry, captivating appearance. festive make-up for brown eyesIt should be carefully considered , concise and unblemished .After all, any defect is immediately evident.Masters visage recommendgood shade shadow and eyeliner.

Blondes with light pink or yellow-beige skin and brown eyesmakeup to play on the contrast.Lips must be painted in soft light colors and highlight the eyes dark brown , emerald green , or blue arrows , brilliant expressive shadows.Light make-up for brown eyes are not suitable .You can experiment with dark olive , purple , pink , cold and other flowers .


Tip Two: What shade suitable for women with different shades of brown eyes


When working with shadows need to know two things: how to apply and what to put on the lid?The technique of using shadows , depending on the eye color is not changed : from the outer edge of the color should be darker at the inner - light , and in the middle - a smooth gradient.Much more important to choose the right color palette for the eyes.

  1. The ideal makeup for light brown eyes- Pastel shades of shadows , light yellow highlighter , the contrast - elegant line of brown eyeliner.You can add to measure pearlescent luster.

  2. Owners intensively brown eyesmakeup artists recommend beige- pink variety of shades.The expressiveness of the eyes is not necessary to emphasize the dark colors , otherwise avoid looking " sad clown " .You can try purple, lilac -colored medium density .

  3. Makeup for green eyes squares- It is a separate topic of conversation .He suffers not only extravagant colored shadows , eyeliner and a bright emerald green , olive , plum color.With this eye shade blends perfectly copper , green, gold tone .

  4. For hazel eyesshadows are selected based on color - 1-2 darker tone .Suitable pink , beige , bronze color, a shade of champagne .These tones are perfectly combined with brown eyeliner .


Tip Three: Do mascara for brown eyes


The unequivocal answer to this question you will not find.

Some makeup artists are convinced that brasmatik - something completely useless for kareglazok , because nature endowed them and so expressive eyelashes.Others oppose a black mascara .

In our view,Festive dark makeup for brown eyesIt can be done without the use of ink, but the owners of light hazel eye color for a party need to experiment with brasmatikami dark colors .

The right make-up - the whole science.

But if you thoroughly know all the features of your face , you can easily make a perfect evening make-up .