7 erroneous beliefs about money can make you poor.

7 erroneous beliefs about money

Remember from the Bible : " According to your faith you will be rewarded ?"Or, from the psychology , " Thought is material " ?Or of life: " Be careful of your desires - they tend to come true ?"Faith - that's the main mover in all undertakings , and, in particular , when it comes to money !If every day to complain to the future and not to believe that everything can be " chocolate " , you will never become neither Rockefeller nor Abramovich - it's just a fact of money .Wealth comes only to those who are willing to accept it !

demotivators: money - is evilInternet is teeming with all sorts of negative beliefs about money and money demotivators dazzle with the variety and brilliance , not just encouraging us sincerely believe that money - is evil , is not the main thing in life, they spoil the person who does not bring happiness , etc., andliterally forced to experience the joy of that money you is not available , " no, thank God ! " .Meanwhile , the idea - it is material , and if you do not love money, then they, too, will never let you "do not love " !

We offer you 7 erroneous beliefs about money , the most popular and loved by the people.Not for you to continue nurturing their destructive attitudes and erroneous beliefs about money , but in order to understand how to think and how you can not tune in a cash positive.

And so, the "rating" of erroneous beliefs about money, and true facts about money.

• 7 erroneous beliefs about money:

  • 1. The first erroneous belief is: BIG MONEY ONLY hard work to get it.

This is a very popular misconception that inspires us to think that they , the money will certainly stand the infernal efforts and earn a lot of money is simply unrealistic , physically .

If this statement is lodged firmly in your mind, then you will always need to do heavy slave labor and receive her meager salary.Because you are willing to put forces - life leaves no choice, but paid for it with real money - not.This setting you own lock for himself every opportunity to earn even more money or less normal, not that rich.Money goes to money - it is a fact about the money.A "slave labor" because the slave and that make "freedom" is almost impossible.

In fact, earn big money is quite easy - the main thing to let such a thought in your own mind and your mind will turn in their earning , the best way to find and offer a lot of options !This is what you want, or the fact of money, or a feature of the human psyche .

  • 2. The second fallacy of money: Money - it happen is not important.

If such erroneous beliefs about money were not a grain of truth , it is, probably, would not exist .Perhaps the money - it is not important , but what really is the main without money , as a rule, is not achievable at all.

Happiness / health money can not buy ... .These statements prevent waste money in your life , and with them the happiness and health!Money - it is an opportunity .They are a kind of measure of your value for the so-called Absolute.And if you have little money - then you yourself a little stand.

Believe me, the money is actually - really great value!With their help, you can get almost all the pleasure that is able to give us life and give back the joy of his family, loved ones and close friends .And is not this happiness? ..

  • 3. The third erroneous belief is: Money corrupts.

Considering also - you fundamentally wrong.Firstly, the " lousy " man spoil impossible, especially money - for him it 's just an opportunity to show their true colors .Secondly, all the billionaires and millionaires - intelligent, balanced and self-sufficient people .In fact , they much less evil than in others " barely making ends meet ," or angry homeless.This statement was originally coined envious , and this is very bad people .

Therefore urgently get rid of these erroneous beliefs about money , become rich themselves demonstrate the breadth of the world of his soul and generosity !

  • 4. Equally questionable is the fourth statement, which reads: MONEY honest work did not earn .

And all , quite the contrary : it is so in reality , and earned huge fortunes .It is necessary, useful to people dealing always brings big dividends to its founder !

As for the speculators , majors and other abominations , then towards them just apply all demotivators money and folk sayings , from the fact that " money does not bring happiness ," and ending with the fact that " in a strange hump inParadise will not get . "To pay for such wealth, one way or another , have to , and the most unpleasant way .

  • 5. The fifth erroneous negative beliefs about money , is striking in its absurdity : ashamed to be rich in a time when there are so many poor and poor .

This negative beliefs about money invented by those who has no idea about the need or poverty .Sit yourself in such " parental Limo " and philosophize .It's a shame to be poor !- And this is the most that neither is a true fact about the money !

A rich be nice!Then you have the opportunity to travel and enjoy life, you can afford to take care of their loved ones .In fact, what many people around us are poor , in most cases only their fault .Because every man is the creator of his own destiny .

And being wealthy , you can help the truly needy , oppressed by fate .If you are so demanding conscience - be a rich patron , organize a charity fund , become a sponsor for the orphanage , build a shelter for the homeless , poor you ... no one and nothing will not help in this case, and you should torment the conscience !

  • 6. The sixth negative belief: if the money is, you need to reserve them into "rainy day".

Such an sovdepovskaya psychology, we inherited from the Soviet era of stagnation and financial stability.Today, store and collect money completely wrong and even harmful occupation - they are worthless literally every minute, almost in front of turning into trash .So why do it?

Money need to either spend for pleasure - only live once , or, conversely, to invest in a profitable business , so they do more big money.That is done so that the same , the notorious "black day" never came !

  • 7. And finally, the most widespread and most vile false beliefs about money : no arguing against fate - the poor was born poor and die again!

This is a great way to shift the responsibility for their own lives to some external circumstances - the fate of the villain , natural bad luck , etc.So lazy reason , those who do not want to do to change the situation .They would win the lottery or find a bag of money ... .Yes, and this is good is not enough - squandered " three days " and "back to the slums ," the fate of the complaint.

In fact , if you pay attention to the practical side of the issue and are curious biographies of world-famous billionaire , you will find that most of them are from poor families.


Demotivatory money- This image , called demotivatsionnye posters , consisting of pictures , framed by a black frame with the inscription , slogan commenting composed as a parody of motivational posters .This kind of visual propaganda , which aims to create a negative beliefs about money , make fun of a desire to be secured and the desire to earn them .


Demotivatory money:

demotivators: earn big money is unreal
demotivators: money - it is not important
demotivators: Happiness can not buy
demotivators: Money corrupts
demotivators: Money corrupts

Demotivators about money:

demotivators: honest work no money
Money does not bring happiness
demotivators: ashamed to be rich
she was ashamed to ask for money ...

Cash demotivators:

Money - evil
Money - is everything ...
Money is not happiness
You do not need money

Now, forget about all your prejudices about money and life without them , like a bad dream , and tune in to a cash positive!And then the money will float in your hands .Remember wealth comes only to those who are willing to accept it !

And if you still difficult to adapt and break their stereotypes about money and old concepts and pessimistic views, try a proven method of " raising funds " proposed below , or one of the methods described in the article: " How to multiply money .Secrets of attracting money from time immemorial . "

• Facts about the money, or how to overcome negative beliefs about money?

erroneous beliefs about moneyYou've heard about such a powerful psychological method of motivation as affirmations .Affirmations - it positive affirmations that help change the way of thinking and create the kind of future you want for yourselves .Saying affirmations is considered an effective method of achieving happiness, love , health and , of course , the financial well-being.

Simply put, all you have to do to be happy, rich and exude confidence - is a list of the most positive beliefs about money and wish you a favorable future.If you go back to it and reread often, sooner or later you're going to believe in them, and take their well-being granted as a fact about the money, but soon discover that everything is as it is.Thought is material - remember?Work with affirmations is recommended at least 10 minutes every day, saying they silently or aloud.It looks like this:

affirmations about money

Contested own negativity until you are sure full of simplicity and ease of execution of desires.Repeat again and again with other formulations as doubts have evaporated completely and irrevocably.Start first write their desires again , giving them identical form - as a matter of course , or have already a fait accompli.And if there are still negative , repeat it all over again the next day.


According to Chinese philosophy of money must be treated with respect and love , and then they " answer " you in return.Love of money , and you " will not rebound " from those " lovers " !

And a little more about the money, some of the facts about money: