Diamond-shaped face.How to choose the right makeup, hairstyle and accessories for diamond-shaped face , photo

Diamond-shaped face

Diamond-shaped face has a pointed, angular shape with a broad line of cheekbones and, by comparison, a narrow line of eyebrows and jaw line.Do owners of the face shape of the forehead and chin visually identical in width.

have diamond-shaped faces chin narrow and has a sharp shape.Cheeks representatives of this form of highly elevated and clearly expressed.The widest part of the face - it's cheekbones.

With properly chosen hairstyle, bangs, accessories and even the hair colors can be visually soften the lines and bring the visual face to an oval shape or emphasize sharp cheekbones, depending on your preference.



1. Diamond-shaped face, a photo and the options for cuts of varying lengths
2. diamond shaped face.We select the right accessories
3. Makeup Tips for the diamond-shaped face
makeup brushes - diamond face shape correction, video

Diamond-shaped face, a photo and the options for cuts of varying lengths

Short haircuts can be beneficial to emphasize the linecheekbones. example, short bob to line cheeks profitable emphasize cheekbones and slanting bang shut narrow line of the forehead, thus highlighting the cheekbones.

If you want a short volume haircut, you can try to do the curls from the top , which visually give hair volume and shut down the narrowest part of the face - forehead.

Haircut Photo

elongated bob with bangs to the side , which refers to haircuts medium length, fine line emphasizes the cheekbones.

In the case of a diamond shape, very well different leveled, ragged haircuts. shortest hair line must start at the level of the chin.

on long hair look good layered haircut - when the hair is cropped unevenly. This gives the impression of openness of the face and removes the focus from the high cheekbones and sharp chin.

long fringe that falls almost to the middle of the face, it is owners of diamond-shaped face.


diamond shaped face.We select the right accessories

wearing glasses with a rim is now very fashionable. When choosing a fashion accessory, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of the frame, which emphasizes the dignity of persons is beneficial and gently hides the flaws.

Glasses Photo

course, selection of frames - it is very subtle and personal, since there should be considered and taste in clothes, hair color, age, shape, cut and so on.But there are some nuances that can be identified.

round shape of the rim, for example, works well in the case of a diamond-shaped face. It alleviates forms and gives the face softness.Square black rim, on the contrary, profitable emphasize cheekbones clear form.Width points should match the width of the cheekbones.

Earrings must end at the chin. Long earrings do not work in the case of a diamond-shaped face and unprofitable to extend to the bottom of it.Priority should be given to measure earrings drop shape, pear, any shape, widening to the bottom.

rounded neckline looks good against the background of a sharp chin , making the image softer, unlike the V-shaped recess.Generally, any high decorations on the neck are very owners of this type of entity.


Makeup Tips for the diamond-shaped face

To visually expand the jawline, on the corners or on the lips should be applied to all shine bright colors.

Powder Photo

Soft and light tone blush should be applied in the center of the forehead, above the line of the eyebrows, in the center of the chin and under my eyes, that visually expands the data line.

dark powder should be applied, from the jaw line up to the earlobe.This visually soften the cheekbones and make the person closer to an oval shape.

When selecting secrets is appropriate to your type of person, certainly, should listen to the experience of professionals .But only by trial and error, you can choose for yourself the perfect shape bangs hairstyles, make-up and other women's tricks.

Do not be afraid to experiment, listen to your instincts and be beautiful!


makeup brushes - diamond face shape correction, video