Tie a scarf men stylish and well

how to tie a scarf men

Almost any scarf wonderful fulfills its function, it protects the neck warm, does not allow the cold air flow to get the collar and does not allow the holder to catch a cold.In addition to this, beautifully knotted scarf adds stylishness, solidity and a certain gloss.And if a woman have an inner sense and life skills emphasizing the individuality of things to wear, the style with elements of the stronger sex a bit more complicated.Today, we'll fix it by telling the men how to tie a scarf.

Once a man learns a little creative ways to tie a scarf around its neck, he can throw the clunky mehovik with a high collar to the far shelf and start wearing stylish elegant coat.Scarf gives a certain mystique male image and incredibly successfully emphasizes his masculinity.



1. Parisian knot
2. Single unit
3. Single Node weakened
4. Double knot




Parisian knot

This method of wearing the scarf is the most popular.Paris node does not require any special skills to wear, no knowledge of the tying.Scarf need to pick up and fold in half.As such, it must be thrown over the neck and push the loose ends into a loop, which was formed in the process of folding.Then just tighten the knot so that it was closer to the neck and does not cause discomfort.Smooth out the resulting assembly and fold the ends of the scarf well.You can easily change the look and image, playing with a tight knot and the thickness of the scarf, smoothing it by folding or on the contrary, making more three-dimensional.

This node will be equally well regarded as a short leather jacket with a low collar, and the collar cashmere coat with small stands.In a particularly cold day, you can hide the scarf inside his jacket and closed in - it is a good warm up and protect from the wind.


Single node

Single unit This method of tying is very easy in those days, when there is a special need for extra comfort but do not want to go out to the full "Arctic" outfit.Scarf with a single unit adjacent to the neck more tightly, and most men like to use it in certain cases haste - it is very easy to use and requires a "stop" at the mirror.At the same evening stroll scarf tied in such a way to add the image of a mischief, ease, moreover, it is matched with a sports jacket or even an ordinary T-shirt.Tie a knot so scarf can serve a wonderful addition to the suit.

mated single node, you can simply go on wrapping the longer end, throwing him through the neck and let the free fall on his chest.One end of the scarf, and the other is supposed to be longer.


single unit weakened

Single node weakened This option unit - more stylish element, than a way of warming.This element is a single-node weakened it clear that you take it with you, as it were, "just in case."He brings to the look dashing adventure combined with a jacket with a hood or masculine coats.

How to tie a scarf men such node?Absolutely identical process for tying single, just getting around the neck loop should be weakened to such an extent that, in your opinion, the most successful emphasizes your individuality.Make a loop hanging on the chest, more or less, and you will radically change the image of a percentage to the seriousness of the adventure.


Double knot

truelove Option double tying - an excellent replacement in the harsh days of the Paris site.One and the same every day just to satisfy a strict conservative.Double knot perfectly holds heat and is a perfect alternative to the "Paris" variation.The only "but" this node is more suitable to be worn with a jacket with a small collar than with a sweater and scarf tying its need longer.

Wrap the longer end of the scarf, throwing him through the neck, as in the case with a single node.But now do it twice - two turns around the neck.Then you can experiment.You can pull up the first node tighter, tighter, and the second to weaken, or do the opposite.Any loose ends, and you can leave, but you can tie a knot in the usual, drop-down on the chest or on the contrary to hide the knot at the neck scarf.Options are dependent on the length of the scarf and the imagination of its owner.

Scarf significantly enhances winter wardrobe makes it easy to adapt to weather variability, and in the autumn - not even to replace the sweater or sweater.Now, you are subject to stylish details, and different ways of tying the scarf so that it is an indication of style and taste and at the same time not lose its core functions.