Learning how to manage staff

Learning how to manage staff

Ability to supervise staff should be given by God, but this ability can be obtained in the process of gathering experience in a managerial position.In addition, you can get some experience, learning from the mistakes of others and of the advice of experienced managers.It is worth noting that the ability to effectively manage personnel significantly increases productivity, so leadership positions in most cases take experienced workers who have passed the primary production process.Additional experience of knowledge production processes never hurts, regardless of what your company or firm.

So what should this head , what skills he should have , and what actions to take to increase the efficiency of production ?It is worth noting that in the world there are a large number of works and techniques for proper management of the personnel , but this article will give you the basic knowledge .

First of all you need to know your staff personally .The better you know him , the better.Thus, you can distribute the work among the staff as efficiently as possible , to each according to his level of experience and knowledge available .Do not rely too inexperienced difficult job , because the production process will be delayed , but do not forget to train their employees.

Do not forget about the system of rewards and punishments .It should be noted that in our country this system is somewhat different from foreign systems as a Russian with a large abundance of incentives begins to relax , reducing their activity and productivity.Therefore , to punish even the best workers , too, is , however, only for a good reason and deservedly so.It is not only a strict supervisor , but also fair.

However, a good attitude of rigor and fairness do not get , and the attitude towards the authorities as much depends.Do not forget that your employees - people , so you need to show them , and mercy, but do not go beyond .

Do not try to enter into a friendly relationship with the team , as it is inappropriate for a large company .Moreover, crony relationships with subordinates or to no good result .

Remember that your main goal - increasing productivity , combined with an effective division of responsibilities and work , increasing the level of skill or employees of the company , retaining experienced staff in your company.