Interpretation of the results of intelligence test, the type of thinking and mindset

intelligence mindset and mentality

Mentality or mindset largely determines a person of his professional career and success in their chosen profession .After all, if the individual characteristics of thinking " match " the person, then it is much easier to carry out his duties , his achievements are more significant and more successful career advancement and light .As for the real achievements can only person who is engaged " in the business ."And what are you thinking individual characteristics ?

Psychologists believe that the features of human thought are determined by the cerebral hemispheres , which is leading him .If more developed right hemisphere dominated by the emotional sphere , figurative , abstract thinking .In this case, the place is a humanitarian mentality .If a more developed left brain , then it is an analytical mind , the so-called mathematical thinking .

We offer a look into this a little more before moving to the interpretation of the results of intelligence test .

• types of thinking and mindset RIGHTS

Basically, the type of thinking is divided into four categories : a practical or technical mind , artistically -shaped , the humanitarian mindset and mathematical mind .However, the name may be somewhat different.Each corresponding to its own individual characteristics of thinking.

  • Practical thinking.

A man with a practical turn of mind and prefers to use in daily life objective thinking.For this type of thinking characteristic of the inextricable link between the object and the space and time sequencing.They carry out the transformation of information by subject, specific action.The result of this type of thinking is the idea embodied in some new designs.The lives of people with worldview is often called realists, they rarely fantasize or even poor talent for abstract thinking.

  • Art-shaped mind.

artistic mind

These people purely creative thinking.They are , on the contrary , is separated from the object space and time information conversion is carried mental , operating images.In practice, such people find it easier to imagine , imagine that you need to do , it is easier to tell than show activities.The result of creative thinking becomes a thought which is embodied in some new way .

A person who is figurative , abstract thinking all " passes through itself ," ie,trying to feel , imagine.They can see very well because they are hard to take criticism , separation, reacting emotionally on almost everything.They react violently to love notes and poems , lyrical moments in a movie or book.They rarely have the analytical skills .It is usually a good humanities : doctors , psychologists, social workers , etc.

  • Humanitarian mind.

Individuals who prefer individual characteristics such symbolic thinking.They transform information using reasoning .

This strategic , creative thinking person when the logical chain is built not on some small details , and firmly attached to some imaginary goal.Since the goal - it does not exist in reality "thing" , but only planned , the people who have a humanitarian mindset developed intuition and creativity , based on the imagination , feelings.That is, a person must first be all present and feel .This type of thinking is based on the method of emotional knowledge of the world .

  • Mathematical mind.

mathematical mind

Such people give preference to symbolic thinking , that is the transformation of information using some of the laws and rules of inference (eg, algebraic ) .The result is a thought that is expressed in the form of formulas and structures , retaining the relationship between the characters (literally or figuratively) .

Mathematical mind or analytical, technical mind - almost synonyms.Mathematical thinking allows a person to analyze the actions of the individual events.That is, the analyst, in contrast to the humanities, sees the situation on specific details, capable of better, more adequate perhaps, to assess the situation.Logical thinking people with a mathematical turn of mind, as a rule, developed much worse, but the calculations in my mind they do just fine.They are easy to use existing formulas, laws and regulations, and it is not just about mathematics and about life in general.

Analytical mind in everyday life involves " a shrewd mind ," a person's ability " intelligently analyze, draw the right conclusions ."In psychology - this way of thinking , based on the logic of reasoning , not perception.Simply put, an analytical mind - is the opposite of intuitive thinking .A person with this type of thinking in life prefers to be guided by "dry" facts , some of objective data and not feelings.Analytical skills are very close to the technical or mathematical .

  • Universal mind.

Besides all this, it is very often found in people, so-called synthetic mind, that is, universal, including the ability in different directions.Such people are quite difficult to clearly identify who they are to a greater degree in the humanities or engineering.They tend to be the same success in learning a completely polar fronts, they are all equally good things and mathematical disciplines, and, say, literature.Such people are quite clearly represent an overall picture of the world, understand the charts and drawings.At the same time they can easily slobber and cry.

Winners universal mindset can be considered lucky because their individual characteristics encompass all thinking , they are endowed with all the faculties .However, their ability to not distributed equally, not uniformly, but with some margin .In order to determine its dominant features of thinking , they are advised to undergo proficiency testing .


• TEST RESULTS ON THE STRUCTURE OF INTELLIGENCE: Instructions for assessing the level and type of thinking

test human mind

Compare the data you have the answers to test questions with correct and give yourself 1 point for each of the matches of your options with the right answer .So the results are evaluated in all areas of intelligence test with the exception of the fourth section .

The fourth section scores are calculated slightly differently, namely:

- For a direct match with the key (the correct answer) - 2 points;

- For the same value of the word, but dissenting with - 1 point;

- If your answer does not coincide with a key at all, and the notion of the meaning of the word is far from correct answer - 0 points.

Count the number of points in each section of the intelligence test separately and vote results, the individual characteristics of thinking and mentality .

  • The correct answers to the test structure of intelligence

test results in the intelligence section 1
test results in the intelligence section 2
test results in the intelligence section 3
test results in the intelligence section 4
test results in the intelligence section 5
test results in the intelligence section 6

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• Interpretation of the test for intelligence

the results of intelligence test

By counting the test results on the structure of intelligence , we can interpret them yourself ( interpret , decipher ) .The more points you eventually scored , when answering questions of a particular section , the more pronounced in your thinking characteristics that were tested in this section.Talking about the high results can overcome if the level of 3/4 the number of correct answers on a specific topic.

SECTION ONEtests your ability to reason , your sense of reality , common sense , the autonomy and independence of your thinking .

SECTION TWOis responsible for identifying the level of sophistication you sense of language , the ability to generalize and clear, accurate expression of values ​​and the meaning of words and concepts .

SECTION THREEIt tells how bright you expressed ability to combine , as far as flexibility and mobility of your thinking .It turns out, the extent to which your mind is available understanding of various relations, and how you tend to find a precise definition of how important it is for your type of thinking.

SECTION FOURIt refers to your ability to think abstractly , your education, ability to identify concepts and correctly express their thoughts .

SECTION FIVEI appreciate your practical thinking how you developed the ability to quickly , quickly orient themselves in the proposed situation , the information and the ability to use existing algorithms for solving problems (as in professional work and in life) .

SECTION SIXIt evaluates your mathematical skills, ability to think logically , reveals the desire for orderliness in all things, to a certain rhythm and pace of life .

The absolute maximum points , which is possible when testing - is 132 points and the closer your score to this figure , the higher the level of your intelligence.In general , you have the right to consider themselves intellectually advanced and educated person , if the number of points you score higher than at least 95 units.If you are in the process of testing and scored 125 points higher , you can not hesitate to inform friends and colleagues that you have a truly universal way of thinking , and you're practically a genius!

• Assess the type of thinking


For a more complete and comprehensive interpretation of the results , the following sections are combined into complexes , sharing a typical human mind to: verbal thinking ;mathematical thinking ;theoretical and practical thinking.

There are not interpreted by the average, since their meaning is obvious - a cross between the high and low intellectual level in the context of the assessment of a particular type of thinking.Not given also the interpretation of the results is clearly below the lowest since characterize simply nothing - perhaps the test is not yet appropriate age parameters (he was a child), or the level of intellectual abilities of man, as they say, is poor.Anyway, this test focuses on the structure of intelligence - an assessment of the type of thinking that is supposed existence of a certain level of its development.To determine the level of IQ and mental retardation, there are other, more suitable for this test procedure.

  • 1. Verbal thinking (sections one through four)

High results: 65-92 points.You have a very well developed speech, rich vocabulary .You can easily express their thoughts with words and understand others.Almost certainly you have a purely humanitarian mindset .You may without much difficulty given math problems , but the thought of you rather than as objects.

Low results: up to 45 points.You often just do not have enough words to express their own feelings or describe a certain situation.In your speech is almost certainly a lot of the words " parasites ."Learning foreign languages ​​is given to you with great difficulty.

  • 2. mathematical thinking (sections five and six)

High results: 30-40 points.You have what is called a mathematical mind .You did not cause any particular difficulties either math or identify mathematical laws or memorizing formulas and rules .Your life is probably also subject to some strict rules and think you are clear , structured , given the many details .

Low results: up to 25 points.You have a very moderate capacity for any science.Perhaps you think the world of numbers simply boring and lifeless , and you may just not careful .But most likely the lack of mathematical skills you compensated by the beginning of the creative , vibrant imagination and emotional perception .

  • 3. Practical and theoretical thinking

If you getgood results in sections 2, 4 and 6It speaks about your theoretical mindset.You will surely love the encyclopedia, and any scientific literature.Are you one of those people who thoroughly and carefully ponder some action, but in the end, in practice and can not carry it out.You probably fit the role of "commander" than "artist" because you all well know idea how to do it well, as it ideally even sure can supervise and tell subordinates what to do and how.But to do it yourself you will be problematic for many reasons.

Ifmost correct answers, obtained by you in sections 1, 3, 5Then you are endowed with a practical turn of mind .You tend to remember only those scientific knowledge that could be useful in practice , that can be used in real life.Do you think that the best teacher - it's an experience .Practical mind helps you navigate the great reality around you .However, you rarely have the desire or the time to think about their own actions and decisions , so you often tend to make mistakes , and the same , to advance, as they say , " on the same rake ."

And a little more about the individual characteristics of thinking: