How to open an online store?

How to open an online store?

If you decide to open an online store, this guide will help you to clarify many points, how to organize and how to create an online store from scratch, connect additional channels of your goods.We will tell you the examples of fundamental nuances of what it takes to create online store, a staff you need, how to present the product and minimize the investment using the Internet.

article is not advertising, it is informative and is intended to expand your knowledge and capabilities in the field of online trading.



1. Why do we need an Online Store?
2. State Online Store, brief instruction
3. What you need to consider to create an online store owner
4. How to make a product to sell, and the creation of an online store profitable?
5. What else do you need to open an online store?
6. What is best to register a domain?
7. How to create an online store from scratch?




• Why do we need an Online Store?

Shop open In fact, why did he need this Online Store?Maybe it's just a fad, or some new direction of trade?In reality, this is just an additional tool for successful business.Unlike off-line trading in a real store, you can open an online store without attachments, so to speak.

That is not to invest in the purchase of goods in a warehouse or storefront - only your expenses in charge of internet business can be: direct creation and maintenance of the resource, and promote, ieAdvertise your online store.If you already have your store, why do not you expand own sales channels, while minimizing costs and increasing the customer base to a virtually unlimited number of buyers?After creating an online store will allow you to get multiple additional benefits that are not available for trading in off-line mode:

  • 1. create a storefront on-line, where the customer can see the full range of your products in detail: see from different angles (the mostbeneficial in your opinion) to receive convincing information about the product (which is a real store depends on the competence and willingness to serve qualitatively Seller potential customer) to get acquainted with products that are not available (you can always order it from the manufacturer upon application to purchase,and not to stock).
  • 2. You can create a personal database of potential customers and to continue to work with them, even if they have not bought anything yet.
  • 3. You are "asleep" and the Internet-shop works.Agree to receive the convenience store, always work (morning, noon, night, on holidays, without breaks and days off), able to inform the customer of the future with the goods, prices, equipment, terms of sale and delivery, etc.- It is a dream of any businessman!In this case you do not have to pay the bills for the lease of retail space, heating, electricity, water - that is,all those payments that mercilessly absorb your profits.
  • 4. significantly reduce the staff of the store.You will not have to pay for services sellers, since all their functions in the best quality automatically performs an online store featuring items informing about the benefits and costs, taking an order from a client.
  • 5. Get additional competitive chance in front of such shops in the profile - as you can in addition to all provide the most convenient service for any customer (constantly fast, informative, and, if desired, even with home delivery).

  • Example number 1:

maximum profitability, requires a minimum expenditure is to create an online store operated by a business scheme:

you decide to open an online store "without investment" for the sale, for example, mobilephone city "A".Establish contact with the manufacturer or dealer supplier for long term cooperation, and get access to the price list of goods in city "B".Time order on the site set in 2-3 days.You do not purchase products at a warehouse - you do not need it (in this case you reduce the cost of buying - not "freeze the money" in production, waste to the storage of goods, security, etc., etc.).

The site meets the client in detail with your suggestions (set a competitive price, leaving himself a minimum margin from the sale - to the price of goods automatically become competitive in the region where you do business).The client from "B" makes an order through the online store.Then you contact your dealer, he order the goods, which are delivered to the city of "A" for a day, then you have to deliver the goods directly to the customer in the city "B".Additionally, you can according to the customer to arrange delivery directly to his home, where the customer and produce a settlement.


• State e-shop, a brief instruction

Create Online Store staff salaries - one of the most powerful items of expenditure conventional store.But for successful online store can not hire anyone at all, doing everything yourself.However, the minimum state of online shopping for the first start should be, preferably, the following employees:

expenditure number 1: Store management

Administrator - he is the director of the store, which is entrusted with the following functions:

  • 1.Order product - communication with dealers.
  • 2. Remote Customer Support - return phone calls, e-mail, ICQ, Skype - answering questions, giving additional explanations.
  • 3. organization of delivery of goods (perhaps gives himself or hires a carrier prepares and oversees the delivery of postal services or courier services)
  • 4. engaged in processing orders, acts as an accountant (control client, taxes, and so forth.).

expenditure number 2: Delivery of products.

In principle, this article is not necessary at all costs - well, you can assign all expenses for delivery to the client.Often it is well done: when you make a product, the customer chooses the form of delivery, which is attached to the value of the goods or pay it directly upon receipt.Today are becoming increasingly popular e-mail services that since the "Sovdep" seem to have learned to work quickly and efficiently.

Are postal services in general, "penny", and in fact, the movement of goods from one end of the country to another, and requires 1 to a maximum of 7 days (if, for example, the way "Rostov - Sakhalin").Some are already included in your service work directly with customers of their services.For example, on receipt of the goods at the post office the final destination - the place of residence of the buyer - you receive a message from the mail service of the arrival of the goods - you call the customer and say that he can now pick up the goods at the post office at such an address.Typically, this service customers like especially since there is an individual work, personal attention to it.

If your store is still very small, you are working within their region, and the number of orders is minimal - then the delivery function, you can perform yourself.Or there is another option, when you, for whatever reasons, do not want to go to the customer with the goods - you can offer the buyer a "Pickup" - ie,to get the goods in your warehouse \ office or hire a driver.Often, small shops enter into a tacit agreement with the proven and reliable taxi drivers to deliver for an extra fee the right product and get money from the client.

savings are obvious, since you do not pay regular wages to the driver, do not spend on car repairs, depreciation, and so on.For a small number of daily orders - is the best option.Later, when the number of orders increase and expand "geography" customers - you can always employ a permanent driver with his car.In the same way, and decide the issue by admin - hire an experienced employee or educate themselves.The more you order, the greater the load that you want to distribute among staff.

  • Example number 2:

Let's say you decided to open an online store to sell on-line computer equipment.Director administrator - he or the owner or organizer hired a store that gets the dealer price and adds items to the site.All contact numbers remain the director is always with you, to be able to receive direct calls from customers.The possibility of such a dialogue with the customer - an additional plus, as online shoppers are going through, and often wary to various unverified sites for fear of fraud, "mushrooming, like mushrooms after rain."

Direct contact is very often the last point in the decision to issue the order, since it is necessary to understand that the purchase is made from a real person, if not met in person.After receiving an order, the director sends a request the dealer pays for the goods and prepares delivery to the warehouse.After receipt of the goods, it turns out the most convenient time of delivery.Called "own" taxi driver who is paid a call and make delivery of the goods.Receivables from customers also can be made in several ways: to your preferred online bank account, transfer money through virtual "Yandex-money" or «Webmoney», either on the spot in cash (at the location of the warehouse, office or upon receipt of goods delivered to the house).

Experience shows that most of the potential customers prefer to personally inspect the goods.Therefore, often choose "Pickup", that is independently pick up the goods after purchase, of course, if your shop within the precincts of the same city as the location of the client.

Total: staff for creating an online store - 1 employee, chances are you personally.

proposed instruction allows to minimize the costs, as they say, to the maximum.You probably themselves will be ready for the upcoming growth, and will be able to develop, expand and invest in its own offspring.In this case, selection of the right staff is a permanent step process.


• What you need to consider to create an online store owner

Online shop your expenses, workers and other resources that may be needed to create an online store, is directly dependent on the version of the project you choose.

  • Example number three:

small, only an open online resource, with a small number of orders:

  • 1. Administrator - Director - performs all the functions, ranging from advertising ending curated site delivery to the buyer - no salaries(if you own a store manager).
  • 2. The driver - a taxi driver - carrying out the delivery of goods (or agreement with mail, courier) - for employment or contract.
  • 3. The programmer or system administrator - manages and configuration of your site (if you buy ready-made template for creating an online store, the functions for maintenance and trouble-free operation can be entrusted to the company website, the seller of the resource - the template shop - often cheaper than containown programmer) - salary or payment services.It

least expensive to open a business "without investment".

  • Example number 4:

Average store operating for quite some time, having an average number of daily orders, but giving relatively small profit in the end:

  • 1. Administrator - project management, customer support, order processing,finance (accounts, monitoring payment, payment) - the salary.
  • 2. The office, warehouse - the contents of the room / premises.
  • 3. Warehouse - processing, order products, adding a product - the salary.
  • 4. Driver - Products - wages, maintenance of the machine.
  • 5. The programmer or system administrator - the salary or payment services.

  • Example number 5:

biggest online store with a large number of orders, and a large customer base:

  • 1. Store manager - project management and staff - salary.
  • 2. Administrator - customer support, management of orders - the salary.
  • 3. The office, warehouse - the contents of the room / premises.
  • 4. Warehouse, - processing and product orders from dealers - salary.
  • 5. Driver - 2 people and 2 cars involved in the delivery of goods to customers.The amount can vary.To deliver small HVD products, such as mobile phones, you can use small vehicles (scooter, bike), or a full-time courier, traveling by public transport - the salary, maintenance of vehicles, the fare / delivery (if the client service free).
  • 6. Programmer - at this stage is more profitable to maintain its own staff member in charge of the software and service website - the salary.

We do not indicate the numbers that could serve success rate store, since this is purely individually.And determine whether to have the benefits and costs in terms of physical effort, your business, what you are willing to take and how much money to invest in its growth and expansion - only you can.


  • • How to make a product to sell, and the creation of an online store profitable?

online clothing store first and most important to a potential customer made an order from you - is detailed information about your product.The fuller and more accessible to the description of the product, its quality, instructions for use, warranty terms, etc.etc., on your site, the less you have competitors.

In this article we will not talk about advertising your store on a network - it is a broad topic.If your business is limited to the city limits, it may be sufficient ads in local newspapers about your resource.If you do decide to go beyond it, you will always help to promote service sites, representing a list of advertising services, from links on other sites before placing online advertising blocks, rollers and articles (in all, of course, its price).

But first, you need to make sure that the customer wanted to buy it and your product from you!And to make it easy!Be online detailed, qualitative description of the goods, including goods picture from different angles, complete product specifications, even if you will have instructions for use, play on the name of well-known brands - this is a basic recipe of the most successful sales online store at any level and scale.

If your site close 300-500 positions are in general price list, it is only competent specialist will be able to understand what hides behind this set of numbers and letters.But a specialist is unlikely to attract resources for such a low quality of service.

More photos of the goods, the item description, type, colors and so on - because the buyer is deprived of the opportunity to see the goods, keeping it in their hands, and, therefore, it is necessary to compensate.He is afraid, he doubts he does not know.So meditation can be a potential customer and no end.Or, even worse, he simply "score inquiry" commodity in the search box and find the site without problems with his writing (or just store it suggests), which, by the way, surely there is a link or an ad unit on the seller of the product,and it's certainly not you.So why, they ask, the customer back to your site?Unless you are offering a very low price.But why would you waste your profits on such trifles?In general, the more information you can give to a potential buyer - the more likely to receive from him the order.

Minimum requirements to the description of any goods the following:

  • 1. Photo production (front view, rear view, side view, assembly, packaging);
  • 2. Description of the technical characteristics of the goods;
  • 3. Weight Product dimensions (typically used by courier and postal services to calculate the cost of delivery to the buyer);