Story 8 March : Birthday of the proletariat or a Jewish holiday ?Celebration on March 8 in the world

History March 8

Everyone knows that March 8 is International Women's Day.It is believed that the celebration of March 8 runs only in the former Soviet Union.However, this is not quite true.We also know that Clara Zetkin created on March 8, but for some reason on this day, as it happened, and what the true reasons for the celebration of March 8?

History March 8

history of this holiday is usually associated with the name of Clara Zetkin, a revolutionary women's squad, as it decided to apply the irresistible power of women in the struggle against the exploiters.Undoubtedly, the creation of women's power was the work is not one day, but in the end, it was decided to choose a day that would be considered the birthday of "female proletariat."



1. History March 8: as it was
2. Clara Zetkin and history
3. March 8 March 8 - the feast of Purim
4. The celebration of March 8 in the world
5. March 8 - the feast of love and attention




History March 8: as it was

History eighth of March In 1857 in New York, and just a day after 8March at a demonstration gathered workers of shoe and garment factories of America.They demanded the introduction of the 10-working day chasovoogo, light and dry areas, wages equal to men.In those days, women were working day to 16 hours to obtain a pittance for their hard work.Men failed after a series of decisive action to achieve the introduction to them 10 hour working day.In the US, many enterprises are having trade union organizations.A women's demonstration in 1857 marked the beginning of the formation of another - for the first time in the history of union members were women.In addition, in many cities in the United States on this day, hundreds of women staged a demonstration, demanding to give them voting rights.

And already in 1910 in Copenhagen, at the International Conference of Socialist Women made Clara Zetkin, invited to observe International Women's Day, and to carry out the celebration of March 8.This proposal was made in the form of an appeal, appeal to women all over the world to join in the universal struggle for equality.Women in many countries have responded to the call and joined the struggle for the right to respect for their dignity, to work against poverty and for peace throughout the world.Name Clara Zetkin and 8 March since become inseparable.

the first time this holiday was celebrated in 1911, but on March 19 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.Then in demonstrations attended by more than a million women and men.Women, in addition to electoral rights and the right to hold managerial positions, sought equal rights with men of production.

The following 1912 International Women's Day celebrated on May 12.In Russia, the first festival was celebrated in St. Petersburg in 1913.The petition, filed in the name of St. Petersburg mayor, it was stated requirement for the organization of scientific debate on the so-called "women's issues".In the petition authorities gave a positive response and on March 2, Poltava street building Kalashnikova Grain Exchange gathered about a half thousand people.On the agenda of the Scientific Conference in 1913 raised the following issues for women: state maternity care;the right to vote;the high cost of living.The celebration of March 8, or about the 8th, the next year marked a woman of many countries of Europe, organized a march of protest against the war and went out into the streets with transporant.

In 1917 Russian women came to the streets in the last Sunday of February, carrying slogans "Bread and Peace".Emperor Nicholas II, 4 days after the march, the women's abdicated and took office the interim government to ensure that women's suffrage.This is a historic day fell on February 23, while still using the Julian calendar in Russia, and on March 8 on the Gregorian calendar, respectively, for the current day.

From the very first years of Soviet power, the International Women's Day, March 8 became a public holiday.A red day calendar, not a working day, he became in 1965.There was also a special festive ritual.The ceremony on March 8 the government to the public to report on the implementation of policies on women.Over time, the International Women's Day is gradually losing its political coloration.


History March 8: Clara Zetkin and 8 March

Clara Zetkin Choice of celebration really belonged to Clara Zetkin.But most interesting is that she managed to tie the birthday of the new unit, designed to fight against injustice and the history of its people.The fact that Clara Zetkin was actually a Jew, and on March 8 - the Jewish holiday connected with the story of Queen Esther, and called Purim.

Many centuries ago, Queen Esther saved its people from a tyrant.Purim, the annual and one of the most fun holidays of the Jewish people, is dedicated to her.Celebrate it made at the turn of winter and spring.There is a statement that in the year in which it was decided to appoint a celebration of "International Women's Day," a holiday of Purim fell precisely on March 8.Despite the fact that the celebration of Purim, the Jews glides almost as the day of celebration of the Orthodox Easter, this number caught.Apparently, the change the date every year was simply uncomfortable.Actually, this explains the fact that in some countries, this holiday other dates.


March 8 - the feast of Purim

of Purim itself is very unique.He is no relation to the religious holidays are not allowed.The case is still before the birth of Christ in 480 BC.At the end of the Babylonian captivity of the Jews were permitted to everyone the Jews to return to Jerusalem.However, most of the Jews over the centuries have taken root in Babylon and did not want to uproot their lives and return to their historic homeland.Besides, things went very well.Therefore, thousands of Jews remained living in the Persian Empire, and in fact is not the slave position.

Over time, the situation was to surprise and disturb the Persians themselves.They openly ceased to understand, looking around: someone who actually won.The Persians conquered Jerusalem or Judea captured Babylon?In that memorable year, General Aman - Arabian defense minister, appealed to the royal Xerxes with his sad observations.To the delight of Haman, and many noble Persians, Xerxes, the reaction was decidedly pagan-- he decides to exterminate all Jews.Such barbaric idea Xerxes became known to his wife, Esther, who carefully hid from the king's own nationality.Esther, as well as Clara Zetkin, was also Jewish.A wise woman did not directly ask for the mercy of King Xerxes to the Jews.She cheated, using the love of the king in his own person.At that moment, when the king was under the influence of her irresistible, she made him promise that he will destroy completely all the enemies encroaching on its people.Without much hesitation, Xerxes said yes to her request, and then was surprised to find that agreed to destroy the enemies of the Jews is deeply hated him ... He had no choice but to fulfill his promise.

Purim holiday the day 13 of Adar (month of the Jewish calendar, which falls at the end of February - beginning of March) to all the cities of the Persian Empire came to a royal command against pogroms.All were preparing for the massacre of Jews, but the king's messengers brought an entirely different ordinance.King had a chance to let his wife, Esther's cousin Mordecai, who had brought their own to make this decree, and was allowed to write on behalf of the king, that they want to seal the decree and the king's ring.(Est. 8,8-11).Thus, the rulers of the one hundred and twenty-seven provinces were ordered on behalf of the king, allowing all the Jews come together and defend their lives, to destroy, to kill all their strengths in the people who are at enmity with them, destroy their wives and children, and to plunder their possessions.

For two days, the violence lasted "all rulers of the provinces, and the satraps, and the officers of the king of the Jews maintained.And the Jews smote all their enemies, and destroy, and acted with the enemy on their own "(Esther. 9,3-5).He was hanged Haman and Defense along with ten of their children.A total of 75,000 were destroyed Persians.Virtually all of the country's elite.Anyone who represented the slightest threat or competition.The further fate of the Persian Empire in those days was sealed.

Since then, the festival of Purim is considered the greatest.He is remembered, even in the country that celebrates the Jewish holidays are not particularly - in our.However, we have it transformed with the 8th of March is now associate the beginning of spring, the dawn of beauty.Now March 8 - the feast of attention to women, their wisdom and all that, anyway, is identified with femininity.


celebration March 8 in the world

Day on March 8, after the collapse of the Soviet Union was on the list of statutory holidays in many countries of the CIS.International Women's Day celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Modern Women's Day is now an official holiday in Algeria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Cuba, Cameroon, China, Italy, Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Montenegro, Romania, Vietnam and Zambia.

celebration March 8 after the Soviet Union abolished in Armenia.However, instead, he declared a holiday on April 7, commemorating the day "Beauty and Motherhood."The new Holiday Armenians became very popular, especially considering that he now associated with the Annunciation - one holiday of the Armenian Church, to be essential.But, despite the abolition of people also continue to celebrate this day, congratulating women on the 8th of March.The public debate that erupted in Armenia on when still be celebrating Women's Day, and rule whether his transfer from March 8 to April 7, ended in a compromise to the delight of all the discussions and - in the camp entered a Women's Month, which starts on March 8, andwill finish on 7 April.

Women's Day is celebrated in Tunis on August 13th.

To this day, so was not accepted by the International Women's Day in Tehran.The last full-scale attempt to enter, fell 4 March 2007.Then Iranian police severely beat over a hundred people who were planning to share a lot of the women arrested.The prisoner complained that they were interrogated and held in solitary confinement.Several activists on hunger strike that lasted two weeks until March 19 inclusive.


March 8 - the feast of love and attention

March 8 in the world this day all men should give women friends - wives, mothers, partners, girlfriends gifts and flowers.In some countries, in Romania, for example, this holiday coincides with the date of Mother's Day, so be sure to give all the children of mothers and grandmothers small gifts.

Women in Italy, decided to give a silver acacia branches.Chocolate and a bunch of silvery acacia - a fairly common gift for women in Russia.

In general, give flowers made in almost all countries, both the CIS and Europe and even Asia.Like the fact that employers give their female employees a little present.Almost everywhere, students congratulate occasion of March 8 of their teachers.

In Poland, a very popular holiday was during the commissioning.Women were initially decided to give it a carnation, is now joined to the festive colors of tulips.Modern Day on 8 March actively use feminists hold shares that are dedicated to equality between men and women.

Romania and Portugal, March 8 - a holiday, "bachelorette party", women in these countries night of March 8 is performed at various events and parties "for women only".

Well, it would be desirable to complete the words on the 8th March dear women!We wish that you never had a chance to celebrate the holiday as the story goes, March 8, to fight injustice and suffering.Stay feminine and loved ones!Happy spring you on the 8th of March!


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