Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for round light complexion.

[Haircuts and hairstyles for round faces]

Chubby women are the most kind and positive.They often act instigators and are the soul of the company.Yet it does not replace them desire to change their appearance .Of course, some women when choosing a hairstyle do not pay attention to the shape of the face and match it according to the fashion trends .However, many are inclined to the selection of an image of the future , taking into account their physiological data .



1.What haircuts and hairstyles are not suitable
2.Trendy and simple hairstyle for round face
-If your hair is wavy and lush
-If your hair is straight and rare
-Bangs: yes or no?
3.Easy hairstyles for round face
Haircuts for round face, video

What haircuts and hairstyles are not suitable

Before choosing the right decision, you need to know on what to keep.The main task facing the round-faced woman, visually lengthen the face.It is therefore not advisable to collect all the hair back to divide them parted in the middle of the head.Parting not desirable , curling hair to face, stack them spherical manner , focusing on the cheeks .

haircuts for round face

Even more able to round face is very short haircuts , if the hair is prone to curling .If you still choose a bob haircut for a round face , it is advisable to leave the sides of elongated strands.It should guard against direct and short bangs .They should not be thick , because once the amount of "heavy" round face .Direct and clear lines in the cheeks and round it too .


Trendy and simple hairstyle for round face

When choosing hairstyles should take into account any structure and thickness of hair.Not all hairstyles for round face fit for owners of wavy and lush hair.It is much easier to select them for women with straight hair , which fit any of them .However, in any case, must adhere to the rules for styling hair .You can see it successful haircuts for round face in the photo .


If your hair is wavy and lush

wavy hair and a round face

For women with this type of hair it is recommended to pay attention to long and medium-length hairstyle.If their performance is desirable profiling hair.Thinning will open beauty curls , remove a little volume and thereby lengthen the face .Representative multilayer haircuts is a cascade .It is fashionable to comply with its asymmetrically , making the strands of different lengths .Hair length can reach the blades and end line of the chin .

A good option would be a haircut ladder .The bulk of the hair remains intact - even.Ladder frames only the face .It may fall on him or being curled in the opposite direction .If the ladder - the wrong option and there is a desire to wear the most straight hair , they should be at the end of a little profile .And the end of such a hairstyle should ideally reach shoulder level .


If your hair is straight and rare

round face and thinning hair

It will be interesting short haircut "a boy " .When you have to stay on top of the volume , and " whiskey " be lower than the standard length.In this embodiment, short hair will be advantageous to lengthen the face.No exception will melt haircut "square" .However, they must also be on the top of volume and have " sharp angles " , hanging just below the chin .

The asymmetry of the classic stageIt will be a great addition .Straight hairstyles in which the hair reaching the shoulder line are considered immortal classics for owners of a round face .Moreover, the longer will be the hair, the face will look like already.


Bangs: yes or no?

bangs for round face

Function bangs , to select for a round face , a shift of emphasis with rounded cheekbones and forehead to chin.When you select should give preference to the oblique and not too thick bangs .It can be easily put to one side , thereby creating a visual extension of the person .Desirably, it was not even a very short and gradually mixed with the main part of hair.

If there is a desire to get straight bangs , it is necessary that its length is slightly covered his eyebrows.Well, if such a bang will be rounded a bit elongated strands that are on the sides.For the experiment, you can try to shorten it to the middle of the forehead .When installing any bangs can not turn it into some kind of impenetrable curtain .It should be easy , and even air .


Easy hairstyles for round face

Selection of hairstyles for round face type depends on the length of hair and bangs presence.For example, to do a high ponytail with the back wall of the hair only in the presence of an oblique bangs.If it is short , should be left on the sides of several thin pryadok .These rules include the establishment of ears , side and the "middle" of the beams.

If you do not have bangs , you can try to braid hair in a side braid.Gently twist the strands from a person if the hair is left loose .At the free styling short hair , you need to create a volume on top and do skew partings .When creating curls , be aware that they need to start from the jawline .What else can be hairstyles for round face photo you can see now in any glossy magazine .But do not forget about the recommendations outlined above .


Haircuts for round face