Instructions for use: how to tie a tie

how to tie a tie

It so happened that the essential attribute of success and professionalism throughout the centuries is a tie.The modern pace of life requires dynamic men and presentable.No less responsible for its success rests on the woman.But what if you do not know how to tie a tie if no one has taught this when no matter how hard you try, instead of a representative assembly turns clumsy lump?Do not get upset and use our instructions.



1. How to tie a tie?
2. How to choose a tie
3. How to extend the tie "life»
4. The history of the tie




How to tie a tie?

ways of tying a tie, there are different, we tell you about the four most popular.

how to tie a tie method 1 method first. This is the easiest method is ideal for beginners.Such an assembly invented the British in the mid nineteenth century, so it is called the "odds-in-hand» (four-in-Hand).

Bend collar shirt and tie hang on the neck, so that his end was wide to the right."Wrap" around the edge of a narrow, through the top half, so that it once again proved to be right.Now slide it under the loop formed in the neck below the outside and pass through the upper tie strip, formed after the "wraps."It remains only to tighten the resulting knot again with the wide edge, gently pulling it so that was not visible narrow edge below it.Smooth out the bundle and fix the collar of his shirt.Everything is ready.

as a way to tie a tie method second in popularity is the number one.The most versatile unit called "Half Windsor» or «half windsor» in English.The versatility of this technique is that it is suitable for any ties, whether the traditional wide, tight or wide models for narrow ties, actively entering into vogue recently.

This option is more complex, so will need time and practice before a mirror.Gradually you learn and become do it automatically, to tie a tie blindly.Then the mirror, you will only need to give the desired shape node create folds such that you like, or spread them.

As in the first case, hang the tie around his neck and "wrap" around the edge of a narrow, but once.Located on the right edge of a Start from the top to the outside of the loop around the neck and slide it to the left side.Now once again, "wrap" the resulting assembly, and again under the slip the noose.It is now possible to pass through the upper part of the wide strip of a tie, formed after the "wraps."Tighten the resulting assembly, level the tie and take a few wrinkles when it wide sample.Gently flatten the gate.

as a way to tie a tie The third method is characterized by a host of impressive dimensions."Windsor» (widsor) - as it is called.The shape of this unit is similar to the triangle, and is considered the most elegant way of tying a tie.Today it is very popular among diplomats and high-ranking officials, but probably very soon become ostromodnye trend common element of prestige.

«Windsor" tied just as «half windsor», with the only difference: a node is added to another turn to the right corner of the collar.That is the beginning of the process need to "wrap" around the edge of a narrow twice.Then you can follow the detailed instructions «half windsor».Using ties of different widths or changing the location of the narrow and wide ends of a tie, it is easy to achieve the desired size of the unit.

as a way to tie a tie fourth way to tie a tie, is considered the most important.We call such a node in different ways - double the square, Italian.Officially, it is called "Christensen» («christensen»).This unit is one of the most difficult, but because it is quite a long time to take root in our country.However, at the moment he acquired considerable relevance, because ideally suited for high collar fashion shirts to 4.5 cm. In height.This unit is incredibly good tie winter collections, more volume than usual, wool or cashmere.

It begins as a "half-Windsor", tying technology is almost identical except for the double front loop that ends the "procedure".Do not worry if the node is not released immediately, with whom he seldom turns out the first time.It will take time and patience, practice in front of a mirror.Later, your appearance will easily make the right impression on the partners and competitors, make the necessary acquaintances.After all, the phrase "meet on clothes," the rhythm of modern life, perhaps more relevant than ever before.


How to choose a tie

How to choose a tie Not every tie can produce the desired positive effect.Some do and can spoil the impression of a man, to make him ridiculous.For example, a green polka-dot tie and not by size, hanging far below the belt.These options are good except that Lovelace, seeking to impress the lonely men for whom there is no one to look after.Although in this case, it can expect to complete failure.

tie must be able not only to tie, but choose.Firstly, it must necessarily be coloring in harmony with the tone of shirts, suits, socks and shoes.If you are not familiar with this, ask for advice or just to play it safe and choose a dark-colored tie fabric texture suitable to your kit.During the summer, will be irrelevant cashmere variation, as in winter, a model of silk.

tie should be qualitative, not try to save on its costs.Check is not difficult.It is necessary to put it on the palm and watch the behavior of the ends of the tie, if they hang freely without twist - a good sign after tying it lies flat.Sew them from cashmere, fine wool, cotton, linen and viscose fabrics.Recent versions do not serve long enough, they will soon lose their form and lose their appearance.After selecting the fabric, turn the tie underside and check the quality of work.The joints must be smooth and gliding.To probe it, if soft seam - it'll surely handmade and high cost is justified.High-quality neckties sewn from three different pieces of cloth, and most of the "economy" of options - two.

carefully evaluate the size of the tie - he has tied to the state to cover the belt buckle, be longer and shorter.Its width depends on the width of the lapels on the jacket, which will be worn.On average, the lapels are from 7 to 9 cm.

Once again be careful when choosing colors.Be careful when choosing too bright model with bright drawings, with a variety of images or symbols of the unknown.The optimal choice and universal good manners in the official style is a dark tie that matches perfectly with a light shirt.A sign of high taste will tie matched to one tone lighter jacket.


How to extend the tie "life»

how to store a tie to tie long served him to properly care for and store.Taking off the tie, you need to dissolve the assembly if the fabric fibers are not twisted bottles and stretch it for a long time will be "faithful companion" of men.Keep need to tie on a hanger, straightened and smooth it.And remember: a good quality product, do not iron, and, in any case, do not wash!Relieves it of the stains you need using stain remover or dry cleaning.If the tie faltered and there is a need to smooth wrinkles, you need to gently roll it and leave overnight.Already in the morning the folds align.If, nevertheless, you decide to go through the tie iron, be sure to insert the cardboard template and do not be surprised when the luster of friction fade and the fabric fibers damaged.Certainly after such an event, your tie will be in the bin.If we have not convinced - ironed, at least through the dry cloth on top of the put and minimize time.


History tie

History tie This product forms a perfect image of successful man.Nevertheless, some are trying to emphasize the individuality of its solidity or the image, the other skinned "hated stranglehold" from his neck as soon as possible, each time cursing its creators.However, like his ancestors, ties still pay tribute to all.

ancestors is considered a tie scarves, tied to the ancient Roman legions.They were used to heat and to emphasize the financial status of its owner.From the Roman Empire fashion scarves turned into ancient tribes living on the territory of present-day Romania, and then to Croatia.Of particular popularity and became a symbol of nobility handkerchief during the reign of the French king, Louis XIV.It is made from the finest lace and fabrics, so the technology has been close to tying art and required a certain skill.

Eventually suit man lost his pretentiousness and scarves have become a laconic, strict ties.She was born a science of tying neckties, specialists have written many books on the subject.In the 70 years of XIX century factory production and swept the industry, and by the end of the century there were first clips for them.However, the form and ways to tie a tie and was very different from today, the way we know the tie, he appeared only in the XX century.